Mark Twain on Slavery and the Church Taking Credit for Society’s Corrections After the Fact

This might make you wonder what they’ll take credit for next. Remember to not let them.

  1. Religion must change with societal norms or it will cease to exist.

    • The Quakers and Amish still exist. They just don’t do Facebook.

  2. I do not know about Quakers, but I have family who live around the Amish in NY. Often my relatives hire them. The Amish have adjusted to the modern world and found ways to enjoy many benefits with out violating their faith. One example, my uncle often hired them for work on his farm. While they wouldn’t drive the trucks, they were very willing to RIDE in them. So my uncle would go get them and take them home. I have seen them use power tools while working at the farm, they did not own them, my uncle provided the tools and power. There were other examples but you get the point. Thanks I like Mark Twain’s wit. Hugs

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