Something Rather Than Nothing … What Would Moses Say?

This might simply be a side note on an otherwise huge debate regarding the subject of this post but I would like to share a few thoughts about that

That video shows imagery which were built from actual photographs taken by space craft that we humans have sent out into the solar system. Apparently a creator god made Ceres too.  Go on, watch that video again. There is a dwarf planet in our solar system that looks just like this (nearly). Why did it need to be created? Why did it need to be pummelled with asteroids so many times. Why would it need to have water on it? What was the creator’s plan for this rock that might have more fresh water than Earth does.

Ceres is not the only body begging these questions.

If you read the holy books of Earth’s religions none of them address this. None of them predicted humans getting up close photographs of these space bodies or even landing craft on them. Since the dawn of modern science we have been living beyond the grasp of anything in those holy books. You may be reading this post on your phone, even watching the video on your phone. In your hand is more technology than could even be dreamed of in the stories of the holy books.

What is the creator god’s position on bioethics? Is it okay to eat meat grown in a lab? Is it okay to grow new body parts and then graft them on to our bodies? Is it okay to augment our bodies to make them better than his supposed design? Is it okay for us to change our diets to improve our cognitive abilities? Is it okay to use nuclear energy to provide energy for the survival of humans? There are thousands more questions that the holy books cannot and will not answer. Everything that any believer has to say about the modern world is simply interpretation to try to make it fit into the ideals of the ancient world. I’d be willing to bet that if we had a time machine nobody would go back to 500 bce to bring someone to this day to work on cars, and with good reason. Why do we keep bringing books from that time to our current day thinking they will fix our problems? I know that was not the best analogy but the point stands.

What would be Moses’ take on images of Ceres or Pluto? Could or should we expect anything cogent if he could answer?

What do you think Moses would make of our technology, the technology that we take for granted?

    • alcazarauthor
    • June 14th, 2015

    A long time ago in Ireland, when I was young and foolish, I entered into a debate with a Jezuit priest about this subject. My thesis was simple: the universe is an unknown number of incubators and some creative force will, sooner or later, decide which form to continue and which not. The priest was appalled at my heresy (of course) but could not find a rational reason to dismantle my theory. So there we are. A species to be tested? Who knows. But Moses would not have found an answer either…

    • That’s an interesting theory you have 😉

        • alcazarauthor
        • June 14th, 2015

        Thanks. I still have thisn young and foolish way of thinking…

        • Who knows that it’s foolish?

            • alcazarauthor
            • June 14th, 2015

            No one I guess, its just having an independent mind – the horror of those who want to box us in.

    • Thumbup
    • June 14th, 2015

    Moses probably wouldn’t be impressed. After all he parted the red sea?

    • good point, except all he did was hold his hands up in the air, his god parted the sea.

        • Thumbup
        • June 14th, 2015

        Ah! Moses cheated!

        • Yeah, who would figure that he’s take credit? Who’d figure that his god would need him to hold his hands in the air?

  1. Considering Moses never existed, he’d have remarkably little to say. Another sage would probably be left gaping to learn the edge of the observable universe lies a thought-haemorrhaging 430 billion trillion kilometres away in every direction… and its receding, pulling apart and disappearing at 275,000 kilometres per hour across every 100 billion trillion kilometre stretch. In my book I described it this way:

    “It is cruel, but not hateful, depraved, but not vengeful. This is considered pain, carefully presented in careless proportions to blister and disgrace anyone—or anything—that might momentarily dare to ever privately contemplate it is in control.”

  2. If he lived and was brought up to the present, he would be so lost, he would commit suicide from having too much information

    • I wonder about that sometimes. Older folk have more trouble learning new technology than younger ones. I wonder if he would even feel part of the human race.

      • In the movie Shawshank redemption, when Brooks is released from prison, he kills himself. He finds himself in an environment he can’t function in. I think it would be a similar thing for such a personage. They would find the mental environment so strange they wouldn’t be able to cope

    • Scottie
    • June 15th, 2015

    What excites me is that probe we landed on the comet / asteroid ( I keep forgetting which is which ) woke up the the other day and started communicating. After a long while in which we could not contact it, it seemed to have lost all power…it just woke up and called home. Science is grand. 🙂 Hugs

    • That’s because (wait for it) the aliens finished their updates to it. It’s now slowly downloading virus code to NASA. Some say this is to destroy nuclear weapons and others believe that it will install itself on the Internet and render our defences useless when the alien war ships arrive, currently hidden by a comet. 😉

        • Scottie
        • June 18th, 2015

        Wow..I hope they have ships bigger than comets. After all how will we all fit on them for the trip back ??? Love the idea. Hugs

  3. ‘Everything that any believer has to say about the modern world is simply interpretation to try to make it fit into the ideals of the ancient world’…YES! So nice to hear words from a like-minded individual, not to mention an extremely grounded one. 😉
    Thank you MAL.

    ~slave bri

  4. You present a very solid argument. In fact, I find your argument irrefutable. Do you think a bell rings every time a believer discovers the real world of today?

    • The sound would be most irritating so I don’t think so. Perhaps the FSM gets a little spicier each time?

  5. Sorry for my ignorance, but “FSM”?

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