Five Seconds Is A Long Time

Imagine if you will that you could save 5 seconds every morning when getting ready for work. Over the span of an average worker’s life that would be worth 72.222 days. Just 5 seconds per work day.

How much time do or did you spend praying each work day? How much time of each work day do you spend being angry? How much time of each work day do you spend listening to ‘that guy’ that won’t stop talking?

I know I wasted a lot of days praying. I kind of wish I had them back. What would I have done with it or how would I have spent it? I don’t know for certain but I do think that I could have used it better. That’s not a regret per se’, just an observation on what it cost me to become an atheist. It took a long time to get here. A lot of my life was wasted on what I was taught as a child to believe.

Society, especially in the USA, wastes that time of most children’s lives. Note that they have no proof that its not a waste of time and energy and joy, they do it in case the religion is real. Oh, I know that many of them think their chosen religion is true (or the religion that their parents chose for them). That’s where it get kind of criminal and creepy. Parents are taught to waste so much of their children’s lives on the off chance that a religion that was chosen for them is correct. They do this when there is no proof that any religion is correct about anything. I added up the 5 seconds. Imagine what hours per week looks like in the long run. Just 5 hours per week spent on religion adds up to over 500 days over the span of a work career. That is easily 1% of your life. When  you spend roughly 33% of your life asleep, that extra 1% becomes a pretty big chunk because it is effectively multiplied when you consider it comes out of your waking hours. So you work 8 hours and sleep 8 hours. 3% of the rest of your time is spent on something that was chosen for you, instilled into you, wasting your life.

It’s no wonder that atheists sometimes seem angry about religion.

    • Ain’t No Shrinking Violet
    • April 10th, 2015

    As a catholic I was taught to constantly pray, even while doing daily chores, shopping, driving, etc. I kept track for a period of time and realized I was praying about six hours per day. I also tried to attend daily mass when possible. All this makes me *absolutely ill*.

    • Wow! That’s intense. Thanks for commenting. That’s qualification for being a monk or something

        • Ain’t No Shrinking Violet
        • April 10th, 2015

        Hehe…a monk. At one point I considered being a nun, but didn’t think I could hold do chastity for a lifetime (thankfully I had *some* common sense). I had a christian tell me that I could qualify for bring a saint and should relish my opportunity to wear my crown in heaven. Yeah, I’m not betting the mortgage on that one! 😉

  1. Oh gosh. So many hours just in one week I wasted in church/reading the Bible/praying. I think one thing that sort of makes me feel better is that I stayed in Christianity long enough to see that prayer really doesn’t work, and how pastors choose messages to suit their own agenda. Still, all of those early Sunday mornings were mostly for naught! :/
    Great post! Here’s to saving time.

    • Scottie
    • April 11th, 2015

    While I never had too much of the religion bug, I did waste a lot of time being angry, hating..other destructive things. Boy did I ever start to feel better when I stopped missing out on life due to being angry and started to enjoy the people I was with and the times I was having. Hugs

  2. Great insight. Thank you.

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