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God Damn Blasphemy Laws and Fuck The Pope

There are a fair number of peoples that think the world needs blasphemy laws. Lets think about this. Such laws embed religion into the law and that is a bad move from the start, but lets not dwell there yet.

Such laws are always enforced based on he said, she said evidence. That is to say there is no damage to view, no physical harm to assess.

All such laws are enacted to enforce punishment on those that are perceived to insult opinion.


There is no idea beyond criticism, no opinion higher than the rights of others. Sure, some folk say that this is not true, that the opinion of the great leader is highest… To those people I ask “what do you do when the great leader dies?” Who then should hold an opinion that is greater than your rights? Must you have someone?

I cannot hurt your feelings. You can only decide to feel hurt.  Sure, if I had you chained up in my basement for 6 months you could say different.. but if we are both free citizens then I cannot hurt you feelings unless you choose to feel harmed. At least not with words or actions that do not involve you.


The Koran and the Christian bible are both books full of lies and books that tell their believers they are true. Does that insult you? If it does, grow up. Do not be so weak as to demonstrate that YOUR god has no power. You tell us that  your god has a plan… who are you to tell me that my comments are not part of his plan?

Please fight against blasphemy laws


Muslims Are Idiots? … Facepalm Harder

This video highlights some of the reasons that the Muslim religion and culture is antithetical to modern western civilization. If all Muslims are not idiots, then Muslim men are. Oh wait, some Muslim women want to wear that burlap bag. No matter how you slice it they are justifying covering up what they believe their god created. Insanity. Muslims are fucked in the head. I’m not even considering their precious prophet. Just look at what they do to over half their population. Idiots. There is no reasonable justification for this kind of subjugation and superstition. If you are a Muslim and want to explain your faith to ME you’re going to have to figure out how to explain this kind of stupidity first. Until that makes sense I have absolutely no reason to listen to you at all. This dress code you have going makes you look like an idiot. That you voluntarily adhere to it makes YOU an idiot. I don’t care what child molesting desert nomad told you to do it.


The Challenge!

I am not a qualified biologist, palaeoecologist, archaeologist, or any kind of ‘ist’ but I have the ability to read, listen, and understand. Apparently so do theists of every stripe. Monotheists (Jews, Christians, and Muslims) have been doing this for thousands of years… literally. They listen to the ‘prophets’ and understand as best as they are able to. Some believe literally what is said, others no so much. Each and every one of them makes a decision about what they do or do not believe. We can show evidence of this by simply looking at the various sects or branches of each monotheistic belief. Yes, even the Muslims can’t agree on what their prophet actually meant. The ‘religion of peace’ makes war upon itself and everybody else.

One of the things that monotheistic beliefs (and others) have in common is the wilful ignorance and denial of the facts of history. It does not matter what it says in their holy books or what their holy man tells them (few of them allow for female clerics) they all deny the facts of history. For many centuries they have been telling the world that humans were created by a god. They have offered up thousands of failed evidences. In all this, not one evidence for creation has been described or discovered. None of them have stood up to investigation and inquiry. There is not one good piece of evidence for creation or gods. Not even one.

Science has steadily increased the combined knowledge of humanity over time. This growth of knowledge has pushed monotheists view of their god(s) into the gaps of knowledge. Despite their claims that ‘god did it’ when we don’t have scientific knowledge, they do not offer any explanation either. The statement that ‘god did it’ is not an explanation without evidence for a god in the first place. We might as well say the tooth fairy did it. Both statements have the same real world value when we are looking for facts.

Humans are notoriously bad at making decisions. We are not good eye witnesses. We clearly tend to believe whatever we are told, especially when it is our parents telling us, or some authority figure such as religious leaders. In fact, without much effort you can get just about anyone to believe just about anything. To see that in action, lets go to:

The point of this is a challenge. The challenge is to provide scientifically proven refutation for the information presented in the following series of videos. It is not possible to cram 500 years of scientific knowledge into one video or even one series of videos. Science increases knowledge and makes it available to society. It is up to the individual to educate themselves. The folks in the water video clearly did not pay attention in high school and are wont to be swayed by any kind of authority. Well, here are some videos from authority – the body of knowledge of evolution:

You might like to go subscribe the the channel EvolutionDocumentary.

For the theists in the audience, if you want to talk to me about your god, you’re going to have to explain the evidence. Do keep in mind that people have been trying to prove the existence of gods for thousands of years and have failed completely for the same amount of time. If you wish to convince me you will have to refute the evidence presented in these videos. That’s your challenge because this evidence practically shouts “creationism is a lie” and that is not a belief. It’s hard facts with hard evidence and it’s going to be really hard for you to refute it. Just the same, that’s the challenge. Good luck with that.

Do any of you readers think I should add more to the argument?

What scientific evidence do you find most compelling?

I Hate. I Hate And I Am Proud Of My Hate.

Those are words that until recently I would have thought abhorrent, reprehensible, and a contradiction to all I feel is true. To be honest, I still have some trouble saying the words, but I’m getting over it. I’m actually getting happy about it to some extent. Perhaps it’s a sign that I’m still human after all that I am finding it possible to hate. I don’t mean hate like ‘I hate spinach’ rather I mean hate like ‘I hate you and I will kill you if I find you doing what you say you would do’ kind of hate.

This is important. It’s so important that I think I need to share it. First I’m going to share something else that is very important. There are a lot of things that you might find and think to yourself ‘well, that’s not on my list of stuff to take home and show mother’ but this is so important that you should show your mother (family, spouse, friends, etc.) despite the fact that your first reaction might be to put it on that list of stuff not to show mother. It’s so important that The Atlantic ran an article about it

Okay already,  what is this important thing?

Check out the 12 videos. It is important. I’ll get to why shortly.

Subscribe, like, share…. I dare you

Why these two bands are important

These few people and others like them have more intestinal fortitude than probably anyone that you’ve ever met or will meet. For the simple pleasure of making their music they can be imprisoned or killed. They can go missing from the face of this planet and no one will call the UN, no one will cry on CNN morning news, no one will hold a candle light vigil. They will simply be gone. Yes, theirs are made of brass and they make a large clanking sound. It may be the last act of defiance in your view but IT IS SO VERY IMPORTANT that we recognize these people who spit in the face of the dragon while making noise and trashing the dragon’s lair.

I’ve seen atheists ask ‘where are the Muslims speaking against radical Islam? While these few may not be practising Muslims you can bet they are cultural Muslims. They are not just speaking out, they are risking life, liberty, and limb to say what they feel about Islam. To be certain, they are not happy about it. They are so unhappy that they are willing to risk more than many atheists in the west would risk.

We gladly memorialise and celebrate those ancestors and actors who took offence at governments and risked life and limb to change it. Paul Revere, George Washington and the many from Europe etc. It is important that we do so for those in Islamic countries too. Not just because it is important for them but exactly because it is important for all of us who do not live under Sharia law. If such draconian law is to be upended, it must necessarily be brought to an end from within it’s own compound. These few artists carry with them the strongest weapon against Islam – The Need To Be Free.

Without support these few could simply disappear and their efforts would have been for nothing. It is important that their message be spread far and wide. It should be on the lips of all who work at the UN. Their music and their plights should be dinner time topics of discussion. Not because their music is the most magical music ever but because of what they stand for, the stand they are making, and the value that has to the rest of the world.

So listen, like, share. I dare you to.

Okay, get on with the hate part. Quit stalling.

Hopefully what I’ve written will give you a sense of the tear in my chest that I feel right now.

To all those that would imprison or kill these musicians:








Maybe I’ve said enough, maybe I’ve said too much. What do you think?

The core of Islam is submission, the antithesis of freedom. Without metal bands from Iraq and Iran and Israel the world of humans will continue to cut itself till it bleeds out. The freedom that will allow these musicians to play their music is the very freedom those of us in the west consider so important.What would your life be like without that freedom?

I’ll put links to representatives in the USA and UN in the links page so that you can share your concern about this freedom in countries that don’t have it. Yes, it is your business. Oppression is not kind to anyone.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.
Edmund Burke

This Is The Truth – Uncut

I’ve been a bit busy lately. Understatement is a fine thing. I’m still working on focusing more attention on Islam. I’ve noticed that among apologetics there is a tendency to argue in disingenuous ways, throw out as many argument points as possible and criticize when not all are answered while never answering any of the points put to them except to pose more argument. Muslim apologetics takes this to the shouting in your face level and, to be truthful, the level that makes them seem not only delusional but woefully uninformed as to the level of intelligence of their opponents. It almost seems like they don’t understand that there is scientific knowledge and much of the rest of the world has more of it than they do.

This trend of arguing as if a person only needs a little bit of science and the Muslim holy books have a little bit, so you don’t need any of that new science stuff is insulting, even on a good day. Here is a site that deals with some of the most egregious acts of quote mining (Can you say Expelled in Arabic?). Listen, like, follow, share…. This is the truth – uncut   and a taste of the site…



You might think “well, that was years ago, they aren’t this sill now” and you would be wrong. There are some that would want to do things as stupid as banning the use of tomatoes or legislate the way they are prepared.


Dangerous and stupid ideas collect and foment dangerous and stupid people. Note that I did not say that all people who believe in dangerous and stupid ideas are stupid… it merely seems that way most days.

By the way, I’m still looking for some intelligent and articulate Islamic apologist. Does anyone know of one? The search so far has been one deep, deafening facepalm after another. Please let me know in the comments if you know of an Islamic apologist who at least seems like he has graduated high school. Yes, it will probably have to be a ‘he’ since they won’t allow women to be fashionable let alone speak.

Next time, Ramadam and perhaps some other ramblings about Islamic traditions.



Universal Declaration Of Human Rights…. right?

Well, into the dark we go. I know Christianity and Judaism with some confidence. I do not know Islam or the Koran with the same confidence but it is time that I did and time that I began reprimanding it for the dangerous and stupid ideology that it is.

Any of my readers that have insight are most welcome to comment and correct any misgivings that I seem to have.

Tonight I read this post. Here we have the idea that Isalm itself is in violation of UN declarations. Islam is the world stage equivalent of a hate group. We have to ask if this is true why is it tolerated?

Perhaps it is time to ask tolerant people why they tolerate it because I damn sure don’t know why it is tolerated. Should we poke our nose into the business of other countries? Apparently not, but wait… Islam is becoming a problem for many countries in Europe. These peoples should be asking why anyone is even considering shariah law? Why is anyone even thinking about it?

In the USA we should be drilling every Muslim on where their loyalties lie. No, not McCarthy-ism, but public debate.

If being Muslim in these other countries mean that you will violate all of our human rights, all of the bill of rights, why should you be allowed to practice Islam in this country? Your faith is a hate group, why should you be allowed to practice it here? Sure, you may not agree with all that happens in other countries, but why are YOU supporting the very foundation for those atrocities? Why should we believe you would behave any different if you achieved power? Explain yourself. Tell us why YOU are not part of a hate group. Tell us why you should not be followed by the CIA night and day.

Yes, for fucks sake, you are guilty by association. If you look like, talk like, act like, pray like, and believe like a terrorist…. well, you’re a terrorist. That is not thought police mentality. When you are indistinguishable from terrorists there is no reason to give you any quarter. How else is any government to prevent terrorist activities? Why do I say terrorist? Because it’s only Muslims who do suicide bombings. Even though there are one or two questionable incidents that make Christians or Jews seem as bad, it is Muslims who have perfected terror. Remember, I think that Christians and Jews are just as wrong as Islamic terrorists. All the followers of the god of Abraham are dangerous idiots. Yes, I did just say that. If you don’t like being associated that way…. walk. Give it up. Quit being part of the problem.



I want my money back. No more tax breaks for churches, no more foreign aid to Israel.

You! Yes you moderate Muslim. Defend yourself. Defend your support of this atrocious tyrannical fascist religion. Your god does not exist. Your prophet was a desert dwelling nomadic paedophile. Nothing about your faith is clean. Defend your belief in it.

Is that stepping over the mark? Should I provoke? Yes, I should. I live in a country where it is not only perfectly legal to do so, but insane to not question others and demand understanding and equality. You who believe that paedophile deranged old man was the mouthpiece for a god, explain why you believe this to be true. I think you’re drunk with indoctrination and inability to question what you are told. You have no free will because it was taken from you in childhood. If you think you have free will, show it, explain yourself.

Well, that will hopefully start a shouting match that turns to a conversation… maybe.



Welcome To Belgistan

Here’s mud in the eye of every moderate monotheist. Yes, every last one of them.

The thing that I really don’t like about the Abrahamic faiths is this: They are dangerous and stupid ideologies. No, you cannot successfully argue with me that I am mistaken. They are as dangerous and stupid as Hitchens said they are and will only become more of both as time goes on. I hear so many people extol the parts of monotheism they think are good and all that I can see is a 15 pound pile of steaming horse shit with a small white flower growing from the middle of it. I hear your moderate voice trying to tell me that this pile of horse shit is good for people because it has beauty in it. No matter how elegant the knife is that you use to spread that on your bread, it’s still a shit sandwich.

Do you like your Belgian chocolates? Well, get ready for them to become very expensive. Look what is happening to Belgium.

The way things are going, each opportunity has Islam winning more ground from reason and critical thinking.

Islam needs some attention from atheist bloggers. I’m going to devote some time to it and not waste time worrying about rules at conferences and what does or does not constitute sexual harassment. No, I’m going to focus on real problems.

So, go on, tell me what your thoughts on Islam and atheism are, lets get this conversation started.

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