Election Season In The USA … Again

As we remember the dead and the slowly dying none of us can avoid the fact that it is election season again. Here are something to think about as you spend the next months picking out who you will vote for.

Some handy rules for you:

1: Don’t listen to just anyone about the candidates. This is not about picking a burger joint to get lunch.


2: When candidates talk about religion or faith, keep in mind that faith and religion are not exactly winning attributes or virtues.


I know it won’t be easy to pick out the right candidates so look forward to nearly 24/7 coverage of all of them, what they eat, who they bedded, what their children are up to… it’s going to be reality television the way that it ought to be. Good luck.


  1. I guess I should feel lucky I don’t have cable. 😉 Thanks MAL for the post.

    • Yeah, cable is the marketplace of 24 hour coverage… ugh 🙂

  2. These people are insane!
    People these days…
    They pick out who they want to invade next, but they probably can’t even point to the places on a map!

    • Update: ‘the probably can’t’ = they definitely can’t!

      • Yep, not much more than batteries in the matrix. Let them think their vote counts and keep taking their money and rights.

  3. I have cable, I know which political candidate is full of what brand of horse shit. They talk about faith and religion the same way they talk about any damn thing else…without actually doing anything to back up their talk. Rick Santorum is such a good Christian, we know (from the last time he ran for office) that when his wife miscarried, he insisted on a family funeral for the “baby” because it was “the Christian thing” to do. But has anyone ever seen “good Christian” Rick Santorum volunteer at a soup kitchen, or read to throw blind, or so any other “Christian” things that don’t directly involve his own family?

    • Now now, don’t be thinking gay boy santorum would do anything that actually smacks of compassion.

  4. ISIS rapes 8 year old girls and forces them to convert. Gee Christians did that to my people. Seems like a trend in religion and an old one at that.

    • Humans do that, we’re violent. Religion just gives it ‘divine’ backing.

  5. The top video is indeed funny but the presenter is no better; “asking US locals about the very world their country runs”.

    The last time I checked, my country was partially ran from Westminster in London and also from the devolved Scottish parliament in Holyrood, Edinburgh – NOT the Whitehouse.

    No offence to Americans but it is that very arrogance, of some Americans thinking they rule the world, which many people throughout the world object to.

    • Politics is fun innit? After the invasion of Iraq some might question your notions and with good reason. Just the same, being a well travelled American I completely understand what you’re saying.

  1. May 26th, 2015

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