Christians Keep Trying And Failing To Understand Anything

I’ve not claimed to know everything in the world. I have claimed that my understanding of it is a little different than what I read from others. That difference is what this blog is about. In this post I’m about to rip into a believer’s post about god and gay marriage and their thoughts on such. I don’t care who this author is or what their actual motivation is. I care what they said because that is what the public hears and what influences others. Perhaps this author has no real audience so is impotent in this regard but perhaps they do. In either case it is important that there be discussion. What follows is my one sided discussion of thethoughts of this author. You don’t have to like it. I’m not writing here for popularity. This post is not because I’m an angry atheist but because posts like this make this anti-theist angry.

I’m not going to quote the entire post (but did anyway) so if you want to read the whole thing, it is here.

After a conversation I had the other day, I realized that the biggest questions that skeptics have about Christianity in our day concern homosexuality.

Our author is clearly now well informed. So how should we treat their opinions if they clearly are uninformed? Trash them? Ignore them? Perhaps we should take the high road and give them a chance to speak? I go for the latter because it gives us much more reason to simply dismiss them outright next time.

How could a God that says that He is love incarnate oppose a marriage between two people who claim to love one another?  The question is such a difficult one and it is so widespread that I have decided that I must offer my best understanding of this issue to those who are genuinely seeking answers.What makes the question so difficult?  It is not difficult because it is intellectually difficult, it is difficult because the question hits every human being where we live.  Sex is the greatest gift given to us by God and the idea of doing as we think best is tremendously attractive to sinful human beings.  For this reason, God’s rules are going to be at their most unpopular when they tell us to restrict our sexual behaviour in ways that are not easy to understand.  Jesus Christ would have been enormously popular had he said, “It is a tough world out there, just do the best you can to live a happy life.”  Unfortunately, he said “If you love me, keep my commands” and this can be very difficult.  One of the clearest commands in the Old and New Testament prohibits homosexuality.

This presupposes a priori knowledge that sex was given to us by a god. We assume that sex was also given to animals so when animals are not heterosexual they must be acting in the nature that the creator god gave them. From this point on you can dismiss this author’s words and thoughts. The author assumes that the holy text of Christianity is the word of their god and as such is without reproach. For this reason alone you can also dismiss everything this author says. He talks about commands of the god who no person has ever seen. Oh sure, Moses saw his ass but that’s it, you won’t find anyone of credit saying that the stories of Moses in the Christian bible are accurate except those that believe on faith alone. Not even Jewish scholars and archaeologists. Think about that for a minute.

Because the number one attack that is going to be levelled against anyone who dares to speak out on this issue is that they are callous and hard-hearted and don’t love homosexuals or understand what they have gone through, I am going to start by explaining my background.  I am not a successful heterosexual who was brought up in a Christian home and who has no experience with the pain of loneliness.  Rather, I am a 47 year-old who has never been married, who has rarely dated and only had sex a dozen times in my entire life.  I was a hardcore pornography addict before the Lord finally delivered me from that completely about a year and a half ago.  I know what it is to be lonely, miserable and suicidal and I have enormous sympathy for those who reject God’s perfect standard because it seems too painful.  I have even written a post where I have tried to minimize the Bible’s condemnation of homosexuality and I have wrestled with divine severity in this regard for years.  Having said all of that, I have come to believe that obedience to God’s commands regarding sexuality is essential for God’s purpose and I am going to attempt to explain why.

Well, there’s a ringing endorsement of the power of prayer if EVER I saw one. Not only did prayer and his Jesus get him away from pornography but they made him a successful heterosexual…. oh, wait. A 47 year old with practically no sexual experience is about to give us sexual guidance from the book he probably hasn’t read from cover to cover yet. I can’t wait! Bonus points, he is going to explain his god’s purpose to us.

Sexual Brokenness in Our Society

The first thing we need to understand when we consider this issue is the fact that sexual intimacy is absolutely, completely and horrifically broken in our society today.  To see this ubiquitous brokenness, consider how widespread abortion, paedophilia, pornography, divorce, rape, homosexuality and gender confusion are in our society.  Now I would never suggest that sexuality has ever been handled perfectly in any fallen society, but anyone with a shred of honesty would have to agree that our society has become almost entirely sexually dysfunctional.  Where did this sickness come from?  While an in-depth discussion of this issue is beyond the scope of this post, let us just say that the “Sexual Revolution” of the 1960’s introduced a “dog eat dog” competition into the most intimate and vulnerable relationships that human beings have and this poison has been slowly destroying our ability to be intimate and vulnerable with one another ever since.  (See “Beautiful Propaganda, Ugly Reality” and “God’s Purpose for Sex” for more discussion on sexuality.)

The reason that it is important to understand that our society is horrifically sick is that those who support homosexual marriage act as though the only alternative to it is a life of loneliness and despair.  In this way, they reject God because they believe He created homosexuals to be absolutely miserable.  Nothing could be further from the truth than this hideous lie.  The essence of understanding God’s attitude toward homosexuality is understanding precisely that God wants something vastly superior to anything we can imagine or think for each and every human being.  God calls homosexuality an abomination because this lifestyle prevents large numbers of people from attaining the true joy and love that God wants for all of us.  To understand this, let us think this through one step at a time.

Ok, so sexual superstar believes that sexual intimacy is broken beyond repair. He’s had 12 encounters in 47 years, about one every 2.5 years of adulthood. He is undoubtedly an expert. This paramour of the ages knows exactly what his god wants for us and it is something that is vastly superior to anything we can imagine or think… yet he is able to do just that. What wondrous luck we have to have found his writings. The rest of his  post has the portents of revelation, I can just feel it. Yes, I’m not gay or lesbian so I must be lonely and in despair. I’m getting the feeling that if you punch this guy in the head there will be a ringing sound. Wait, he’s giving us a step by step guide so let’s continue

The Nature of Love

Now in the opening paragraph I used some language that many homosexuals and their supporters found offensive.  I said that homosexuals “claim to love one another” instead of that homosexuals genuinely do love one another.  The reason I used this wording, however, is because it is important for us to understand that the most amazing human love still falls very short of the perfect divine standard.  We human beings think that we love another, but when you look at our best relationships from the divine perspective you see that even the best human loves fall woefully short of the genuine article.  Consider the following verses:

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.  It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.  Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.  It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

Love never fails. (1 Corinthians 13: 4-8)

As I have shared in a number of other posts, God’s plan for mankind is the heaven that is only possible if every human being has the perfect love described above for every other human being on the planet.  If one considers the real behaviour of the human beings around us, one quickly comes to the realization that heaven is absolutely impossible.  Selfish and self-centred human beings are, quite simply, incapable of the kind of love that would make heaven possible.  What is God to do if he wants to create heaven and populate it with human beings?

So this guy knows what the divine perspective is? Whether he thinks it has been revealed to him or that he found it in the good book doesn’t matter. To know the mind of a god is not possible by all the accounts of the attributes of such beings. He even knows what makes heaven impossible. We are truly privileged here. He’s going to tell us the nature of love and cannot define it. In fact nobody can define it precisely. That is one of the problems with the word love – there is no precise definition. Go on, I dare you to define it for us.

Loving Others with Divine Help

I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me.  (Galatians 2:20)

The keys to human beings living in paradise is obtaining divine help to love other people.  The Bible teaches us that with God’s help we can die to ourselves and learn how to love other people.  The keys to this process are a faith that trusts God even when we don’t understand his command and an obedience that attempts to do things which are absolutely impossible within the confines of our limited humanity.  Faith is important because it allows us to transcend the limitations of our own understanding, our imperfect attempts at obedience demonstrate our faith and are essential so that God can guide us toward the correct path.

Okay, so the key is to trust what we can’t understand, something that rapists would like to tell their victims. Further that we obey even when it is impossible to do so. He further states that we use faith to ignore all the warning signs we see in this. We have to fuck up so his perfect god can guide us. So much for omnipotence. To summarize so far, you’re fucked, sexuality is fucked, everything is fucked but you have to have faith because … god.

A Glimmer of Hope

Over the course of my 21 years of Christian life, I wrestled with pornography until God finally gave me complete victory over this sin about a year and a half ago.  When I think about the many years of struggle against my sexual sins and lusts, an obvious question arises.  “Was it worth it?”

As I consider this question, I think about a number of my beautiful sisters in Jesus Christ whom I love and with whom I have genuine friendship.  Before I became a Christian and for many years thereafter, these relationships would not have been possible.  At that time, I had no control over my sexuality and my lusts.  These lusts and ugly thoughts would have prevented me from forming genuine bonds with these women by distracting me from the things that really matter.  Was it worth it to kill these lusts and ugly thoughts within myself through 20 years of struggle and sacrifice?  Experiencing the joy of freedom from sin and lust and the friendship that it makes possible, I can unequivocally say that love and freedom are absolutely worth the sacrifice.

Okay, sexual superstar says he can’t control his lusts. He’s a moron, apparently, not capable of self control. He’s finally found some kind of self control and tells us that this is because of a god. Well the rest of us with self control just think this guy is a fucking idiot. Just the same it’s nice of him to tell us he has so little self control. How is one to trust anyone that has so little self control? Who knows but he’s going to continue on telling us what is wrong with the rest of the world.

Doubts and Reservations

Now some people may look at the Christians they see around them and express some doubts and reservations.  “No offence”, they might say, “but the Christians around me and those I read about in history don’t seem to be that much more loving than other people.  This path to eternal life and love doesn’t seem very credible.”  This is only one of the many valid questions that one may ask on one’s Christian journey.  Though the questions may seem fatal at first glance, I believe that satisfactory answers can be found if one searches the Scriptures and prayerfully seeks an answer and this website is dedicated to sharing the answers to those questions that I have found in my own journey.  (See, for example, my answer to the above question in “The After Action Report“.)

Well, at least he admits there are credible questions. He doesn’t provide any answers despite the fact that he knows the will of his god. In fact he hasn’t shown himself to know much of anything but I bet you can get some good recommendations for porn sites from him. He doesn’t seem very determined to fix the sexual brokenness that society suffers from. In fact, he’s offered nothing which would help fix sexual problems in society. He’s just blathering on about how his god’s divine plan is awesome but hasn’t even said what that is. Moron. That’s the label I give this guy.


Any rational human being who is aware of their own faults and sees the world as it is knows that human beings do not have anything close to perfect love.  Any rational human being who has known the fleeting joy that is possible when human beings enjoy genuine friendship and love knows that an eternal life of perfect love would be heaven and is worth any extreme of sacrifice.  After all, if I offered you a mansion and a small mountain of gold if you worked out 10 hours a week would you take it?  How much more should we as human beings be willing to give up temporary and imperfect love down here to attain eternal and perfect love with the help of God?  A genuine believer in Jesus Christ must practice and teach that obedience to difficult commands and faith when things are not clear are the keys to the eternal life of joy that Jesus offers to every human being.  This obedience is impossibly difficult for a human being without the promised divine help, but we trust that that help is available to everyone who seeks it and that heaven is worth any sacrifice.

Those who support homosexual marriage and fluid gender identification cannot conceive of the idea that Christians genuinely believe that the Bible is the Word of God.  Because they think we are “making things up as we go along” instead of genuinely seeking to understand God’s will and God’s word, they think it is no big deal for us to interpret the Bible such that homosexuality is acceptable.  In reality, however, Christians are following the path to true and eternal love laid out for us by our Lord and Saviour.  We must stand for the sexual purity commanded by our Lord and resist the world’s siren call to accept homosexuality.  To do anything else is to compromise the truth and betray our most deeply held beliefs.

First, I’m offended that this guy is talking about perfect love, something he’s had no chance to explore according to his own admissions. He has no definition of perfect love or at least has not shared it with the rest of us. What a daydreamer this guy is. He says any extreme of sacrifice is worth heaven yet he doesn’t know what heaven is, nobody does. I want to know what kind of mushrooms this guy puts in his omelets for breakfast. Still, heaven is worth any sacrifice. At least he thinks so according to his definitions of love and heaven. Unfortunately he never defined either one. I’ve not heard of god giving people the talent of mind reading so neither non-believers or believer should believe anything this guy is saying. He’s a fucking nutjob.

Oh, we can conceive of the idea that Christians genuinely believe the bible is the word of a god. The trouble is that because they do we think they are deluded or sick or crazy or ill. If homosexuality was not acceptable then why did the creator god make it so many animals exhibit this trait? I assume that by sexual purity laid out in the book he means that if you can afford 900 concubines as king, then that is okay. If your brother dies you have to service his widow and keep her and so on. His most deeply held beliefs are fucked. He has not read the book and does not think critically yet his voice among many others is out there for wanna-be believers to listen to. He is dangerous and stupid. You, my readers, I hope will reject this kind of blabbering outright, without a thought. That is what it deserves… on a good day.





  1. I’m continually astonished at how easily these people just make reality up.

  2. Touche’ you have hit the nail on the head!

  3. You’re right. This guy is a nutjob! Of those 12 sexual encounters, were they forced or paid for? In this case I think it’s good he found god or he might’ve gone off the deep end and starting raping and killing. This guy is scary stupid. It’s great you warn us the non-theists, but everyone should steer clear of this guy until he gets mental health treatment! I am 54 years old, and I am still surprised at how stupid people are. That’s why we are fucked: stupid people.

  4. I skimmed his post and was deeply embarrassed. I am pretty orthodox in my Christian faith yet I believe gay marriage is here to stay. Not only that but I don’t believe Christians have a right to dictate or oppose gay marriage. Many Christians cannot see the difference between religious marriage and state marriage. One of the many reasons why I am hopeful about gay marriage is that I hope it will force many Christians in the course of time to stop waging the culture wars. Christianity as it exists in the United States really needs to die. Its awful, horrific, and out of line. I wrote a post at my blog after the Supreme Court decision in which I claimed the greatest threat to the Christian faith is not gay marriage, instead its internal corruption that exists in Christianity. Before another Christian opens their mouth about gay marriage I would ask them instead to close it and focus on internal problems in Christianity. Between child sex abuse, financial scandals, Neo-Calvinism issues, Sovereign Grace, Mark Driscoll, etc… there are enough problems that need to be dealt with. After all Jesus commands us to take the plank out of our own eye before pointing out the sin in others. There’s enough corruption in the evangelical Christianity to last a life time and a half. Christians need to clean up their own house first.

    • I couldn’t agree more. It would be much less offensive group if it practiced what it preaches. The blog author I wrote about doesn’t need forgiveness , he needs mental health help… Something the church won’t do

    • WonderingEagle,

      I am going to respond to your comments though I will not respond to MyAtheistLife’s comments. I have previously corresponded with MAL (I call him MAL) and he has even liked some of my posts, though you would never guess that from the absolute vitriol he pours out on this one. I don’t know why he poured out so much hatred this time, but I will pray that he sees how irrational he has become and will not hesitate to engage him if he comes up with some genuinely thoughtful critticisms. For you, however, I have higher hopes.

      First of all, you should understand that in my post “Standing for the Truth”, I am not making a political prescription at all. I am not advocating DOMA or saying that Christians must vote for the Republican party. I am merely saying that Christians must not compromise the word of God and say, as the world would like us to say, that homosexuality is not a sin. You are God that you can say that homosexuality is not a sin?

      While I agree in principle that there are many planks to be removed from the eye of the Christian church and I have written many posts on this subject, I am not quite sure how your formulation works? We are to agree with the world that homosexuality is okay because there are sins within the church?

      I am not a Republican and I left the United States because I thought that George Bush was the worst president in the history of our country. I abhor Republican politics and, like you, would like to see Christianity freed from the shackles of Red/Blue left/right. My answer, however, is to advocate truths clearly taught in Scripture regardless of which political party they favour. For example, in “Thank God for Mitt Romney” I share how I came to hate the Republican party for its failure to stand against the usurious bankruptcy bill drafted by the multinational banks in 2005.

      I do not know what else I can do as a Bible believing Christian?

      Thanks for your comment,


      • Rob, I’ve not always disagreed with stuff you have said. This is true. This post of mine was done to make it clear it is my opinion, not simply acrimonious comment on your blog. That I have not always disagreed with you does not mean that everything you say will be acceptable. This post is not vitriol. You haven’t seen vitriol from me. I did not single you out as a person, I commented on your words – what you said and the ideas contained therein.

        If you agree ‘in principle’ that there are many planks to be removed from the eye of the Christian church, which planks would you remove first? Leaving the country because you don’t like a president seems… errmmmm… irrational.

        You seem to be unable to separate politics and religion. I say ‘seem’ because I know only what you publish. In what you have written it seems rather clear that your religion is political if it is anything. In my view that makes your thoughts and ideas both dangerous and stupid. Clearly your Jesus wanted nothing to do with governments. It’s a shame that Christians are not more Christ-like. You would vote to oppress those not like you. This, in general terms, makes you a bigot. Many would say that it makes you hateful. Saying that you’re just doing what your holy text tells you to do is no different than the Nuremberg defence. There is nothing in your holy texts that tells you to judge others or oppress them. Your Jesus does not consider country boundaries important and his “kingdom” ignores them. For you to make your religion political you must ignore all that your Jesus teaches you or tries to. Go on, I dare you to show me scripture that shows me as wrong here.

        Ashley Madison? Let you without sin cast the first stone. They tried to catch him out there and he found the loophole which has huge implications for Christians today. You talk about love but use your biblical Nuremberg defence to say very hateful things and to influence others to act very hatefully toward others. If that is what you think your Jesus wanted then I have to tell you that you need some reading comprehension classes and a reread of the bible.

        Yeah, I do get to tell you about the holy text you revere so much. I once revered it too. I know all about it.


        • MAL I challenge you to find anyone to read what you wrote in your post and in your comments and say that it did not contain any personal vitriol. At least in this response you have shown that you are capable of genuine thought.

          As for leaving the country because of George Bush and the fanatical support he enjoyed among my fellow Christians, the consequences that I foresaw at that time (Hyperinflation, martial law and the real persecution of Christians) are almost upon us. Tell me that I was irrational to leave the country in four months (that is in late December). I will be waiting for your post.

          Finally, I simply deny that I have made the Nuremberg defence in my post. I am not advocating that anyone go “Westboro Baptist” and picket a gay wedding.because the Bible tells us to. I am saying that Christians need to stand up for our beliefs and defend them as the most rational hope that we have for a life that has hope and meaning.


          • Rob, you don’t have to tell people to go ‘westboro baptist’ … all you have to do is say the bible is right and let them go ahead with their interpretation. You see, the bible does tell people to do that, to kill those that are gay. If you are not a voice against that Nuremberg defence then you are a supporter of it as a believer. All that is necessary for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing. There is no half-way house for you or other believers. You have to take a side. Either you are for oppression of others or you are not. It really is that simple. You can stand up for your beliefs but you’re going to need to endlessly define them, god, love, heaven and so on. All you said is that your holy text condemns being gay. You’re standing up for your beliefs? What are they? Do you believe what your book says? Should gays be stoned to death? What about adulterers? This Ashley Madison thing should be good fodder. You have said you are a bible believing Christian and that, as far as I understand, means you believe both old and new testaments as the true word of your god, letter for letter. You probably don’t know Greek or Aramaic so you’re relying on other people’s interpretations. That brings up a whole new can of worms. The point here is that you are being hateful and using the holy text as your reason to be so… that is the biblical Nuremberg defence. Your god let the satan test Job and yet you can’t conceive that your god might be testing you on how you treat people who are not like you? Your god has a plan for all of us, some super divine plan that existed before we were born… yet you condemn gays because they are fulfilling their part of that plan. Still you can’t see that you are being tested? For all you know your god is _the_ satan. You know nothing of your god except what is written in a book and translated many times for you to read today. Your god does not appear to you and talk to you. If your god did the entirety of the rest of the world wants to know. They want to see him too. They want to know he is real. There are billions of people that _want_ to believe yet they do not believe your version of a god. Why is that? Do they hate god so much that they would rather believe in their version of your god?

            You can take any criticism of your thoughts as a personal attack, as vitriol but you put them out there for others to comment on. You had to come here to keep the conversation going. I did not comment on your post to make it personal. I did not name you or tell people that you are an idiot, I instead commented on what you wrote. If you think there is a better way for me to comment on what you write I’m open to suggestions. How can I say I’m angry with what you wrote without it seeming vitriolic? Do I need censor my words on my blog to keep from offending you? Do I need to show respect for your belief on my own blog? Is this what you would have the government do for you while you stand up for your beliefs?

            • Mal,

              “All you said is that your holy text condemns being gay”

              Wow Mal, just wow. You need to take a course in reading comprehension. Are you in third grade?

              I said that I believed homosexuality to be a sin, not that god condemns “being gay”. Your phrasing makes it sound as though being gay is completely natural and genetic. But this is far from conclusively proven and highly dubious if you look at the history. Why if you are correct have the rates of homosexuality and transgenderism skyrocketed in recent history? Did the genes for these behaviours suddenly become more prevalent? Or is our society so broken with so much dysfunction that these behaviours are now increasing?

              Your understanding of my position on Old Testament commands is likewise poor. I have written numerous posts on these topics and your simplistic alternatives are not exhaustive.

              Your arguments have become so bad that they are no longer worth reading. Your post was total trash. Simply a series of ad hominem attacks linked by sentences that you seemed to think were witty. I was embarrassed for the poor level of your argumentation.

              I will no longer bother to read your posts. You are a waste of my time.

        • Mal,

          To answer your other question as to which planks I would remove first, I would refer you to my post “An Unrepentant Repentance” for a list of sins that I think the church needs to repent of.

          And thank you for your comment concerning the overly sweeping introduction where I said that homosexuality was the primary problem of skeptics. That sweeping generality was obviously wrong and I have corrected the problem.

          Thanks for your comments,


  5. Another bigot making up excuses to hate on people for loving each other.

    • You say that like he actually said something intelligible? An excuse, if anything, must be intelligible. He just hates sex and anyone that is getting it.

  6. Another one with ”issues” who needed a god to sort him out.
    I never seem to encounter ‘normal’ ordinary run-of-the-mill people who convert. There’s never a case where genuine evaluation of the evidence at hand was the deciding factor. Why do they all consider themselves frakking ”sinners”?
    Every Born-Again a has some emotional glitch, usually because of a problem with the Three Musketeers: ”Sex and Drugs and Rock n’ Roll.”

  7. MAL,
    First let me say…I love you. Well your mind anyway.
    “A 47 year old with practically no sexual experience is about to give us sexual guidance from the book he probably hasn’t read from cover to cover yet. I can’t wait! Bonus points, he is going to explain his god’s purpose to us.” MAL you are just too much man. I’m literally on the floor and it’s not to assume any positions.

    Love = selflessness

    “Okay, so the key is to trust what we can’t understand, something that rapists would like to tell their victims.” Yes MAL, how amazing religion works huh? What is even more terrifying is how much of the folly human race trusts themselves…someone/thing they hardly know. People come to be so sure of their perspectives and choices and ideas…yet they do not even see the bigger picture. So people are constantly entrusting themselves to something that has no idea of what is true or false-them self. Perhaps this is why religion is so fucked. People go to church listen to a preacher, follows a book and is guided by something greater than them self. Funny thing is the threshold people don’t care to acknowledge…our minds. It’s nice we look to something extraneously important as our mentor but what people don’t see is the filter of our mind. God says potato, I hear “potaato” whilst you hear “tomato” and junior over here hears “shoot ’em all”.
    So yes, go ahead and put some blind faith into God, when he answers your questions you will be too caught up in the game to hear him, when your God guides you with great opportunity you will choose your own choice. Then when all else fails and shit ain’t going your way you will blame your God for all the misfortune that has falling onto your lap…so irresponsible.

    “He is dangerous and stupid.” Ah, most of the population with him. I find this comment a great one that should be attached to all preachers. Yes all. As you know MAL, influence should not be a direct impact (unless indirectly purposed). What is faith in a god if you are trusting a man? I don’t get it anyways here I go babbling.

    Just know I love your posts, I miss them. Never stop expressing yourself, man does it look great. 😉

    ~slave bri

    • Scottie
    • September 6th, 2015

    Hello. I read through the comments. I do find I have no concern for the opinion of someone who has not had a successful long term relationship to then criticize or in anyway belittle the 25 year loving same sex relationship and marriage of me and my husband. I will take no lessons on love or sex from such a person nor from their very flawed and demonstrably shown to be wrong holy book. Thanks for the post. Best wishes and hugs

    • He thinks he has a right to mess with other people, to tell them what is right and wrong. Sad.

        • Scottie
        • September 7th, 2015

        Yes, and what was even sadder to me is that he seemed to totally misunderstand your post. I kept trying to follow his argument but he was more interested in his perceived grievance than in the substance of what he wrote and you were dealing with . Hugs

        • People get like that. He followed up on his blog with a few straw man and unfollowed me. I tried to explain it to him….. Not holding my breath

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