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Groundhog Day… All Over Again

Twelve years ago some people did some incredibly stupid things. As a result, people died. Not just a few like on a redneck camping trip gone wrong or a group of dedicated individuals trying to find Santa’s house. We’re talking thousands of people. If  you add the almost 3000 people who died in NY on 9/11  that to the number of CHILDREN who died of starvation and starvation related illnesses that day, it totals up to 20,000 dead in one day … bumping the average death count of innocents up by less than 15%… for one day.

Children Die TooIt’s done and over. There is not one thing that any of us can do about it. Perhaps we can get together and try to stop our governments from spying on us. We can fix hunger related deaths. The WHO has a plan and they are not the only ones. Still, today there will be thousands of people trying to make a buck off the death of some people in NY rather than trying to stop the death of 17000 kids daily. Yes, today, yesterday and every day.

Religion and bad politics robbed us of safety, security, and our sense of realism. We worry over the dead instead of the living. We are bound to do this every year for a long time. The human race is truly fucked up sometimes.

Sure, if you knew someone who died that day there are bad memories but who among us does not know someone who has died. If you want to commemorate 9/11 I urge you to do so by donating to a charity working to end hunger. Worry about the living, not the long dead.

You can search to see who is raising funds for first responders and how hard the make the 9/11 play. Not all of them give even a penny to NYFD or their families. Stop worrying about the dead. Worry about the living, those that need your help and those that just want to take your money. Next year maybe you can make a big deal out of helping charities stop hunger. Let the dead rest…



What Did You Just Ask?

What Did You Just Say?

To Celebrate My 500th Post

Well, it’s here. Some time back (see link above), I said that I’d like to celebrate 500 posts with an Ask Me Anything (AMA) of sorts. I Think that I’ll not put any limits on what kind of questions, but I will say that I might not choose to answer in a way that you like … don’t be sad, sometimes that happens.

You can see the topics I post on for inspiration or just pull a question out of your hat.

You can ask here in the comments or at the email address: myatheistlife at G mail dot com

Please, if asking in the comments, start a new paragraph with QUESTION: at the beginning of the line.

QUESTION: Please ask your questions like this.

Heads Up

There are  a couple of topics which the men in black will not allow me to talk about:

  • Faster than light travel
  • Cold fusion
  • Tasteful mother’s day gift giving
  • Why your sports team sucks
  • How I know that you need to do laundry

Other than that, ask away.


Why Are You Worried About Your God’s Feelings?

Recently we have seen Muslims, Russian Orthodox, and many other religions getting all butt hurt over what they claim is insulting language, movies, art and other expressions of what it is to be human. We know what they claim – insult to god, church, or prophet.We could talk about this topic for hours, questioning religion, sanity of believers, and all manner of things.

The real question is why?

Why are they worried what their god sees or hears?

Why does it matter to them?

Let me see if I can speak about these aspects of the problem for a little while.

An omnipotent god can punish as it sees fit to.

Clearly some believers understand this rule of the imaginary since they blame natural disasters on homosexuality, promiscuity, and any other sin they can think of. To them it is always humanity’s fault when the imaginary sky god gets angry and causes a natural disaster.

They must surely believe then that if it were not for humanity the world would be heaven like. If only gods create disasters, then the earth would be an awesome wonderful place to live. Never mind global warming, asteroids, gamma rays, and the fact that the Sun will burn out soon enough. The Earth would be a perfect place to live if it were not for humanity. Has anyone ever asked a fundamentalist if they had thought this through?

  • Are they afraid they will be punished along with the guilty?
  • Is their god that careless?
  • Would he kill or punish the innocent in his wrath?
  • Why do they feel the need to punish people for their god?
  • Do they feel that their god is not wise and powerful enough to punish the guilty as he wishes?
  • Are they afraid that if the ‘guilty’ do not get punished by humans all others will see that their god actually does nothing to punish the guilty?
  • Would others see their god as impotent, anything but all powerful?

An omniscient god can know when and who to punish, and how.

An all knowing god knows who has broken it’s laws and when. Monotheistic Abrahamic faiths all claim that their god knows your life and all its details before you are even born. Their god then sits back, knowing who will break his laws and when … and does nothing about it.

  • Why do believers feel it necessary to point out to their god and others who is guilty of breaking their god’s laws?
  • Don’t they trust their god to know who and when his laws are being broken?
  • Why must they riot and call for new human laws to enforce laws that their god should be sitting in judgement of?
  • Why do their holy books tell them to punish the wrong and evil doers?
  • Is it because the charlatans who invented their religion did not want people to know that their god will not know when laws are being broken, even if their god could punish people?
  • Does it make them a better place in the afterlife to bring retribution down on others for breaking a god’s law?
  • Are they instructed to stand in judgement of those who break their god’s laws?
  • Is their prophet so petty that any reference to him that is not pure requires rioting, violence, murder, and all that is the worst of humanity?
  • Is their prophet simply an excuse for them to behave badly and get it out of their system?
  • Why does their all knowing god need tattle tales, informants, and bullies?

If the gods of monotheistic faiths exist, they are powerless or indifferent to people breaking their laws. It’s as if they don’t even exist at all. Their gods only punish humans by natural disaster. Never do their gods defend the righteous or specifically punish the evil in the world. Where were their gods in WWII? Where were they in any wars? Why doesn’t god heal amputees? Which god was in charge of actions on 9/11?

Fuck religion. It is  nothing more than superstition and lunacy. As long as it exists normal people will profess divine right to behave immorally and with evil intent. There is no good in a religion so long as that religion brings evil to the world. Monotheistic religions have brought more evil, death, pain, and suffering to the world than any other source, bar none.

The Hitch has a lot to say, go listen to him.

9/11 Cross Pisses Me Off

Yes, I claim to be injured by the 9/11 museum displaying what others think is a cross, a sign of god(s).

First, your argument that it’s only a small issue fails. Second, you don’t get to claim it is part of history… only the bogus claim that it is a sign of god(s) is part of history. The bogus cross is of no importance except as a reminder of how this argument turns out.
And THAT is what pisses me off and gives me claim of injury.


On 9/11 there was no attack on religions. There was an attack on The United States Of America. As a citizen I have some dog in that hunt. MY country was attacked, not my religion or even my lack of religion. To hold up some ignorant piece of refuse and say it is a sign from god ignores the fact that the fucking ignorant sky daddy let the whole attack happen in the first place. Why didn’t their precious god simply stop the planes in mid flight and send us all a message that says ‘you’re welcome’ ?

That make shift piece of refuse that some think is a cross is a sign. A sign that America is full of ignorant superstitious fools. When we should be screaming ‘why did god let this happen’ so many of us are baying to enshrine evidence of their god’s lack of power as a sign from their god that he loves us. The message that this will send to the rest of the world and to future inhabitants of this planet is sickening. It disgusts me and I don’t want that message to be sent. If you want to be a fool and tell the world and the future that you think your god sent a sign AFTER he failed to actually do something useful and show the world that you are an idiot.. well, do it on your own dime and land. Don’t do it on my behalf or any other citizens behalf and do NOT use public money or land to do so.

The tragedy on 9/11/2001 did not happen to just New Yorkers. The attack was on America, not New York. Because I am part of the group of injured parties I do not want superstitious idiots with a holy book in their hands to put a religious taint on the memory of that tragedy. History needs to show that it was in fact religious zealots who created that messed up situation and it is not religious idiots who should get special privilege when remembering that day and the results of it. It is religion that causes people to fly planes into buildings… remember THAT.

Get that refuse-claimed-cross out of the museum. It is lunacy to pay homage to the very same god that caused people to crash those planes in the first place. I do not want to be known as part of the country that is so ignorant that it does not know the difference. Fuck that cross … get it out of the museum. Throw it away like all the rest of the rubbish from that day. We have better things to focus on.



Things I Don’t Believe In (I’m looking at you Sam Harris)

I like to think that my lack of belief in gods, ghosts, the supernatural etc. does not mean that I have a specific world view. I like to think that I’m free to take knowledge from any place I find it. That said I also like to think that I don’t have to agree with every famous atheist alive in order to have a valid world view as an atheist.

To that point, I have disagreed with Sam Harris on a number of issues, and today we find one more. Mr Harris wrote that we should be profiling airline travellers to ensure our safety in his post In Defense of Profiling.

He makes quite a few good points about the ineffectual nature of the TSA and by reason Homeland Security. I’ve said as much too. The trouble is that Mr Harris goes on to state that travellers should be profiled and that we should be wasting money trying to stop what will not be stopped without far more effort than is being made. The next terrorist plot will not be with an airplane and no matter what method is chosen we will not be ready for it. More pointedly, our resources will be tied up with worrying about how to deal with airline based terrorism rather than in creating an infrastructure and citizenry that is ready to respond to any threat without regard to its method. Can any reader name more than one terrorism plot foiled by either the TSA or Homeland Security? Let me know in the comments.

Update: I just thought, profiling would not have caught the shoe bomber or the Oklahoma City bombers. In fact there are innumerable situations that the TSA and Homeland Security have failed miserably to address. Sure the TSA is limited in scope, but their budget doesn’t seem that way.

I have said just in the past week that we should shut down the TSA and Homeland security. Give 15% of that budget to the FBI and let them do their jobs – they’re good at doing that. Now take the other 85% and give it to NASA.

Stop terrorizing and traumatizing little kids and old folk and lets get our happy little asses to Mars… like yesterday!

Sam, please stop telling people to keep wasting money and resources on silly crap that is grossly ineffectual, even on its best possible day. Stop acting like the FBI doesn’t know what they are doing. Stop acting like ‘doing something’ has to mean doing something that wasn’t already being done. You cannot predict where lightning will strike, but you can do some cost effective things to prevent or minimize the damage done when it does strike. By the by, you don’t put lighting protection only in airports.

Besides, Sam, if we have no free will isn’t it likely that we aren’t going to be able to prevent terrorism?

September 11 – Why it means anything at all

This year September 11 falls on a Sunday. Next year it will fall on a different day. In either case it is just another day. According to there really isn’t very much interesting that happened on September 11th throughout history. Yeah, a few famous people did things around that day, but the 11th just isn’t very exciting. In fact, there is only one reason for anyone to treat that day any different from any other day. The terrorist attacks on the WTC, The Pentagon, and the crash of flight 93.

September 11 Is Another Global Day Of Dying

On September 11th, 2001 a total of 2,977 people died in the attacks. According to some reports, 18,000 people starve to death every day and that number is not  likely to have gone down since 2008. The ratio? 1:6.046 !  Yes, On September 10th, this year alone, 6 people will starve to death for every person who died in the 9/11 attacks. SIX people. On 9/11/2011 six more people will die for every death in those attacks. On 9/12/2011 another 6 people will die for each death in the attacks. According to the CDC (2007 stats) 6640 people die in the USA each day.  It is reported that on average, 2 people die each second across the globe.

So why exactly is anyone excited about September 11th? Are the deaths of those 2977 people more important than the 6 people who died while you read this sentence? Will prayers and religious celebrations on 9/11 do anything for the 18000+ people who will starve to death on September 11, 2011? Will religious services to remember those who died because of religious zealots save any of the starving people who still have a chance?

Make September 11 A Special Day If You Want

If September 11 seems like a special day to you, go ahead and make it a special day: Donate to help feed starving people who are still living. If it helps you, donate in the name of someone who died in the attacks. Hell, donate every month on the 11th, in anyone’s name. Check out this list of charities. Just don’t donate to religious charities. Remember it was religious zealotry that created 9/11. The world reacted wrongly to those attacks. Would you like proof of that? Check out this view of some of the deaths caused as a result of the reaction to those attacks.

Go Feed Someone

September 11 doesn’t mean anything at all. If it has meaning it is because you ascribe some meaning to it. If you want 9/11 to be special, go feed someone, help the living, remember the starving, fix the problems instead of fixating on what cannot be fixed in the past.

:: UPDATE ::

I hadn’t thought anyone would find this blog never mind read it and comment. One thoughtful person has done all three. I debated moderating their comment to allow it for some time before deciding that an update would be more useful.

The comment simply said: You’re a complete idiot! Enough said.

Clearly, to my mind this is not enough. I cannot determine if I’m thought an idiot because I care about starving people or perhaps it is that I’m thought an idiot because I don’t seem to care enough about those that died on 9/11. The Cult Of Dusty has a few words on this topic and I happen to agree with him completely. Our numbers are different, but both are estimates and both sets of numbers are unacceptable.

“Get over it” and move on with your life is the message. It’s the same message we expect thousands upon thousands of Iraq and Afghanistan families to ‘get’ and deal with. As gramps would say, what is good for the goose is good for the gander. They are dead and buried. Saddam and Bin Laden are dead and buried. Get over it. Move on. We have more pressing problems to deal with.

:: UPDATE ::

Here’s a fun little clip … enjoy!

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