Broken Promises

Today’s thought for the day and musical interlude:

The Nurse and The Wolf
  "Be quiet now," said an old Nurse to a child sitting on her
lap.  "If you make that noise again I will throw you to the Wolf."

  Now it chanced that a Wolf was passing close under the window
as this was said.  So he crouched down by the side of the house
and waited.  "I am in good luck to-day," thought he.  "It is sure
to cry soon, and a daintier morsel I haven't had for many a long
day."  So he waited, and he waited, and he waited, till at last
the child began to cry, and the Wolf came forward before the
window, and looked up to the Nurse, wagging his tail.  But all the
Nurse did was to shut down the window and call for help, and the
dogs of the house came rushing out.  "Ah," said the Wolf as he
galloped away,

	"Enemies promises were made to be broken."

How many times each day do you listen to an ‘enemy’ and believe their promises? Even “between 620 and 560 BCE” such wisdom was common among those that cared to know things.

Worse than that, we tell ourselves lies and pretend that people made promises based on what we think they should have done.

The other moral here is to know your enemies…. especially the one you see in the mirror.

Now, I know that all you readers have your own musical tastes, but this is what is on my music player today

use this LINK for the full play list

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    • June 16th, 2015

    Wow. Looking in the mirror.

    • Powerful thoughts from more than 2000 years ago 😉

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        • June 16th, 2015


  1. The one in the mirror is the scariest one of all.

    • Yes, dear, it is the worst enemy of all… and why we end up howling at the moon

      • Very true :). By the way…like the song.

        • There are 56 of them on that play list… If you asked me one person I’d like to have lunch with Maria Brink would be high up on the list I’d choose from.

          • 56? Ummm…I’m going to see what’s happening…I don’t see the 56 :/….

        • Of course, the best time to ask me is while we are having lunch

          • 56? Ummm…I’m going to see what’s happening…I don’t see the 56 :/….

            • ooops, I added a link to the playlist… grrr

          • :)….np…I’ll do that..

          • Np…will do that :).

  2. I broke the mirror I had. Didn’t want to see the enemy so frequently

    • LOL maka I took the one in the bathroom down.

      • Don’t look into the water too long too, it behaves almost like a mirror, especially when it is settled

  3. Ah, promises of an enemy. Love this topic. I always said I was the only one I truly could never trust, you know, all that free will and s***. I’ve grown around the virtue of never making promises! I have probably only used the words “I promise” to myself and people barely over a handful of times.
    MAL, do you see an enemy when you look in the mirror? And if so, are you really terror-stricken? Or relieved…. 😉

    Thank you for another smile! Oh, and that video…yum.

    ~slave bri

    • The truth is that when I look in the mirror it is not an enemy that I see. I see a hairless ape that can use science, solve complex problems, and be as violent as any species on this planet if not more so. Sometimes I ask that ape what he plans to do to make the world better. Sometimes I just wonder what a serial killer thinks when they see themselves in the mirror.

      Sometimes, just sometimes, I see the traces of that ape lineage, the features I inherited, what a poor design this body actually is and in a misanthropic fit I hope for chance to upload my consciousness to a nearly indestructible robot body. I want to know what a robot can feel, if that body feels more like ‘my’ body that this one does sometimes.

  4. Often the one most hard to convince, to guide, to help, and to enlighten, each day….is my self. I often say I must first look to shine light on my own path before I take lit torches to anyone else. Thanks and hugs

  5. Enjoyed the song – nice style. I wish I had access to it a few weeks ago when I met a rather nasty enemy, though I wonder… if I knew myself better, I might have avoided the situation to begin with. We are always our own worst enemies.

    • Glad you liked it. Nice to see you back

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