The Soul Of Humanity: Spiritual Belief For Non-Believers

Where oh where are thou, soul of humanity?

Over the ages mankind has cried out into the darkness looking for the soul of his kind. They have sought it under every rock which can be identified, each human searching under them in succession like bees in an arboritum.

The soul of humanity is not to be found in a search. It will not be found at all. All that can be called the soul of humanity will be cast upon you like a robe you did not intend to wear when you seek not to find the soul but to feed the hungry, clothe the poor, protect the weak and befriend the lonely. In doing these things you’ll find that the robe will not come off no matter how you try because you’ll have found your humanity, your human dignity, your soul by giving it to others.

We may at times call this the law of reciprocity, or the golden rule among other things. What you cannot do is cheat it, any attempt to do so harms only you. Likewise, any attempt to keep this law helps you in amplified ways just as feeding the poor slakes a hunger inside your mind that you might not have ever know about till you gave your winter stores to a stranger.

There is no soul or spirituality except what hits you in the face when you’re trying to give yours away to others.

  1. That, MAL, should be the opening statement of Humanism.

    Simply. Brilliant.

  2. The search for soul is simply the reflection of a desire to be more than what you are.

  3. I have been AWOL… 😢

  4. If you don’t mind the challenge, mainly to help you and myself on these matters, what reasons should we have to live a moral life without God? Couldn’t one just as easily go the other way and say that since there is no lawgiver then I have no obligation to help my fellow human beings. Let them suffer and die! To each is own, right?

    • I will assume that this is a hypothetical question.

      There are no reasons that we _should_ have to live a moral life. The word should implies intrinsic morality. We have evolved using the law of reciprocity and our species as well as many others have found this to be very helpful in survival. If there is a should its origin is in the desire to survive and propagate the species. There are no gods so the question is really “why should we live a moral life” yet morality remains undefined. Defining it here would be over the top.

      There is no law giver, this is not in question. Despite that there is a huge percentage of the population of Earth that believes there is a god and these people, on a daily and hour by hour basis, let others suffer and die. In the time it takes you to read this several children under the age of 5 will have died of starvation related issues.

      Your proposed situation, that you clearly believe to be a bad one, exists on this planet daily despite the number of people that think there is a god. In view of that your question makes no sense. In the framework of your question it appears that humans act as if there is no god anyway… despite their belief. For your question to make sense it would have to be shown that the intrinsic morality you are claiming here actually works. Clearly it is not demonstrated in any significant way across the years of history.

      The belief in a ‘law giver’ has not shown itself to make any difference to suffering and it can be argued that it has caused more suffering than it has mitigated. The fact that suffering continues is evidence that a law giver does not exist, or at best is impotent, therefore valueless.

      The law of reciprocity lead humans to create systems of Law. One of the oldest of these is the law of Hammurabi and you can bet your bottom dollar his was not the first. These systems of laws will be used against those that decide they have no obligation to their fellow humans. They were invented exactly for that purpose. Given this understanding it appears that no external law giver has ever made an impact on humans intrinsically. What is claimed to be so has always required the addition of human laws to enforce reciprocity to some degree. Gods are a failed hypothesis and have always been so.

  5. I really liked this my dear! Missed reading your posts :)! Glad you are back and this post was very well written.

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