What Is On The Other Side?

Women are not more important than men. Women and men are not important, no, not in the long run. Humanity. Humanity is important to all men and women yet they blind themselves to this simple fact, this simple idea, with all the hatred their minds can muster in the dark, dank places they do their thinking. The explorers we read about search new destinations not for the fame or glory but for humanity. Fame and glory are fleeting. Identity is fleeting.

300,000 years ago there was an ape who thought “I wonder what is on the other side of that mountain”. Her cousin had a similar thought. His nephew a similar one. Eventually one of those curious apes found themselves in northern Europe. More spectacularly, though that sounds like a nice story these apes full of wonderment were not explorers. No, they simply were looking for more food to feed their babies.

Those amazing minds among us that strive to keep alive drag the rest of us kicking and screaming into the future. No plan, no guide book, just the unmitigated gall to survive. Those that sit back and stake a claim to some branch of a tree are simply too stupid to go look on the other side of the mountain. It’s never important what is on the other side of the mountain. What’s important is going to see what it is.
https://i0.wp.com/izquotes.com/quotes-pictures/quote-violent-irrational-intolerant-allied-to-racism-and-tribalism-and-bigotry-invested-in-ignorance-christopher-hitchens-237657.jpg https://myatheistlife.files.wordpress.com/2015/04/db13d-10632352_830314300359069_1440023650_a.jpg

When the human mind stifles itself to maintain some paltry position of power it causes all of humanity to falter briefly. We’ve been stumbling toward the future of humanity for quite some time now. Do not listen to those that don’t want to go see what is on the other side of the mountain. Leave them under that tree to rot. Think not another thought for them. If they hold you back and beg you not to go to the other side of the mountain, pick up a stick and beat them with it. Their whimpering sounds will fade as you climb up the mountain, sun warming your back and the wind in your hair. No matter what you find, on the other side of the mountain is the future and it does not need that whimpering ape with the tiny mind and tiny thoughts.


  1. Presently, the equality movement is focused on one gender, and only with extreme bias against the other. Indeed, it has gone beyond equality, to superior standing at this point.

    • That’s not equality. You can call a shit sandwich “fine dining” but it won’t make it easier to eat.

  2. We will achieve equality when we no longer see gender as an identifier of capabilities.

    • Scottie
    • April 9th, 2015

    I hope that we never lose those one who dream and try to follow them, those that want to see what happens, what is over the next hill, what is on the other planet, and what can we do to be better today than we were yesterday. Thanks Hugs

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