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Dalai Lama Denounces Chapel Hill Murders

In a statement today the Dalai Lama announced to Chinese state radio that

I am aghast at these murders and want the families to know Buddhists deplore this kind of action by a fellow non-believer. This is not the way of Buddhism.

He announced condolences as only the Dalai Lama can and also said

“Although violence and the use of force may appear powerful and decisive, their benefits are short-lived. Violence can never bring a lasting and long term resolution to any problem, because it is unpredictable and for every problem it seems to solve, others are created. On the other hand, truth remains constant and will ultimately prevail.”

In this, Mr Craig Stephen Hicks shares some traits with the religious.


‘Nuff said




At least this is what I imagined

Can’t We All Just Get Along?

The never ending discussion on the compatibility between science and religion asks if they can get along and coexist. The argument, no matter how it is stated, comes down to this: Science has facts, religion has faith. As long as religion has faith it will remain incompatible with both science and reality. Believers might argue that their faith is compatible with science yet they will not allow for someone else’s faith being compatible with their own. When believers can’t even get their ‘faith’ coherent but decide to disagree with the best method we have of knowing the world around us then it is completely incompatible with science.

A religion that is not incompatible with science would be one that requires no faith. Would that be a religion?

Can’t we all just get along?

NO, we can’t as long as you are unwilling to be a full participant in reality.

Before anyone thinks I’m calling all believers stupid, just stop. This is a reaction to the discussion of compatibility and not simply your particular point of view. That said, if you want to feel offended, that is your prerogative, just don’t expect an apology.



Think About It For A Minute …

Think for a minute about the single minded consumption that the god of Abraham demands.

  • Kill your child – Genesis 22 and Judges 11
  • Cut your genitals off – all over the Old Testament
  • Sacrifice your Wealth – Matthew 19:24
  • Sacrifice your family and belongings – Job

These are just the tip of the iceberg here. The idea here is that to be a good follower or worshiper of YHWH you must be fully consumed by single minded obedience and dedication to winning a slave’s life for eternity at his feet. Do any evil asked of you, even to the ones you love and care for, so that you can spend eternity in paradise.

Is there a more self centered and selfish act of evil ever known in the history of humanity than to murder your own child in the name of a faceless god and the pursuit of a better next life?

Perhaps your sect does not promote such behavior but if you’re a christian adherent this is what your god asks of you… that you be so selfishly focused on obedience that you would commit any kind of atrocity in pursuit of your god’s love for eternity… that you be willing to trade your dignity and self worth to gain a ticket to heaven.

You can claim ‘new covenant’ all you want. Your unchanging god is the very Jesus christians worship and at once is he the very god who demands such evil be present in you.


You Don’t Know … So Here You Go, You’re Welcome

There is not much that I can add to this except that Sam and I don’t agree on all things but on this video mashup, we’re in synch all the way.

Enjoy… then go buy presents for people that already have more than they need…

Belief In God Is A Waste

The tragedy in Kenya has brought out the god botherers full force. I won’t link to the blog (sigh) but here is the summary of the post:

I thank God that nobody I knew was hurt. A classmate and friend of mine was in the building when it went down but she was rescued by the police. She is still in shock, but she is safe and thankful. For those who were pesonally affected, I am very sorry for what happened.

They thank god that nobody they know was hurt… screw everybody else, god doesn’t love them. They are sorry for what happened to the victims and their family, but god doesn’t love them enough to save them.

What should matter now is that we stick together as one as we move ahead. As for those evil people, I have one thing to say. Vengeance belongs to the Lord, and he is as fierce as he is just. They will get their own in time, believe it. Whether it be in this world or in the afterlife. Believe it.

Then they get kind of normal… till they bring evil into it. Evil can only be countered by a god, their god. Never mind getting revenge now or setting things right… let god get them in the afterlife! You better believe it too, god said it.

This is one of the most egregious problems with religion – it does not fix anything. Instead it teaches to just turn the other cheek and pretend that life will get better. When it does teach doing something to fix the world we get what happened in Kenya. What is the lesson here? Is it that you should pray to the right god? Is it that god doesn’t really like shopping malls? Maybe it is that there is no god and people do what they want, hiding behind the alibi that god told them to do it.

If you ask me, most of the “real evil” (TM) on this planet wears the garb of clerics and believers. You can argue that point but you don’t have the statistics to back it up.

Whether it is because of holy texts or not, most of the evil on this planet lives their lives by the rules of a holy book.

So according to this blogger, god is going to punish the people he sent to kill hundreds at a shopping mall for killing the people he sent them to kill. Yes, makes perfect sense.

Oh, but I hear you say that the real god didn’t send them to kill, they did that on their own. Well, the ‘real god’ didn’t protect the dead did it?


There is no god.

How To Criticize Islam Politely?

There are plenty of arguments about whether Hitler was Christian and just how much evil was done by atheist people in the world and on and on. That said there isn’t much question about the motivations for the killing of a soldier in England on Wednesday. So the question of how to confront the problems that Islam creates continues…


About right now, I am out of give-a-damns for political correctness when dealing with the ‘sensitivities of Islam’ and trying to get common sense out of the whole thing. So here  you go… check the lyrics



Oh, there seem to be plenty of Muslims back peddling and speaking against this one act. That’s a drop in the ocean compared to what they do not speak against but should. Cry me a river already. Why can’t you just say it? Islam attracts the crazy like stink on shit. Then it keeps hold of it, lets it fester, spurs it on till it can’t keep control over it anymore…



Draw Muhammed Day!

I’m so far behind my goals on this blog that it’s not funny. I am finally getting around to DrawMoDay like 24 hours late. Better late than never. I started earlier but had a setback.

I’m not a good artist but I spent over an hour drawing Muhammed on screen. I used up three pencils! When I pressed save, nothing happened? Meh I found a much better picture than I could do. As I understand it he was meant to be slightly shorter than portrayed here but given the date of this picture, and the artist’s name you can be certain that his perspective is a bit off from true.

I also am given to understand that he ‘doesn’t have a fuckin sense of humour’ about shit… too bad.


This is a file from the Wikimedia Commons.

English: Mohammed receiving his first revelation from the angel Gabriel. Miniature illustration on vellum from the book Jami’ al-Tawarikh (literally “Compendium of Chronicles” but often referred to as The Universal History or History of the World), by Rashid al-Din, published in Tabriz, Persia, 1307 A.D. Now in the collection of the Edinburgh University Library, Scotland.


And now for something completely different…



Here’s To Moderate Aunt Jane… Bless Her

Moderate religion? No thank you. Isn’t that like moderate paedophilia? Maybe it’s like being just a little pregnant?

Here’s another good video… go subscribe, enjoy

On The Topic Of Religion…

When people talk about religion they talk about a lot of things. The more moderate the beliefs of someone are, the more they are willing to tolerate differing beliefs. They will even tolerate a deistic notion of god. As long as you believe they are willing to work with you and despite thinking you are wrong they will not oppose you directly because you have one thing in your favor – you believe the one big lie. You believe in a god. They will even justify your differences as a different view of the one god… as long as you believe the big lie like they do. Fundamentalists won’t tolerate any such nonsense, for them you must believe as they do or you are ‘of the devil’ and destined to return to hell. Even if you’re minding your own business, fundamentalists will find you. If you’re gay, just different, or can be called a witch, they’ll have you killed.

Both the fundamentalists and the more liberal groups are equally offensive. The fundamentalists are clearly offensive. We need only look at the Westboro Baptist Church to understand this. There is not much doubt that these groups are hate group which offend the very nature of being human. The real problem is the liberal believers. Their belief and behavior is much more tolerable, no doubt. The problem comes in two parts:

  1. They are tolerant of fundamentalists
  2. They teach the big lie to their children and support those that want the big lie taught in schools

Yes, it IS a lie.


When you tell a story that you know you have no evidence for and that there is plenty of contrary evidence then what you are doing is lying. It does not matter that “your heart is in the right place” … what you are doing is teaching a lie. You are subverting the truth.  Excusing yourself because you think it does no harm is yet another lie.

We didn’t see believers protesting at the trials of those parents that did nothing but pray as their children lay dying of preventable medical conditions. That’s right. All those liberal believers also think those parents behaved in a criminal way. Deep in their psyche they know that prayer does not work. Whether they admit it or not they know that belief on it’s own is no explanation and causes harm. They know there is no evidence for their god. They just don’t want to admit it. It’s much nicer to hide under the covers and stay comfy rather than acknowledge that the house is on fire.

I encourage everyone to focus their discussions of and about religion on one simple topic: truth

If the discussion is not about truth and fact then it is completely wrong… or close enough to completely wrong.

Liberal belief is not better or less harmful or more tolerable. It’s just as wrong as bat shit crazy bible thumping hate mongering fundamentalism. I don’t care if they tell the lie nicer. It’s still a lie. The harm it does may not be immediate, but it is just as certain, just as lethal.

How Long Will It Take

Much of what I see on blogs and the ‘interweb tubes’ is people trying to explain that non-belief does not mean belief in some other god or the devil, that non-belief is simply non-belief.

It distresses me that even now as the ‘nones’ grows in numbers we still have to explain over and over again that we are the same people that you knew yesterday but today we admit that we do not believe in gods.

It worries me that theists cannot accept that there are those that do not believe in their imaginary friend. It worries me that these same people are voting and deciding what laws should be enacted to protect various groups in our society. It worries me that there are still those who are afraid even to admit they do not believe because the threat of backlash is completely real in their lives. It worries me that such self proclaimed moral people can be so immoral and think that it is okay to oppress others. It worries me that so many benign people think that they are moral too. It worries me that governments give these people the ‘right of way’ in the public sphere.

It worries me that the catholic church can hide away all the paedophile priests who are not being prosecuted. It worries me that the election of another head kiddy fiddler is the main news instead of the atrocities that the same church has propagated on the world.

There are many reasons that I worry. A lot of them are because of religion. Religion does not alleviate my fears or worries, it exacerbates them. Well meaning believers continue to prop up and support the most vile creatures on the planet simply because these people claim to be moral.

I am disgusted by the vulnerability of societies across the globe to these hate mongers and villainous people. It bothers me that so many are worried about their own special interest group and not equality for all.

There is a ton of shit that bothers me. No, I mean it. Religion, and here I mean the Abrahamic religions have been abusing society on a global scale for thousands of years. It is time that we said no. No more of their cult-ish bullshit. No more of their abuses. No more of their oppression. No more of their special kind of love reserved only for those that believe as they do.

Fuck the pope. Fuck the pastor. Fuck the Rabbi. Fuck the Imam. All of them are engaged only to oppress those that do not believe as they do. Fuck them all. They do not have the right to do as they do. It is time they stop. How long will it take for society to push them in the corner and under the rug where they can do no more harm? How long?



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