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Muslims Are Fucking Idiots … Facepalm Even Harder

The Muslims of the world are going to make this into a 4 billion  part series. I am generally of the opinion that there is nothing so unnecessary and so caustic to the world as Abrahamic religions. Muslims around the world are attempting to prove they are top of both lists.
CNN coverage here.

You can find the movie all over the Internet, because that is what happens when you fucking kill people because you didn’t like a movie. The production values are not very high, the plot is  not very good. Over at the Cult of Dusty he calls them pussies, and for good reason.

I don’t think that it can be said strongly enough. Muslims are fucking idiots. Just the same, as Dusty points out in his video there are some Muslims with a sense of what it takes to avoid making enemies of arguably the largest government in the world and certainly that largest military might in the world. That is to say that some Muslims are demonstrating that this is not how most Muslims in their country are and that these riotous Muslims are radicals.
Oh? Wait one minute. There are actually Muslims demonstrating against the radical Muslims? Now what do I do? It’s ok. All Abrahamic faiths are still caustic. This is just the moderates finding a voice. Even these moderate Muslims won’t agree to the facts of their precious prophet.

Lets see what The Amazing Atheist has to say. He’s normally obnoxious 🙂

So here is to the tea leaf reading, cross dressing prophet…. and thanks to TAA for hitting on the point that government representatives will and are doing far to much ass kissing to stop more violence rather than simply pull out embassy staff, stopping the flow of money and foreign goods to the country, and well, you know, treat them like Iran.

Fuck radical Islamics, they’re idiots. No, their fucking idiots, because using a swear word makes more official sounding and sound in your head like I said it with actual conviction. Trust me. There was a lot of conviction in that. When people, any people, no matter their faith or political bent, raise up and kill others because they did not like a movie that they were not forced to watch and which has nothing at all to do with the people you kill, then you are a fucking idiot and no end of mockery is what you deserve.

With that in mind, you can expect more anti-Muslim posts from me. I have just watched the movie tonight and it is so bad I don’t know how anyone watched long enough to get insulted. Honestly it wasn’t worth watching past the 15 second mark. Apparently the fucking idiot Muslims have an attention span which is much longer than anyone in the United States because until the riots pretty much all the rest of the world was completely unaware of this movie and those that had seen it didn’t watch past 15 seconds before clicking on to the next new Youtube video.  I guess we cam blame MTV for that. Who knew that MTV would end up being the root cause of WWIII.  John Stewart!!!1 You have a lot to answer for.

Perhaps we should simply review all of the anti-Isalmic videos which have been on Youtube for literally years and weigh up what it means that this particular video has upset the prophet worshipping idiots. Yes, those idiots have missed out on thousands of people calling them fucking idiots for years only to focus on this poorly made film as reason enough to kill people and risk waking the ire of a US population.

Pat Condell has been lambasting Muslims for years. He is still doing it. When Salmon Rushdie wrote his book Muslims swore to kill him. That’s right, the author, not innocent people who happen to be close by. Apparently while these fucking idiots’ attention span is far too big, their sense of justice is not. This time around they have decided to kill innocent people because they are all butt hurt over a film. This time there is no promise to kill the producer or actors, no, lets kill the first Americans we can find. I wonder what their reaction would be if Americans started killing the nearest Muslims they could find? Yes, I guess we all know how that would work out. Fucking idiots.

Religion Poisons Everything – North Carolina

Quick Note: This is a rewrite, which hopefully removes some confusion.

Well, there you go. North Carolinians voted to make something illegal more illegal. Sounds ok, right? Unless you think about it. They voted to make same sex marriage illegal and to legally define marriage as a union between one man and one woman. Without any proof that this will help society they voted in large numbers to enact oppressive laws.

The only justification ever given for the oppression of GLBTQ citizens is the Christian Bible. Yep. What? Yes, go read it again. The big monotheistic religions (read Abrahamic faiths) use their holy texts as an excuse to oppress other people. North Carolinians have proven this… yet again.

I am not gay, and I don’t have any personal insight on this problem from that point of view. What I can say is that I have no reason or motivation to deny them the very same rights that I enjoy. If I lived in North Carolina I would be making preparations to move to some other state.

If you live in North Carolina and you voted to deny people the right to same sex marriage I want to hear your excuse. Yeah, I know you are not likely to be reading my blog in the first place. If you do get here, tell us why it is that you think you have the right to oppress other people. What gives  you the moral right to tell others that their love and feelings are not valid, valued, nor even permissible?

There are a lot of things wrong in the world today, there are a lot of things which need fixing in America. Ensuring that non-heterosexuals cannot marry is not one of them. Just the same, that is what  you did. Why?

Seriously, why is the message of Christian Americans that of hate and bigotry? I’d like to hear this. Tell us why you deserve any respect at all, when you actively work to oppress other humans.

It is not likely that I will get any comments from these bigots, but I cannot stay quiet. Like I said, I’m not a gay rights activist but I cannot fathom this vote. Religion poisons everything. It has no positive purpose. Not one.

North Carolina sucks. If you live there, start speaking out. I don’t get it. It’s illegal to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation, yet you’re doing just that. Where will your bigotry attack next? Will you enact ‘Blue Laws’ to protect the Sabbath? Perhaps you’ll get a law on the books making women who get abortions guilty of 1st degree murder? What next North Carolina? Sexual relations outside the bindings of marriage is immoral according to your holy texts so will you make that illegal too?


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