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Nothing New Under The Sun?

UPDATE: I was informed by a kind reader (J_Agathokles) that this graphic contained what we might kindly call inaccuracies. Mea Culpa

I was far to quick to use it. It looked kind of clever and so I am guilty of passing on bad information and misinformation through nothing more sinister than laziness. Please see my post on Redaction: Horus Vs Jesus for more information. The graphic has been removed to prevent it spreading further at my hand.

I am leaving the original and will update with a link to the follow up post. The original has comments that I didn’t want to simply delete. Thanks for your understanding.

Original post  follows:

There are lots of folk that think their Jesus story is fresh, different, and worse they think it’s true.

All the details of the Jesus story were already written down for the authors of the New Testament. They just had to gather them together and change a few details to protect the innocent… or something like that. The blogger at “100 Uses For Muesli” shared the graphic below. I unashamedly blagged it to post it here…. for my future reference of course.

Go check out 100 Uses For Muesli – it’s a damned good blog


The embarrassingly not-so-remarkable tale of how Jesus became real

This piece very clearly explains how a mythical or alegorical figure can become real in the collective conscious of society. John Zande has done a remarkable job of explaining the journey from myth to legend to real.

If we look at modern day China, in one generation they have erased the memory of the Tank Man and why the tanks were in the square. Children today do not recognize or understand what the picture is all about. But that does not explain how myth becomes real so much as how society can work together to change reality.

John’s post is a wonderful explanation.


mythLet’s be honest, I don’t believe a man named Jesus ever walked the earth. It’s not that I’m anti-Jesus in any sense, I’m not. Like most atheists I’d say I in fact live a life far closer to the ideals touted by the character than most loud-mouthed, gay hating, science denying, apocalypse yearning evangelical fundamentalist “Christians.” Now granted, the character is a little wishy-washy, frustratingly wimpy, a melancholic defeatist who quite frankly is not very convincing but he’s a fine enough invention for late 1st Century Judea. I don’t believe the man ever drew an earthly breath for the simple reason that I’ve looked at the evidence with an honest eye and haven’t found a single waypoint that indicates a historical person. What can be found are lies and subterfuges enacted by the early church fathers to create an illusion of life where there was, quite evidently, none…

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