Arguing religion at face value and why it’s a waste of time

If you are not following justmerveilleux you should be. This post nails it when explaining that what USA Christians call biblical marriage has little to do with their book and all to do with politics. History, sometimes it enlightens us and other times it hurts to read it. If it hurts to read about history that is called the ‘clue stick’ and history doesn’t mind hitting you square in the forehead with it. Thankfully we have those among us who can eloquently explain what we should have learned in history class but did not.

My Mazamet

“It is the law of the brothel. This type of marriage will never be anything but an immoral and scandalous concubinage. A form of incest.”Spokesman for Catholic Bishops (El Pais archive)

On the heels of the Irish referendum, you may think the quote above was in some way related to the no campaign; so you may be surprised to hear those words were actually spoken 145 years ago.

Let me set the scene. The 1800’s are known by Spanish historians as the century of revolutions. Three monarchs were deposed, there were five civil wars, 130 governments and nine constitutions. In the specific time period I’m referring to, Isabella II had been deposed (1868) in what was known as the Glorious Revolution. She was replaced by Amadeo de Savoy as king, but he only reigned for two years. The first Spanish republic was then declared. In the midst of all of this turmoil…

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  1. Religionists count on people being ignorant, and are unfortunately, so very often, successful in that endeavour. Ask most Catholic anti-abortion campaigners about fetus animatus and fetus inanimatus- They don’t have a clue the church permitted abortions for much of its history…

    • Most religious people don’t have a clue. They also don’t know anything about their own religion.

    • Scottie
    • May 26th, 2015

    Thank you for sharing this post. I not only re-blogged the post but added this authors blog to my daily read list. Thanks. Hugs

    • He is a most eloquent gentleman with rather good taste and always surprisingly intelligent. A treat by any standard.

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