Racists, Bigots, Multicultural … Out On A Limb

I shouldn’t have to show you pictures of or tell you about Charleston, McKinney, Baltimore, and other places which have been in the news lately. As proven by thousands of blog posts and news broadcasts there are a many opinions about what is wrong and why it is wrong and why the other group who is complaining is wrong.

The fundamentalists told us the mass killings in schools was because there was no god allowed in schools, now they tell us that it’s the gay agenda that got the Charleston 9 killed. Everyone is busy blaming everyone and everything else as the cause of the violence, hatred, and … well… humans being humans.

We hear a lot about how feminists think society should be or at least what they think is wrong. Blacks tell us what they think is wrong. Each political party tells us what they think is wrong. In fact there is an endless stream of people and groups that are more than willing to tell the rest of us what is wrong with the world today, or society, or that other country etc.


I have my own ideas about who is to blame and what groups we could do without. My unspoken knee-jerk reactions would make vehement fundamentalists look like babes in cradles should I let them fester and act on them. I’m not here to talk about those or such from other people. In fact I’m not here to talk in this post other than to ask a simple question of all who read this.

What does a society without racism, bigotry, cultural hatred and similar items look like? Maybe you’ve only thought what it would be like without violent cops. Maybe you’ve only thought of what it would be like without gender inequality. Maybe you’ve only thought about what it would be like with equality under the law for all people. No matter what your pet project is I want to know what you think a society would look like that did not have hatred, racism, bigotry, fundamentalism, gender inequality, sexual orientation discrimination and so on. What would that world or country look like?

Between this current world we live in and the utopian world I’ve asked about, what are the low hanging fruits that we can work together to start us on that path to the world without the worst parts of humanity?

Go on, I want to hear it in the comments. I want to know what we are supposed to do to fix the giant fucking mess we humans have made of life and living. I want to hear how we fix it not what is wrong with it.

So tell us, what does a ‘perfect’ world look like? How does it work? Where would you fit in that world? Where would McKinney cops fit in that world? Where would former racists (of every color) fit in that world?

I know many may read this. Some may even click the like button. What I really want is to hear what a ‘perfect’ society would be like. Let’s have that discussion here.

  1. Most people would not want to live in my perfect world. I wouldn’t want to live in most other people’s idea of a perfect world. The very notion of a perfect world, I think, needs to be discarded simply because I doubt we could ever agree on it.

    • Surely we can agree on a world where we all get our needs met and find peace and pleasure? Thanks for commenting

  2. I wanna answer the question but I’m afraid it would never exist. I think we would always find something to find different and then work really hard to oppress whomever we don’t like for the moment. But what I plan to do is to raise consciousness for myself and others. I think understanding that we are all literally just people and we have the opportunity each and every day to do good and be good to ourselves and one another is a great start. Thanks for posting this.

    • Your fears are not unfounded. You hint at a common culture and I think that will be required to get us over the current hurdles. Thanks for commenting.

  3. There is no such thing as a perfect world, but that doesn’t mean we should give up on our efforts to make it better.

    Bigotry and racism reside deep within human nature. They are evolutionary legacies from our brutal past which we as a species are not very far removed from. While we cannot eliminate it, we can mitigate its destructive effects on society. Here’s my thoughts on how to do so:

    1) Improve the economic conditions of as many people as possible. This will reduce the societal and cultural stresses which foster xenophobic and racist sentiments. Since entrenched wealth would strongly resist such a solution, a large scale populist movement would be required akin to the progressive era that followed the Great Depression.

    2) Comprehensively educate our children on the nature and societal costs of bigotry and racism, and on the necessity of civic participation. This too will require a great amount of populist support (which has been achieved in the past).

    3) Publicly expose and prosecute criminal acts of racial, ethnic, sexual, and religious discrimination.

    Would this be easy? Of course not. But, our apathy and defeatism will only make the world an even worse place to live… and die.

    • Education is a great answer but I’ve not heard methods for doing so yet. Improving the economic conditions of the many is good – also politically incorrect according to many. Punishment as deterrent has done little to deter crime in the USA. It certainly doesn’t stop mass murderers and racists. I doubt that we’ll soon have a society that publicly shames people for bad behavior but I like that idea.

      • Shaming racists is an impossibility, and incarceration as a criminal deterrence is questionable at best. However, these weren’t my reasons for #3.

        Publicly exposing bigotry/racism and criminally punishing discriminatory acts help raise public awareness of the problem and help solidify reformist actions through government. That’s how democracy works. The 1964 Civil Rights Act and 1965 Voting Rights Act were enacted in this way.

        Regarding #1 (economic fairness/prosperity) and #2 (education), the methods for achieving them are written in the pages of history when populist movements forced the political class to act on its behalf.

  4. A perfect world is one where I live in an absurdly large property and tune out the outside world whenever I feel like it. Oh, wait, that’s already the case! Hurrah!
    Oh yes, it’s also helpful that I’m not an African American and living in North America. Those two factors combined can’t make for an easy life.
    White western European living in western Europe is very safe on a day-to-day basis, as long as I don’t draw Mohammed, I’m probably okay.

    • Insular living, the privilege of few. If we consider that we are all living on a space ship hurtling through space, such thinking is counter productive no matter how comforting it is to live it.

  5. A perfect world is a differing fantasy in the minds of every individual. What we should strive for is the education of everyone into the social sciences; verifiable and charismatically presented lessons in how a society best thrives in regards to equal representation for all people from a secular foundation. I see the largest problem with getting people to agree on social views is the similar difficulty of accomplishing interest and agreeing on proper education.

    Supposing we do accomplish such tasks, the best we could hope for would still only be majority acceptance as there will always be outliers. People are opinionated, with various reasons for being so, quite a lot being reasoned in psychological phenomenon explained by human and general social species evolutionary norms.

    There’s a complexity to answering your proposal that the average layperson has little to no grasp upon. I too have just fallen into this trap. Even if I do backup my statements with vague understandings of scientific data, I’m still just another random opinionated person who is woefully undereducated to tackle such an issue. As such, my claim that everyone needs proper education to help steer us towards a better society is the only one I feel confident enough to stand by when considering my answers.

    • Congratulations and thank you for writing my follow up post for me, at least mostly so.

      • Ha, great minds and all that. I very much look forward to your followup post.

        • Thanks. Be warned, it might get long

          • Well, you don’t repeat your same point over and over nor do you lack the ability to drive your point somewhere. So, I’m not worried.

  6. I don’t look for a perfect anything. So I am not likely looking for an Utopian world. But to fix some of humanity’s problems, in my view, is to have an education system that teaches people to think critically not production machines in whatever field.
    I don’t know how a world without hate would be like. I have never thought of it, but a world where there is equity in access to resources is, I think, possible.

  7. Interesting post MAL…A perfect world-a world without humans would be a start. 😉 However, what a mundane thought. You ask how we would fix this fucking mess, not what is wrong with it (cough, free-will, cough). My dear MAL…how can we fix something that is destined for failure? I wish I could line up every human in the world, walk in front of each one, slap them open-handed across the face and say, “act appropriately”. Yet, everyone’s opinion and perspective of ‘suitable’ is asymmetrical. 😉 Why? well of course our free will gives us that freedom. I also believe this is why everyone takes a personal offense to the word “perfect”. Nothing is flawless, even His/Her majesty-our deity. So for people to confuse a perfect world with a harmonious one, well that is wrong. I believe that a utopian is possible, as you described it; yet it will take a lot of convincing to fix the all the discordance we live with…humans! Everyone feels entitled to their opinions…but how far does that go? Where does the edge of black and white stop and the grey start? Why is it so hard to believe that a utopia could 100%, completely exist? Perhaps, as you so perfectly put, us human beings should stop pointing fingers and put our hands in our pockets for a change. Imagine how much more we could see if our arms and hands were not directly in front of our faces.
    But MAL, I’m sure you know what pain resides in the truth. I don’t think people are ready for it and the ones that are work relentlessly to hide it. It’s not fair but it is free-will.
    I will share a fantasy I often think about, pertaining to my perfect world. It starts with chaos, animals and mother nature acting maliciously like humans. Eventually only the strong and wise survive, leaving innumerable amounts of bloodshed all over the world. However the few million or 500,000 or 1,000 that remain are capable of living in this perfect world you call ‘utopia’. Every time I fantasize (how awful I often wish) this might happen, I know that this would be what a ‘perfect
    world looks like (at least to me).
    Thank you for your interest in our perspective on the ‘perfect’ world and thank you even more for allowing me to ponder this wonderful idea.

    ~slave bri

    • Scottie
    • June 21st, 2015

    I notice a trend here in the comments. Education. I can agree with this but as you replied, who get to say what the education is and who is the one to do it. One thing a older person told me when I was a very young man that society has to do and learn or we are doomed to failure. He said that in the future we would need to learn to make sure all people have the basic needs provided for. That food, shelter, security, ….all the basic needs of the living human must be not only available but made sure that every individual has them. Then and this was the higher point, all people must be taught that their worth was not their job, their income, their possessions, but that each person needed to be taught to be non destructive in their off time, to be creative if only for the sake of doing it, to write, sing, play, even if no one else every hears them, sees them, or acknowledges their work. The reason my mentor told me we needed to learn these things was that people would be working fewer hours in the future and that jobs would be much more scares. All jobs would be shared between several people. A work week might only be one or two days. Or a few days every other week. We would share jobs and so our incomes had to be divorced from our ability to survive and provide for ourselves. Also as people tend to get destructive if they don’t have something to stimulate them and make them feel good to do, we needed to teach people how to be and act in free time, to not be scheduled and yet still be productive. To write a blog even if only one person reads it.

    I know the above from a first person point of view. When my body because such that I can not work or even do most tasks, I fell into a deep depression and I felt I had no worth, that I was simply not worth living. This despite the love of my life mate and husband, my son, the many people who knew me. Everything I felt proud of was in the past now. Or so I thought. However I was lucky, I do not have to worry about eating or shelter, or care. But what was I to do. I found my place in my blog. Regardless of how many read it or do not…it give me a place.

    I hope this little idea I got told over 30 years ago may have a gem that we can use now. Best wishes and many hugs

  8. Here’s a strange one. When you listed stuff to take out, I imagined it and it suddenly felt very boring and clinical.
    I have never understood why people who don’t like other people are not allowed to have those feelings even more so now when you can’t even voice opinion that you simply don’t like certain people, which I think is ridiculous.
    Utopia? I dunno. Brain’s not big enough, but I feel if we don’t want automatons walking about we have to accept that people feel differently to us. Punishment should only be enacted if those feelings turn into actions that impact negatively on anyone else’s life.

    • Thanks for commenting. I agree with you. We don’t want automatons walking about.

  9. a perfect world is one without sin, a world where pride and selfishness do not exist. The desire to be in control and have things our way all the time.

    Revelation 21:4 ‘He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death’ or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.”

    A world where the love and Lordship of Jesus Christ rule. However, as long as mankind wants his wants his needs and his agenda, this will not exist. “love your neighbor as yourself” – but in this world we will trample one another for ourselves if we do not live by this rule.

    Hope you don’t mind my comment, I know your stance on things and I wont force my veiws done your throat, but Im fully pusuaded of these things. God bless friend.

    • arg913972, Thanks for commenting.

      I can’t help but think ‘what the #$% is the point of this life if the deity will simply erase everything good or bad about it to give us blissful eternal peace at some point?

      The whole original sin things stinks of ‘scam’ when you think about it. Why did the god need a gardener? Why did he put temptation in that garden? Why punish his creation (repeatedly) instead of simply starting over? Why promise to go back to the original idea at some future date? Why not simply go there now? Forget this life on Earth thing, blink your eyes, say some magic words and take everyone to blissful eternal servitude at the god’s feet. I think that believers have a much more difficult existential problem than I do. To hold their beliefs they have to answer those questions. So how do you answer them?


    • rebbit7
    • August 16th, 2015

    I don’t see the answer as being about having a perfect world, but rather have a less bigoted one. It’s impossible to live completely free of prejudice, but it just so happens that America is now talking about race and sexuality more, because of the current news. I think what’s important is to educate people on such topics– race, culture, identity– in order to promote a more open mind about humanity. Many people don’t have that access to education, and so by changing that, perhaps it will bring about small changes. Baby steps!

    • Thanks for commenting rebbit7. I agree with you. The world has a lot of problems and education fixes quite a few of them or makes them bearable.

  10. Oh this question would have been right up my alley about a year and a half ago, but since then I’ve sort of faded into my fantasy world of writing and this question seems like a fair dose of realism. Much needed though!!
    I think that we could work a lot harder than we have been to create a close to perfect world. I know that a lot of people have been saying education already, but I agree with this as well. I have noticed through my life, especially while dating around, is that every racist/sexist/homophobic person seems to be that way because they are in a privileged status. They don’t have to empathize with “lesser” people, because they don’t have to, unless, of course, a minority or a woman happens to be their client, boss, or coworker, but even then, they hold on so tightly to their core conservative beliefs that other nationalities belong “over there” and that women are “delicate” and should do less challenging jobs.
    You already know likely who I am referring to, so I won’t bother with the details haha. I find this mindset is not only harmful to minorities and women, but also for the men who hold these dying out ideals.
    Educating everyone about equality and being able to coexist in peace will put even “privileged” people in the position of thinking from the perspectives of the less privileged, which would eventually, over the years, eliminate white male privilege and everyone would be on equal footing. Free education is necessary, as is public health care and a guaranteed income would solve so many people’s life’s woes, I could cry from joy if a guaranteed income ever came to be. I really don’t think that this would encourage laziness, either, as many right wingers say.

    I could think a lot more on this, and I will. I appreciate this question. I hope my answer made some semblance of sense. 😀

  1. June 21st, 2015

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