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Here’s To Moderate Aunt Jane… Bless Her

Moderate religion? No thank you. Isn’t that like moderate paedophilia? Maybe it’s like being just a little pregnant?

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On The Topic Of Religion…

When people talk about religion they talk about a lot of things. The more moderate the beliefs of someone are, the more they are willing to tolerate differing beliefs. They will even tolerate a deistic notion of god. As long as you believe they are willing to work with you and despite thinking you are wrong they will not oppose you directly because you have one thing in your favor – you believe the one big lie. You believe in a god. They will even justify your differences as a different view of the one god… as long as you believe the big lie like they do. Fundamentalists won’t tolerate any such nonsense, for them you must believe as they do or you are ‘of the devil’ and destined to return to hell. Even if you’re minding your own business, fundamentalists will find you. If you’re gay, just different, or can be called a witch, they’ll have you killed.

Both the fundamentalists and the more liberal groups are equally offensive. The fundamentalists are clearly offensive. We need only look at the Westboro Baptist Church to understand this. There is not much doubt that these groups are hate group which offend the very nature of being human. The real problem is the liberal believers. Their belief and behavior is much more tolerable, no doubt. The problem comes in two parts:

  1. They are tolerant of fundamentalists
  2. They teach the big lie to their children and support those that want the big lie taught in schools

Yes, it IS a lie.


When you tell a story that you know you have no evidence for and that there is plenty of contrary evidence then what you are doing is lying. It does not matter that “your heart is in the right place” … what you are doing is teaching a lie. You are subverting the truth.  Excusing yourself because you think it does no harm is yet another lie.

We didn’t see believers protesting at the trials of those parents that did nothing but pray as their children lay dying of preventable medical conditions. That’s right. All those liberal believers also think those parents behaved in a criminal way. Deep in their psyche they know that prayer does not work. Whether they admit it or not they know that belief on it’s own is no explanation and causes harm. They know there is no evidence for their god. They just don’t want to admit it. It’s much nicer to hide under the covers and stay comfy rather than acknowledge that the house is on fire.

I encourage everyone to focus their discussions of and about religion on one simple topic: truth

If the discussion is not about truth and fact then it is completely wrong… or close enough to completely wrong.

Liberal belief is not better or less harmful or more tolerable. It’s just as wrong as bat shit crazy bible thumping hate mongering fundamentalism. I don’t care if they tell the lie nicer. It’s still a lie. The harm it does may not be immediate, but it is just as certain, just as lethal.

How Long Will It Take

Much of what I see on blogs and the ‘interweb tubes’ is people trying to explain that non-belief does not mean belief in some other god or the devil, that non-belief is simply non-belief.

It distresses me that even now as the ‘nones’ grows in numbers we still have to explain over and over again that we are the same people that you knew yesterday but today we admit that we do not believe in gods.

It worries me that theists cannot accept that there are those that do not believe in their imaginary friend. It worries me that these same people are voting and deciding what laws should be enacted to protect various groups in our society. It worries me that there are still those who are afraid even to admit they do not believe because the threat of backlash is completely real in their lives. It worries me that such self proclaimed moral people can be so immoral and think that it is okay to oppress others. It worries me that so many benign people think that they are moral too. It worries me that governments give these people the ‘right of way’ in the public sphere.

It worries me that the catholic church can hide away all the paedophile priests who are not being prosecuted. It worries me that the election of another head kiddy fiddler is the main news instead of the atrocities that the same church has propagated on the world.

There are many reasons that I worry. A lot of them are because of religion. Religion does not alleviate my fears or worries, it exacerbates them. Well meaning believers continue to prop up and support the most vile creatures on the planet simply because these people claim to be moral.

I am disgusted by the vulnerability of societies across the globe to these hate mongers and villainous people. It bothers me that so many are worried about their own special interest group and not equality for all.

There is a ton of shit that bothers me. No, I mean it. Religion, and here I mean the Abrahamic religions have been abusing society on a global scale for thousands of years. It is time that we said no. No more of their cult-ish bullshit. No more of their abuses. No more of their oppression. No more of their special kind of love reserved only for those that believe as they do.

Fuck the pope. Fuck the pastor. Fuck the Rabbi. Fuck the Imam. All of them are engaged only to oppress those that do not believe as they do. Fuck them all. They do not have the right to do as they do. It is time they stop. How long will it take for society to push them in the corner and under the rug where they can do no more harm? How long?



On Love The Sinner But Hate The Sin…

<rant begins here>

I have heard this once too often: god loves the sinner but hates the sin. Christians keep saying that they don’t hate the sinner (homosexuals most often) but they hate the sin. Even American politicians have used this line of argument.

Well, their god isn’t going to let them into heaven is he? No, he wants them stoned to death before they can repent.

Leviticus: 20:13 If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.

Clearly then, the god of Abraham does not love homosexuals and has no compassion for them. To say that he does is a blatant lie. How do you feel when you KNOW that someone is lying to your face? Yeah, me too but that is illegal and in most cases not morally good.

In fact, all of Leviticus 20 is fairly sickening.

Now, if the god of Abraham is perfect and all his creations less so and even he cannot love the sinner, what exactly do you think those smiling, lying Christians believe? There is no way that they can love the sinner for they cannot best their own god… they are imperfect.

I would be most pleased if any of my readers would, when confronted by the ‘love the sinner, hate the sin’ epithet, turn and accuse them of lying to their face. The scripture passage Leviticus 20:13 demands they kill homosexuals so their egregious little lie is also a sin against their god.

To the believers of the god of Abraham: You don’t love the sinner, you never have and never will. Your petty, insidious, small minded thinking makes me sick. I will not forgive you for it. Rot in your hell!


Oh, dear Christian believer. The god of Abraham does not love you either for he will only show compassion on you if you are willing to accept abject slavery and adore him forever without fail. If you fail, he’ll kick you out. Just ask Lucifer. If fail to show enough adoration and appropriate slave manners you won’t even get into heaven. If you are not near perfect in your adoration of him you’ll burn forever. He does not love you and has no  compassion for you. He never has and never will. If you think you’re going to heaven, you’ve sold your soul to the one being who would torture you forever, for only the god of Abraham and his Jesus doppleganger has promised this.

Let me translate the bible for you: love me exactly like I tell you to and if you screw up any of the many contradictory rules I’ve given you then I will burn you in hell for eternity.

Anything past that is either a contradictory law or some parable of what happens if you break one of those laws. The god of Abraham does not love any human.

God Is Not Good!

I’m not going to bore you with my own personal account today, but there are a few pointers from some other guys.

I don’t think that Mr Hitchens needs an introduction. I poured two fingers of Johnny Walker Black Label just to prepare myself to review this blog before posting. Cheers Chris!



This is a scene from the Movie “God on Trial” apparently. I’m going to have watch it. I’ll update if I can find it on Netflix etc. Awesome scene!



God is not good. Certainly not the one described in the Christian Bible, nor the Qur’an, nor the Torah. That god is a vile thing conjured from the minds of racist, violent, bigoted, sexist assholes. It was not bad enough that the Jews thought this a useful thing to do. No. The Muslims and Christians had to follow suit and claim that their stories were better so it’s all okay. All of it makes me sick. If such a god exists I would spend my days figuring out how to kill it.

The god of monotheism is NOT  good.

There endeth the lesson for today kiddies.

Why Are You Worried About Your God’s Feelings?

Recently we have seen Muslims, Russian Orthodox, and many other religions getting all butt hurt over what they claim is insulting language, movies, art and other expressions of what it is to be human. We know what they claim – insult to god, church, or prophet.We could talk about this topic for hours, questioning religion, sanity of believers, and all manner of things.

The real question is why?

Why are they worried what their god sees or hears?

Why does it matter to them?

Let me see if I can speak about these aspects of the problem for a little while.

An omnipotent god can punish as it sees fit to.

Clearly some believers understand this rule of the imaginary since they blame natural disasters on homosexuality, promiscuity, and any other sin they can think of. To them it is always humanity’s fault when the imaginary sky god gets angry and causes a natural disaster.

They must surely believe then that if it were not for humanity the world would be heaven like. If only gods create disasters, then the earth would be an awesome wonderful place to live. Never mind global warming, asteroids, gamma rays, and the fact that the Sun will burn out soon enough. The Earth would be a perfect place to live if it were not for humanity. Has anyone ever asked a fundamentalist if they had thought this through?

  • Are they afraid they will be punished along with the guilty?
  • Is their god that careless?
  • Would he kill or punish the innocent in his wrath?
  • Why do they feel the need to punish people for their god?
  • Do they feel that their god is not wise and powerful enough to punish the guilty as he wishes?
  • Are they afraid that if the ‘guilty’ do not get punished by humans all others will see that their god actually does nothing to punish the guilty?
  • Would others see their god as impotent, anything but all powerful?

An omniscient god can know when and who to punish, and how.

An all knowing god knows who has broken it’s laws and when. Monotheistic Abrahamic faiths all claim that their god knows your life and all its details before you are even born. Their god then sits back, knowing who will break his laws and when … and does nothing about it.

  • Why do believers feel it necessary to point out to their god and others who is guilty of breaking their god’s laws?
  • Don’t they trust their god to know who and when his laws are being broken?
  • Why must they riot and call for new human laws to enforce laws that their god should be sitting in judgement of?
  • Why do their holy books tell them to punish the wrong and evil doers?
  • Is it because the charlatans who invented their religion did not want people to know that their god will not know when laws are being broken, even if their god could punish people?
  • Does it make them a better place in the afterlife to bring retribution down on others for breaking a god’s law?
  • Are they instructed to stand in judgement of those who break their god’s laws?
  • Is their prophet so petty that any reference to him that is not pure requires rioting, violence, murder, and all that is the worst of humanity?
  • Is their prophet simply an excuse for them to behave badly and get it out of their system?
  • Why does their all knowing god need tattle tales, informants, and bullies?

If the gods of monotheistic faiths exist, they are powerless or indifferent to people breaking their laws. It’s as if they don’t even exist at all. Their gods only punish humans by natural disaster. Never do their gods defend the righteous or specifically punish the evil in the world. Where were their gods in WWII? Where were they in any wars? Why doesn’t god heal amputees? Which god was in charge of actions on 9/11?

Fuck religion. It is  nothing more than superstition and lunacy. As long as it exists normal people will profess divine right to behave immorally and with evil intent. There is no good in a religion so long as that religion brings evil to the world. Monotheistic religions have brought more evil, death, pain, and suffering to the world than any other source, bar none.

The Hitch has a lot to say, go listen to him.

Muslims Are Fucking Idiots … Facepalm Even Harder

The Muslims of the world are going to make this into a 4 billion  part series. I am generally of the opinion that there is nothing so unnecessary and so caustic to the world as Abrahamic religions. Muslims around the world are attempting to prove they are top of both lists.
CNN coverage here.

You can find the movie all over the Internet, because that is what happens when you fucking kill people because you didn’t like a movie. The production values are not very high, the plot is  not very good. Over at the Cult of Dusty he calls them pussies, and for good reason.

I don’t think that it can be said strongly enough. Muslims are fucking idiots. Just the same, as Dusty points out in his video there are some Muslims with a sense of what it takes to avoid making enemies of arguably the largest government in the world and certainly that largest military might in the world. That is to say that some Muslims are demonstrating that this is not how most Muslims in their country are and that these riotous Muslims are radicals.
Oh? Wait one minute. There are actually Muslims demonstrating against the radical Muslims? Now what do I do? It’s ok. All Abrahamic faiths are still caustic. This is just the moderates finding a voice. Even these moderate Muslims won’t agree to the facts of their precious prophet.

Lets see what The Amazing Atheist has to say. He’s normally obnoxious 🙂

So here is to the tea leaf reading, cross dressing prophet…. and thanks to TAA for hitting on the point that government representatives will and are doing far to much ass kissing to stop more violence rather than simply pull out embassy staff, stopping the flow of money and foreign goods to the country, and well, you know, treat them like Iran.

Fuck radical Islamics, they’re idiots. No, their fucking idiots, because using a swear word makes more official sounding and sound in your head like I said it with actual conviction. Trust me. There was a lot of conviction in that. When people, any people, no matter their faith or political bent, raise up and kill others because they did not like a movie that they were not forced to watch and which has nothing at all to do with the people you kill, then you are a fucking idiot and no end of mockery is what you deserve.

With that in mind, you can expect more anti-Muslim posts from me. I have just watched the movie tonight and it is so bad I don’t know how anyone watched long enough to get insulted. Honestly it wasn’t worth watching past the 15 second mark. Apparently the fucking idiot Muslims have an attention span which is much longer than anyone in the United States because until the riots pretty much all the rest of the world was completely unaware of this movie and those that had seen it didn’t watch past 15 seconds before clicking on to the next new Youtube video.  I guess we cam blame MTV for that. Who knew that MTV would end up being the root cause of WWIII.  John Stewart!!!1 You have a lot to answer for.

Perhaps we should simply review all of the anti-Isalmic videos which have been on Youtube for literally years and weigh up what it means that this particular video has upset the prophet worshipping idiots. Yes, those idiots have missed out on thousands of people calling them fucking idiots for years only to focus on this poorly made film as reason enough to kill people and risk waking the ire of a US population.

Pat Condell has been lambasting Muslims for years. He is still doing it. When Salmon Rushdie wrote his book Muslims swore to kill him. That’s right, the author, not innocent people who happen to be close by. Apparently while these fucking idiots’ attention span is far too big, their sense of justice is not. This time around they have decided to kill innocent people because they are all butt hurt over a film. This time there is no promise to kill the producer or actors, no, lets kill the first Americans we can find. I wonder what their reaction would be if Americans started killing the nearest Muslims they could find? Yes, I guess we all know how that would work out. Fucking idiots.

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