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Free Will – The Sequel?

There is a review by The Barking Atheist of Sam Harris’ book ‘Free Will’ and a bunch more reviews here.

Why, oh why, why would you mention so many reviews, I hear you ask. (deep breath) Having posted about it, it seems to be my destiny to read it. Mind you I’m still slogging through “The Moral Landscape” at the moment. Just the same I will post a review of his book in my own style when it is done. In the mean time there are all other other ‘unoriginal’ reviews that you can read 🙂

I guess the point of this is to say that yes, I will read the book since it’s ‘hot’ and I’ve already posted so much on free will and how I perceive it.

I want to also thank all the new readers/followers for stopping by.


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