Stuff You Say When You Are Stoned!

Oh, I know that this could be a long running series but I only intend to make this one post. I think the video says all you need to know when you understand that this is the kind of stuff you say when you’re higher than a kite. We tend to forgive people for stuff they say when they’re high because we know that their brain is not working as it should and the owner of that brain is enjoying the malfunction. If this guy claims he’s not high you can go ahead and laugh at him because he’s clearly stoned out of his mind.


Wait a minute, this bag of flatulence is allowed to vote. Seriously, why do believers wonder why non-believers laugh at them and want them locked up?

If you believe in the same book and the same god as this jerk (see what I did there?) could you please explain what is wrong with him? What exactly did he read in your holy book that tells him this stuff?

  1. This isn’t satire? This idjit is real? Ugh! And you’re right, he VOTES!

  2. Normal girls are the ones that love Jesus..huh…well, normal is boring 🙂 .

    Sex with demons..? Even more interesting.

    So this man is allowed to not only vote, but talk to kids?!?…yeah pretty

    • Ben
    • August 26th, 2015

    Let he who has a free hand, cast the first stone.

  3. Attacking Satan in Jesus’ Name.

    Errr, OK…. So, donating sperm to the Satanic kingdom makes perfect sense.

  4. I am sure my friend I can’t spend 24 minutes listening to a guy who doesn’t help himself tell others they shouldn’t. It is like sex ed from the pope

    • Scottie
    • August 29th, 2015

    Wow.. I noticed right off how he needs to prop himself up as something powerful and great. He strokes his own ego more than he was stroking something else. He starts off talking abound how he drove demons out of others, but he can’t see his own faults, he thinks he is so great. It is his power he uses not gods, and he has more than the pastor, he has more power than his friends.. sad need to make him self feel better. The time he said ” the kingdom of god is power” and then goes on to say others can’t even talk to him as he is above them. I think he really does have a serious problem, one that needs mental health medical care. Sad so many think like him. Hugs

    • Yeah, he needs a doctor not a bible. Maybe several doctors. Bad part is that there are and will be people that look up to him which makes him like a cancer on society.

        • Scottie
        • August 29th, 2015

        So true, so very true. Thanks Hugs

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