Self Respect?

One could be forgiven if they thought self respect went out of style with the advent of reality television. I’d forgive you that. That’s not when it happened. Self respect has been bought and sold in churches, temples, synagogues, and mosques for thousands of years.

Full Definition of SELF-RESPECT

1:  a proper respect for oneself as a human being
2:  regard for one’s own standing or position

By definition the adherents of monotheism can’t have self respect. They traded it for some promised eternal life. PT Barnum is laughing from the grave.

To believe in original sin requires you to sacrifice your self respect.

  1. Belief in the Christian god requires that you subordinate yourself, accept that you are unworthy. In many ways the Christian belief requires the installation of a slave mentality. This is why many employers prefer to have Christian employees as they do not complain so much about wages or working conditions. (All comments IMHO)

    • Scottie
    • April 9th, 2015

    One of the things children of abuse suffer from is the idea that they are not good enough, unworthy, less than and need the big tormented to be happy with them so they wont be hurt more, but they never can make the one hurting them happy enough for it to stop. They lose the ability to see themselves as having value. Often they have trouble accepting they don’t need others to give them their value or worth, they have been trained and forced to accept that they are defective from birth and always will be. I think this is the same attitude pushed by religions that want to have you transfer all your wealth to them, all your thoughts have to be given to you by them, and your actions are always to please the ones who have the ability to hurt you again and again, or if you be slave enough, bow enough, you may be spared, this time. Sorry this is a hard subject to be clear on, too close to home for me. SO thanks for letting me have my say and share my thoughts. Hugs

    • Thanks for commenting.

        • Scottie
        • April 9th, 2015

        I really enjoy your blog. I hope to some day find enough time to go back into the past on your blog and read the ones I missed. I hope you keep blogging for a long time. Hugs

        • That’s very kind of you. Lol there are 840 or so posts. Lot of reading

            • Scottie
            • April 9th, 2015

            🙂 something for me to look forward to Hugs

  2. While I’m happy that I escaped from Christianity, I really feel for those who are still made to feel like crap every Sunday. It’s so disturbing.

    • It is disturbing. It’s not possible to rescue them all so the answer is not easy. I think destroying the respect religion is given would go a long way toward helping them get out on their own.

      Thanks for commenting!

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