This is SOOOOO important…the brain…a TED talk. Please watch this one

If you look up SPECT on the Internet you can indeed find people who do not believe it of any real use however there are those that do this paper (author is the speaker in the video) concludes:

There are a number of important areas where SPECT has the potential to provide relevant information to help personalize treatment to patients’ specific brain system pathophysiology rather than rely solely on general diagnostic and/or therapeutic categories. In this paper we described 7 such areas. Furthermore, in the authors’ experience, another immediate benefit of using brain SPECT imaging is that the patient’s and family’s guilt, shame and stigma are significantly reduced as they see their illness as medical rather than moral with concurrent improvements in treatment compliance. In the authors’ opinion, brain SPECT or any other neuroimaging modality should always occur in conjunction with clinical assessment since it is not the isolated diagnostic accuracy that has greatest importance but rather the value added to routine clinical assessment.

It appears to be used by the Mayo Clinic:

The brain is more mechanical than people like to think. We need some good debuggers and diagnostics tools. I wouldn’t mind having a SPECT scan!

This is what the future looks like; people finding new and curious ways to analyze what is between our ears. This can’t help but bring us a better overall result for society and individuals.

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  1. This is so important, agreed! I can so relate to the validity and value of SPECT brain scans. My son suffered from severe OCD few years ago. We just weren’t sure how to help him and not everyone in the family was convinced of his illness…thinking he should maybe just get his act together and stop behaving that way. His SPECT scan though, when compared to any other well functioning brain scan, showed incredible raging differences. We could all finally see his struggles were real. The scan united our family in getting him the help he needed and he is cured today. Did the scan cure anything itself? No…but it triggered actions that probably saved my kid’s life.

  2. I agree that this is so important a post, I added it to my blog with thanks to you. How many millions can find hope if they were able to get the right scan and the right person to read it. Hugs

    • Indeed. Diagnostic tos for the brain are needed. Therapy is not as much fun as they say it is

      • 🙂

  3. Dr Daniel Amen is such a fool!

    Every believer knows that his materialistic approach will never find the true demons that we know are real and inhabit human bodies that produce these kinds of aberrant behaviours. Only prayer and giving your life to Christ will yield any meaningful change and heal everything!


    His ridiculous philosophical assumptions rely on pretending that reality is all there is and – of even greater gullibility – is the assumption that only naturalism – like the arrogance and hubris needed to bothering to look at brains – can produce meaningful therapeutic results.

    Dr Amen is far too militant. His stridency and deep hatred and fear of demons probably comes from a childhood encounter with the Dark One and now he wastes his time tilting at naturalism’s absurd windmills.

    I just hope he’s prepared to encounter the Lake of Fire he’s surely headed for if he continues to deny the Dark One’s minions -demons! – as the true and known cause of the psychologically impaired. His atheistic science threatens the morality of all. Hate the sin, love the sinner. Heathen!

    • Ramen!

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