We’re focusing on the wrong police officer

We all missed this the first time around….

by Guest Blogger Tom Haswell

There’s been a lot of coverage on the McKinney pool party, from both sides. I’m generally pretty critical of police, but right now, I want to shame both sides on this one.


Because they’re all focusing on the wrong officer.

Let’s look at Officer 227, first initial E. I cannot make out last name on the footage. This is who we should be talking about.

Notice around the fifty second mark. Officer 227 calmly speaks to people on the scene, explaining why they shouldn’t “take off running” when the police arrive — no abusive language, no demeaning tone … he could be talking to a family member. He politely thanks the boys that return police property to him. He not only backs up his fellow officer who drew, but tells him “you stay here, I’ll get him” regarding the person he drew on — who…

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  1. I agree however one of the officers should have stayed with the officer that was out of control and over excited. We had that happen years ago when I was in Vermont. During an exercise in crowd control a young new officer got over excited and before he could do something really stupid, a senior officer garbed his arm, swung him around, asked him to walk to the patrol car with him. The senior officer told the younger new guy the things that were going on, what was begin done right and what was being done wrong. Then suggested the new guy take time out and run the radio and monitor the situation from the area of the patrol car. I know that this happened and it saved the career of the young new guy, because I was that young new guy. I also disagree with the WHITE adults who were standing around and not helping control the situation. Remember this was a pool party. Yes too many kids at the pool, but not a major crime wave. The kids were reacting to the crazy Rambo officer and he really made things worse. No one likes to be treated as he was treating them, I don’t. Also many of the kids he was ordering around had legal right to be at the pool. so there are different sides to this. I am just glad no one got seriously hurt but that police department is way open to a huge law suite right now. Hugs

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