I’m Tired Of This Bullshit

Here it is, watch the full glory of it, then let’s talk about it. I have some experience with McKinney Texas. Full disclosure, I live in McKinney.

Nobody got tased, nobody was shot, there were no riot police, nobody was beaten. There are no signs of abusive physical behavior.

I know about McKinney Texas. It ranks in the top ten places to live for as many years. These people (black and white and hispanic) are among the most coddled people on the planet. The live in one of the best places of one of the best countries on the entire planet. You might argue but it would be pointless. These people have the lives of the most privileged on the planet. The poor people in McKinney Texas are hispanic. These black people involved live in very affluent neighborhoods. This is one of the last places you will see white on black crime or even black on anything crime. There is no crime in McKinney Texas except for personal property theft/damage. It is nearly utopian in many ways. These people are coddled and treated as though they deserve it.

That is not to say that nobody in McKinney ever has a bad opinion or ever gets hard done by. It is to say that McKinney _IS_ one of the top 5 places in the top country to live on this planet and that doesn’t happen with racist cops running loose. Kids are kids. They aren’t always very smart. In the video you see some actually running from cops. This action is NEVER a good idea. If you simply talk to them they will not have reason to worry or handcuff you or detain you. The video shows the police acting very civil toward anyone not being uncooperative.

You can find videos of several people telling the world (including the girls cousin) that this is not about race. It’s about teens behaving badly and showing zero respect for the police. I have met and talked to several of the police officers here. They are genuinely nice people even if their view of the world is skewed necessarily by their job responsibilities.

Toward the end of the video you see that the cop is not holding her down. He did so only as long as it was needed. I won’t argue that he did not appear or seem aggressive but I don’t think he reacted more than was called for in the situation. He was called to the scene because a fight was reported… actual violence was what he was there to respond to.

It does not matter what color you are. If you want to run your mouth and show disrespect to a man amped up on adrenaline with a gun then bad things can happen. Watch how many people were told to simply go away or go home and did not listen.

Being that I live in McKinney I know that this party was not just at the pool. It started the night before. There were drugs involved (big deal, meh) and sex among the teens and all the reckless party stuff you can imagine goes with end of school antics. The real problem is that these teens (color does not matter here) showed no respect for the community, other people, security, or the cops. What do you think is going to happen when you mouth off at a policeman? That policeman will do what he is trained to do… control the situation in order to protect others. That fucking stupid teen girl ran her mouth off at a man with a gun and a butt load of adrenaline. She should be arrested just for being stupid.

There is no race problem in McKinney. My friends are free and feel free to talk about racial issues. My friends and neighbors are a different color than me, my golf buddies are a different color than me. There are no race problems in McKinney Texas except for the problem of some few individuals wanting to call this a race problem. It isn’t. This is just teens showing no respect for anyone and getting taught a lesson in how to communicate with police officers.

The community of McKinney Texas is quite an awesome and good community. It has built a community based on diversity through equal treatment. The biggest problem that I’ve seen is drug use in the high schools. There is very little crime, very little racial anything. To think this is a racial incident is to completely NOT know McKinney Texas.

  1. I didn’t know you were in Texas.

    What I read indicated that the problem started with a mom slapping a kid. (white trash talking mom, black kid) I haven’t watched any of the videos because it really just seems like so much dramatization and sensationalism to get viewers.

    I agree with your assessment of Mckinney. It’s a nice place.

    There are assholes all over. Some people *are racists and run their mouths. Kids are stupid. These kids, black and white, generally agree about what happened. It was stupid and unfortunate. That about sums it up.

    (Move song folks. Nothing to see here.)

    • Exactly. The harm done to that young girl is less than what she probably suffered in gymnastics school.

      Seriously, I know of problems, and in this red state there are problems. The biggest problem in McKinney or North Texas is that there are way too many religious people. They carry guns and vote republican like their life depended on it. North Texas is a bubble, it’s made up of huge numbers of transplants. My neighbors are from Wisconsin, California, Oklahoma, Louisiana and from the northeast. They are black, chinese, hispanic, and some that I can’t determine. This pool is owned by a home owner’s association. It’s not a public pool. I’m surrounded by three such pools and only a mile from the one in question. You have to be a resident to use it. The key costs money. These kids were not supposed to be there. At least not all of them. Residents don’t get to invite hundreds of people. There are rules that were broken. These were not poor or hard done by black people. Their parents make a lot of money… that is what McKinney is… a bedroom community for the telecom industry. That’s why I’m here.

      • yes and I live in an adult community where we also have a pool open only to residents. Yet every summer local kids come in the middle of the night and use the pool. Rarely do any cause trouble and their friends are quick to stop them. we know they do it. They know if they act up we will take steps to stop them. So everyone gets along. We close the pool at 10 PM and in the summer kids come around midnight or 1 AM to use the pool for a very few hours. I was vice president of the homeowners board and management suggested cameras over the pool, we nixed it…the kids were not hurting anyone and we were not denied anything for their night time use. Hugs

  2. If that situation had happened in Birmingham, people would have been cuffed until the situation was under control. If it happened in Orange County, Florida, someone probably would have been shot or tased (depending upon whether it was in a tourist area or not). Those officers have a really good de-escalation program. Y’all’s tax dollars are effectively at work there.

    • I think the officers acted according to the reason for their being there. The one might be seen as a bit zealous yet I do not think it unwarranted. Nobody is talking about what disrespect there was for law and law enforcement officers.

    • Hans
    • June 9th, 2015

    if people act like people the officers wouldn’t be there in the first place ? all i see is Drama queens acting out like drama queens

    • They are teens. That shit happens. They showed no respect for anyone.. what the fuck did they expect would happen?

        • Hans
        • June 9th, 2015

        amen to that sir 🙂

  3. Good advice: Don’t run.

    Yeah, kids can be shits. We all were at one time or another.

  4. Well said. I taught my son to respect the police. He’s never had an issue and likely never will.

    • entropy
    • June 9th, 2015

    I find the remark “I don’t care!” of the filmed police officer not very assertive. “I am not going to discuss that with you!” seems a better phrase in my eyes. Now he’s suggesting he doesn’t care about the kids, which might raise resistance from them!

  5. There is nuance to every situation involving the police. Sometimes that includes inappropriate action by the police and sometimes it includes inappropriate action by the populace. Sometimes it includes both. Here I see both the cop and the teens acting overly belligerent. In regards to the officer, he should know better than to scream and argue back with a child. He didn’t display authority, he made himself look equally childish as the people he was dealing with.

    • I won’t argue against those points. Ignorance of the law is not acceptable reason for disobeying the law. The police in the USA are under pressure to be that much better than before. Not all will make that transition. As you think of this situation remember that Texas is a concealed carry state, and open carry state, and there are a lot of people here with guns. They are extra vigilant for that reason and will react accordingly. This makes the teen girl very stupid in my opinion.

      Remember the recent ISIS attack in this area? Yeah one cop with a gun like you see in the video against two men with body armor and automatic weapons. The training here for police is good. He had to react ready for a gun fight because of how he was approached.

      He lost his calm in a surreal situation. 100’s of possible combatants who could have weapons. He needed the situation under control. It could have looked better. He could have done better. All considered I think the police did an admirable job as I am certain you will find in the news as it all gets told finally.

      • As I think about the situation, taking what you said into consideration, I’m still inclined to hold to what I’ve already said. Perhaps it is unfair for me to only speak about the officer, however I do so because I expect the most responsibility out him. While I do not begrudge any cop the need of taking his or her own safety into consideration at all times, a group of teenagers in swimwear are hardly candidates for concealed firearms or ISIS connections.
        Still, my point isn’t that I think the officers as a unit did not act admirably. I see fault (from what is available on video) with the one man who escalated the situation by screaming and arguing with children. I see a person who tell his own children to do something or not “because [he] said so” instead for any coherent reasoning, if that will make my point. Few people react with reverence for authority towards a person who yells at them, fewer still for teenagers who often react with a rebellious nature toward any authority on a misbegotten ideal. Also, if the officer is concerned about retaliation from a sympathetic observer or member of the teenagers then perhaps drawing his gun on them wasn’t the brightest move. An action that directly defies proper gun training, as any with proper firearm training (especially police & military) are taught to not draw or at least aim their weapon at another human being without some intent to use. Even the other two officers felt the need to stop what they were currently doing to stop him after he pulled the weapon.
        I don’t disagree with you on the core of the issue, which I read in your article to be that this isn’t comparable to other larger issues between cops and the populace seen in this country. I just can’t see any reason to excuse the officer here for his immature and questionable actions.

  6. Love this rant 😉 I must agree.

  7. I a sorry but I disagree totally with what you wrote. As to this “What do you think is going to happen when you mouth off at a policeman? That policeman will do what he is trained to do… control the situation in order to protect others.” I was a trained sheriff deputy for over 6 years and I wouldn’t have handled that situation that way at all. There clearly was an element in the officers attitude that was antagonistic. We were taught to defuse a situation…to take insults and even things thrown at us in stride and still deescalate a situation. No one I worked with would have acted as this officer did, we wouldn’t have tried to play hero as he did. He was playing to the wealthy, not to the oath of office I once swore. He was not in danger nor threatened to the point of ever even having his hand on his gun..I was taught and trained..you only pull your gun if your ready and willing to kill…and to be willing to kill you must feel that you are protecting your self or another of imminent death or severe bodily harm. I did not see that in any video of this. Granted I am old know and maybe they train officers differently..if so then that is also sad. Hugs

    • Ain’t No Shrinking Violet
    • June 10th, 2015

    To me, it looked the the cop who pulled his gun thought the three boys were rushing him from behind (the boys who then ran). While he was pretty rough with the girl—too rough for a teen girl who obviously had no hidden weapon—he might have thought getting assaulted by three male youths could be life-threatening for him.

    I nothing about law enforcement so I can’t for sure say if that he did was right or wrong. I remember plenty of times the cops broke up parties that I was at, and they were plenty stern, but certainly never threw anyone to the ground or pulled any weapons on us.

    I just read the cop that pulled his gun was forced to resign.

    • More of the story is coming out now. IF what I heard is true, that cop had a really rough day. The law is that not doing what the officer on the scene tells you to do is obstructing the police, upheld with varying degree and by location.


      Resisting arrest can get tagged on really quickly, disturbing the peace and so on. There are laws that cover incitement of varying types.

      The girl was hardly roughed up and was only held down till she stopped struggling against the officer. That is to say that had she been cooperative or even mildly respectful there would be nothing to talk about. Running from the police or rushing up on one normally ends badly. In this case, nobody was abused. I know that many think this girl should not have been treated as she was regardless of what she might have done or said to get the attention. I think that such thinking ignores something very important. She had every opportunity to not be in that situation yet pushed until she was. You can’t fix stupid and it shouldn’t be tolerated at a crime scene where tensions are already high. Yes, the police have obligations to act in a given manner and the citizenry do as well. Failing to assist the police is taken as an offence in places never mind interfering with them.

      It would have been better all around if she had shown respect. I don’t mean that she should have obeyed without thinking, just show respect and comply with reasonable requests. Think about it. If the kids had actually been reasonable law abiding citizens there would be no story. It starts and ends with their behavior. Being less than 18 does not excuse you from the law.

    • Ain’t No Shrinking Violet
    • June 10th, 2015

    I agree, it is EXTREMELY unwise to talk smack to a cop, and could be deadly to rush up on one (like the three boys did) no matter what your race. I do think the cop was a bit rough, but I’m not sure it was rough enough for him to get fired over. I know around here you’d get charged with disorderly conduct if you don’t do what a cop says in an instant. The kids were certainly wrong for crashing a private pool, for talking smack to cops, and for rushing up behind him like that (I haven’t seen anyone addressing those three boys running up behind him like that). The cop should have been calmer though…he was definitely not helping to de-escalate (I’ve had a lot of de-escalation training as a psych nurse, and he pretty much did it all wrong).

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