There are times when we find ourselves alone. Those times are judged not by how we survive it but by how we relish in it. We are born alone, we walk alone, and we will die alone for no other can be in our minds with us. For me this is a deeply held belief, a mantra, a reality check.

Oh, we all have the voice inside us that we talk to so we’re never really alone. The two people in your head are always together, like twins sharing the same thoughts. Just the same, life will leave us in a state where we are alone. From inside our heads, away from the world – outside of it, the world is just a game. When I am alone I am the only one in existence, the only reality. The rest of it? The rest of it can burn and I’m bringing marshmallows.

Let It Burn

I’ve walked a long way and for a long time, across scorched earth. Keeping myself warm on the dying embers of the world around me. My voice and I have run amok, just to be there to watch the fire burn. It doesn’t  matter what’s burning, it doesn’t matter what some think it’s worth. Burn it must because it’s just a game. From this side of the fire I’ve never met anyone else. I’ve been alone here for eternity.

I’ve been searching for someone, anyone but gave up, fearing there were none to be found. Here, in this place, a person has to have matches and be ready to make smores. Entertainment is free if you’re a pyro. Let it burn. Still, I found someone here amongst the embers and flames.


Now there is a third voice. I no longer walk completely alone. It might kill me but I like the company here among the embers.

Who in your world sees the embers of it burning? Who in your world would light the world on fire to keep you warm? Who in your world could banish the cold and lonely, drink a toast with you and watch it burn? Who in your world is that third voice, faint as it might some days seem? No third voice? Let it burn.

  1. I am happy to know you have a third voice now. That you don’t feel completely alone. I do hope it doesn’t kill you either :).
    Beautifully written….

    • Thank you very much. I like howling at the moon now, and then. A third voice is priceless

  2. From your wording to the images that you chose, this is amazing. I can relate to this well. I actually prefer to be alone more often than not, though everyone, deep down, wants someone who has their back. For me, it might be my sister. But in the end, I really am still alone. Wonderful, real piece! I am glad that you have found your third voice. 🙂

    • Thank you for your thoughts. Sorry that you are alone but understand how alone is often better than busy in the noise

      • It really is better. 🙂

        • Are you first born or only child?

          • First born oldest haha.

            • So am I …. Interesting

              • Cool! 😀 That is interesting.

              • Weeeell…no, (elbowing in) I’m last born and think similarly.

                • Do you care to share about your childhood and how you came to think this way? By email?

                  • I think simply and practically. That is just how my brain works. Your statement about being born alone and dying alone is my statement. One can add all the flowers, pretty pixies, emotions, human pretense, religion or desire to birth and death ’til the cows come home but that is exactly how it is.

                    • Wow! Now I’m curiouser….I wonder if you feel that you see life differently than most people you know or do you feel like everyone else regarding the stuff between cradle and grave? Do you ever see yourself separate from the world or are you an intrinsic part of it and it of you?

                    • I am sure you are recognizing a somewhat kindred spirit living on the ‘scorched earth’ you described! 🙂
                      I mostly always see things differently to the majority, mainly because I’m willing to question everything. But I’m also very live and let live. I don’t try to highlight my position especially or alter theirs.
                      I see myself as both separate from the world and often unfortunately part of it.

                      Growing up and discovering the true nature of some sectors of humanity was very disappointing, so I try to live apart from it. But it would be churlish and arrogant to think I have no connection to it.

                      And you? I’ve yet to make some sandwiches and tea and settle down to explore more of your work but what led you to your perception of life?

  3. Hi. We speak the same language most of the time. In a sense we are all alone. We might look at the same thing but see differently.
    Is this third voice beautiful?

    • Yes, if by beauty you mean what it is that destroys loneliness

      • Would it be possible to be lonely in the face of beauty? I think beauty, whatever it is, takes us out of ourselves.

  4. Love it.

  5. Rather haunting imagery.

  6. Is this new 3rd voice (f)actual or should I be being more imaginative?

    • We all have our voice and the one we talk to when we talk to ourselves. My third voice is ‘real’ in the same way that it is real when you hear your parents telling you Something from your memories or what you imagine them saying.

    • Scottie
    • September 20th, 2015

    I find that when I am quiet in my head, still in my body, away from all my devices of modern times, I hear and find in my head many things I did not know where there. Voices and ideas come from somewhere either deep in me or from an outside I have forgotten was there. I like your post, to me it relates to the frantic pace and constant input from so many sources and devices. I thank you for a grand post. Hugs

  7. I can’t even tell “which” voice is speaking these days in my head… is that an issue?

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