I am ok for this moment

I received an email from one of my husbands followers asking how I was doing and that if I was up to it to let this community know.

I am ok right now, I have thought of posting but I have broken down when I tried to write. I am unsure of what to tell you?  What and how much truth you want to know?I think some of you have questions and truthfully I am ready to share if you want.

I am new to writing so forgive me as I do not have the beautiful skill and eloquence that my husband had. But I will come from the heart and more than likely the pain of grief that I am feeling.

Laa, MAL’s wife

  1. What happened? MAL was a young man. So sad. Again, my thoughts are with you.

  2. You tell us what you want us to know. Write what you want or need to get out. We will read along. My thoughts are with you. I can’t imagine the grief you are feeling.

  3. You will NOT be judged by your ability to turn a phrase. You have already shown that you are a person of character and kindness by not leaving this community to just wonder. Please write if it helps you. I know that writing has allowed me to quiet the flurry of thoughts swirling in my brain at some of the most painful times. No matter your decision, please know that I wish you peace as you continue forward.

  4. I first met MAL, here, in a debate about freewill. I can’t help but admire his eloquence. It would seem too pedestrian to think that that was how we knew each other, in an exchange of essays online, if it weren’t for the fact his passion shone through in all his writing.
    Writing helps. Even if you don’t write to us or for us, writing can help; it’s a way of understand yourself.
    You don’t owe us anything. But if you feel like writing, feel free to share it with us.

  5. Yes, please let us know what happened to him and how you are coping.

    • Violet
    • December 7th, 2015

    If you are able, I would like to know the truth of what happened to MAL. I can’t believe anyone here would judge you on your ability to write eloquently, especially considering your deep grief. If you find yourself unable to write at all I’d understand that too. For myself, it’s hard to lose a friend, even an internet one, and have no idea what happened to him. MAL fell off the face of the earth and I didn’t even get a chance to thank him for his help. Please share with us what you can, if you are able.

  6. Laa, as everyone else has said, write just that which you are comfortable sharing. You should not be forced to do what you are not ready for as yet.
    I doubt your grammar will be worse than mine. Many still visit my blog:-)

  7. Laa, there are many people who cared about your husband. You are so cared for. Let us know what we can do for you. If you want to do so publically fine, or behind the scenes that is also fine. Do what you feel comfortable with. If I were with you I’d give you a hug and give you company. Sometimes the best care is saying nothing and sitting with someone and just being there. We’re here for you, maybe some of us are nearby that can assist if necessary.

  8. I second what everyone else has said. Write if it helps you, connect with those that bring you light. We are a close community who share our stories and energy with one another, no judgements. My thoughts are with you. xo

  9. Write whatever comes to you and in any way that feels comfortable. There is no right or wrong with written expression, regardless of what many might say. Thinking of you.

  10. Share if it helps.

  11. Laa, writing is often used as a form of grief therapy. That’s actually how I got started with it myself after my own husband died early this year. It has helped more than I can say.

    • I am so sorry, I know am not the only one experiencing pain.

      • Absolutely no need to be sorry about a thing. You’re more than welcome to email me if you need to talk. 🙂

  12. Hello again. I am sorry for what your going through, I do not have words to express my sympathy for you. I can not imagine losing someone so close to me. As the others have said write what you are comfortable with, either publicly here or in private emails. I know I am not alone in being concerned for you, your health, and just wanting to know you have support and are not alone during this time. The truth is been said by others here, we care. Many hugs, warmest thoughts.

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