What Is The Meaning Of Life?

It’s a catchy title and an even more intriguing question.

I’m going to post on this topic but I wanted to see if any of my readers would like to comment before hand.


Please comment, let us know what the meaning of life is.

Religion Is Like A Buffet…


This is not just true… it is more than religious people can stand to know.

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I am an atheist…


I couldn’t have said it better…. awesome

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I am an atheist, out and out. It took me a long time to say it. I’ve been an atheist for years and years, but somehow I felt it was intellectually unrespectable to say one was an atheist, because it assumed knowledge one didn’t have. Somehow it was better to say one was a humanist or an agnostic. I finally decided that I’m a creature of emotion as well as reason. Emotionally I am an atheist. I don’t have the evidence to prove that God doesn’t exist, but I so strongly suspect he doesn’t that I don’t want to waste my time.

What a lovely quote from Isaac Asimov. It speaks to an atheism that springs from honesty. I grew up among people of faith, and one of the things they value most is sincerity: empty religion is no religion at all, and even has the smell of the devil…

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Amazing mind reader reveals his ‘gift’


This one is worth remembering….

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This commercial reveals more truths about how psychics work than maybe the creators intended. Enjoy :)

Dave is an extremely gifted clairvoyant who can read the minds of, and divine specific personal information about, people he has just met. This video reveals the magic behind the magic. Will you be amazed?

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Punk Band Shoots Porn Film on Front Lawn of Westboro Baptist Church

Ok, think about this for a minute… it’s funny!

God, the Devil, Zeus, and Skylanders: Religion as seen by 2 eight year olds.


“out of the mouths of babes…”
You have to love this conversation… remember those? Remember, these two are in second grade. They’re thinking as much as most adults do but without as much information. This is the age that most christian sects believe children can make an informed decision about religion.

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What do you think happens when you die?”


Thankfully, this question was not asked of me, for I fear any answer I would give might a.) confuse my child even more or b.) terrify him so he doesn’t ask me any further soul searching questions in the future. I was also choosing to ignore the fact that this question was asked by my son’s eight year friend as we were cruising down the highway. Were they trying to send me a not so subtle clue as to what they thought of my driving?

Anyways, that aside, I turned down the radio just enough so I could eavesdrop in on what was sure to be an interesting conversation. It went something like this:


Ry: I don’t know. I think it’s like going to sleep.

Friend: Yeah, but I heard you don’t see anything.

Ry: So, you see like…

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How To Witness To A Believer

I have thought about this. How do believers witness to people who believe but do not believe in the same religion?

I’d think those were the soft target for proselytizing. They WANT to believe in a god. All they have to is convince them their religion is better, right?

Why don’t Christians go for believers? Maybe those door to door types do, but on the internet it seems to be just non-believers that apologists aim at.

Does anyone know why it is not valued to convert someone of another faith over converting a non-believer to their faith?  Why work on winning the world cup if you can’t win a regional league tournament?


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