A Uyghur Muslim Child Beaten And Abused By Chinese Adults

We’re apes. Not long out of the trees apes. All that makes you human also equips you to do what these adults are doing. It equips you to treat people not in your group like this. It equips you to hate and be psychopathic in cruelty. Your humanity equips you to be this way.

It is the human mind’s ability to reason and raise us above this behavior that we usually think of as the part that makes us human, but that’s not true. These are humans doing what humans are wont to do. Sure, maybe you wouldn’t but I bet you know people who would act this way. They are all around you. The WWII holocaust is no real mystery, it was perpetrated by apes on other apes through hate and fear, the social currency of religion. Watch this video closely. That is your cousins acting normally. What you think is normal civil human behavior is actual NOT normal. Watch your cousins at play, then try to sleep at night without thinking about which of your cousins has their finger on a button of mass destruction.

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Adults in the video are terrorising a Uyghur Muslim child like a wild animal by kicking, stepping on his fingers, and dragging him, while the child is screaming in a traumatised state. He was accused of ‘stealing’.

Viewer discretion is advised. Some may find the following distressing:

Source: Doamuslims.org

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  1. What the actual f*#$!

    Why wasn’t anyone helping him? He’s frickin 6, maybe 7 years old…even if he did steal something, he isn’t quite old enough to realize it’s wrong, and certainly shouldn’t have his fingers stomped on or get kicked. Nobody should! This was just utterly sickening, and now I’m crying from sheer frustration and disgust with our species.

    Our brains are supposed to make us better than this. Instead, I think it makes some of us worse. Are we losing our sense of empathy?

    • Tarnished,

      That is humanity. We live in the most peaceful time of human existence ever. Civilized living is a relatively new thing and has not really caught on in many parts of the world. This is how life is for billions of people. Humans are not a nice animal. They are dangerous and will turn on you for the littlest thing. That we live in relative peace is a wonder. That we can trade with one another is a wonder. I posted that because we should never forget that this is what humans are like. It does not matter if someone wears a suit and has a big title, inside them is one of these cousins.

      • Not all humans, surely.

        I can’t even conceive of being in a situation where I’d accept treating someone as less than myself. I admit that this is easy for me to say, living in the US with a safely middle class status. I haven’t experienced what these people have.

        But I have stood up to bullies on behalf of others, even though it meant I’d be the target instead. Likewise, I’ve gotten physically hurt in various situations by putting myself in the “line of fire” so that my pets or siblings would be spared. That is not heroic or special or brave. It’s automatic, an unthinking instinct to protect those who are weaker or smaller than oneself. I know I’m not the only person to have this instinct, that would be impossible. So why do some have it, and others not?

        • Now we’re talking. Why do some have it and other’s not? We all have the necessary bits to be cruel and nasty. Why do some of us not seem capable? Comfort mostly. If you were starving you’d probably change. You’d trade jumping in the line of fire for a piece of bread if you were hungry enough. Still, some of us have this thing in our heads which define the world in such a way that we feel it is not possible. Yet we see it all the time through history. To say you are not capable of that is to say that you are different from all your ancestors. Sadly neither you nor I are different from out ancestors. We’re just better educated and better fed.

    • If it truly disgusts you, then you have more to say to the world and the world needs to hear it.

      • Of course it disgusts me. All acts of senseless violence or pain do.

        Heck, I don’t even have to see it to be sickened by such things…It’s why I became a vegetarian 2 decades ago, and why I only buy milk/eggs/honey from local family-run farms that I can actually visit. It is pricey and takes more planning than just stopping at the grocery store, but at least I’m not contributing to the horrors of “factory farms”.

        If I’m willing to go through this extra trouble for cows and chickens I’ll never see, then yeah…imagine how I react to children being hurt. Are you saying that being disgusted by needless harm is unnatural? I’m not sure I believe that. The capacity of empathy for others is something we, and some other animals, are inherently born with…isn’t it?

        • No, being disgusted is not unnatural. Humans causing needless harm is very natural. We have placed ourselves in charge of the planet by inflicting harm everywhere we go. It is what we do. I think that we forget this and need reminded now and again. The choice to do no harm, to live peacefully is not natural. It is a recent ‘thing’ in human history. I think we should be disgusted, not only by this violence but by starving children, senseless deaths and more. We are not the kind of animals that you invite to dinner with your parents… generally speaking.

          • Humanity makes me weep. We shouldn’t be “in charge”. That right has not been earned by anyone.

            • So it is. Just the same, we are and some people think their god put us there. Imagine that.

  2. Fuck. That is all I can say. Fuck.

    • This is why hero’s and superheroes are always the good guys… The bad guys are wverywhere

  3. We only have the word of the person originally posting the video that the child is Muslim, but that is immaterial in any case. That is utterly horrific.

    I agree with one person who commented on the video on YouTube; who was filming it, and why the hell didn’t they try to intervene? I’m no fucking hero myself but my first instinct would be to throw myself on top of the child and take the beating for him. So to my mind the person filming this is no better than the wee soul’s attackers.

    And that of course, ties in with your main point – that just what the majority of humans are like. For every human who does not intervene, every person who turns the other way and pretends they didn’t see it, is every bit as bad as the perpetrator.

    You are correct about the holocaust of WWII. I have long said that if Hitler was insane, then the same must apply to every one of the Nazi hierarchy, every one of the SS and Gestapo henchmen, a great many Nazi soldiers, and even the millions who supported him. And of course those who turned the other way, those who knew what was happening and did not speak out, those who all too quickly turned in Jews and other ‘enemies’ of the Third Reich, were equally guilty, equally responsible, and every bit as ruthless as those who fed the gas into the chambers.

    That is why when Patton liberated Buchenwald, he rounded up local German villagers, to show them exactly what the Nazis – and they – were responsible for. And we all know that General Patton was far from being a saint himself.

    The UK once showed a TV show called Behind the Lines, which followed soldiers being trained. In one episode a corporal showed his recruits pictures of concentration camps and mass graves during the Balkan conflict. He then said “Of course, it could never happen here, could it?
    The recruits all chimed “No Corporal.”
    The corporal replied, “Well you’re wrong. History tells us that this can happen anywhere, at any time, and no-one is immune from that. It only takes one to start it, two or three to follow them, and before you know where you are, it has snowballed out of control.”

    That’s why as much as we may try to put our hands on our hearts, and say “Oh no, never my country.” we are all wrong. We can love our countries, but ilke the apes you mention, national identity is nothing more but tribalism, and everyone who does profess a love of nation should always realise the responsibility to be cautious about that at the same time, and watch out for those who would take it too far.

    • xandrad, Thank you for stopping in and commenting. I completely agree. Nationalism is a thing that can be dangerous.

      When Fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross” — Sinclair Lewis (maybe)

      We apes need to help each other find an anchor in our better selves – religion is not the method to do that.

      Awesome comment!

      • This odious woman, whose blog I found earlier, may interest you but will disturb you greatly. Susan-Anne White. She is the epitome of hatred, as you will see. More disturbingly still, in the British General election on 7 May, she is standing as an independent candidate in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland.

        Her election ticket includes outlawing homosexuality, outlawing Marie Stopes ‘abortion’ clinics (they are actually family planning clinics), raising the UK age of consent to 18, banning free condoms to under-18s, removing equality and human rights legislation, recognising the husband as head of the household, banning the building of mosques, and reintroduction of the death penalty, among other insanity.

        From her writings, she even apparently hates women, and is one of those nuts who blames rape victims for “asking for it”.

        Trouble is, the hardline Protestants of Northern Ireland may well actually vote for her.


        • I was in Ireland for 3 weeks in March. I’ve spent time there before. 8+ years in the UK. Such an odious woman does not read her bible and won’t do well in the Island country. That part of the world is having great trouble with many tumultuous things and we should expect this reaction where Islam starts spreading to predominantly Christian areas. This is the very kind of backlash that it will bring. The Irish people are far more laid back than to let her hold office… trust me on that 🙂

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