Atheist Murderer … So What?

Yes, I just said that. Does it really matter whether this tragedy, and it is a tragedy, is a hate crime or just some guy with a gun and several loose screws? Not to their families. It doesn’t matter to me. I truly feel bad for the families. Their pain will not go away any time soon. If I had a way to help them I will. That does not change the story. It does not change what happened. Humans are a violent species; always have been and it seems they always will be. Here are the faces of some of the latest violence. Yes, only some of it. Someone should be asking the question: Why are crazy people allowed to carry guns? How can we detect crazy people? You might as well ask how we can prevent lightning from striking churches and burning them down. No solution will ever be complete and tragedies like this will always happen as long as humans exist as we exist to day.

Do you remember not long ago when there was a number of people claiming that wars in Islamic countries created terrorists? Well, what does it take to push a nutter over the edge? Perhaps a parking dispute and the opportunity to use a gun? Hmmm that doesn’t seem like much, certainly not enough. Well, how about Muslims beheading people and burning them alive and distributing the film world wide? Would that do it? Remember those who said Charlie Hebdo were ‘begging’ for it? Do those people still feel that way? Did they not think it would happen the other way around? Did no one consider this possibility? They shouldn’t have been surprised.

Maybe this story will give you reason that a nutter with a gun might use it, given a chance?

Atheism is not a world view. It offers no code of conduct nor even suggests that one should behave this way or that. It is nothing more than the disbelief in gods and the supernatural. Hatred of others is something atheists do all on their own, for those that hate others. Trust me, atheists can hate just like anyone else. Being an atheist does not mean that you are morally good or even fun to be around. It just means that you don’t believe in gods. That lack of belief is the only thing that atheists have in common as a group. It’s even difficult to call them a group. It’s like calling everyone that does not wear pink a group – non-pink wearers. If someone who does not wear pink killed someone in black and green would it be because they don’t wear pink? Even if they are new never-wear-pink-ists?

Whatever the story turns out to be in truth, this man killed three innocents and that takes a special mind set. Sure, we all wish that this would never happen and a lot of us wish that atheists would never do such a thing but being an atheist doesn’t make you sane or morally good. The only thing that we can guess is that he didn’t kill them in the name of his god and the news is full of reasons for a nutjob to want to ‘take revenge’ or lash out at the people that cause them fear and anger. I’m not saying they deserved to be killed, because they didn’t as far as I know. I have no reason to think they deserved anything but kindness and friendship.

How many times can you chant and protest and proclaim ‘death to those that insult Islam’ before the crazies come out of the woodwork? Maybe now we know?



  1. Another fine post.

  2. Very well said. As always, very refreshing to read your feelings and point of view. It’s just as simple as you have stated. To kill someone, your mindset has to be on another level.

    • Here in ‘murica’ we kill all kinds of people for almost no reason at all. Look at the school shootings, church shootings, military base shooting, drug shootings, and on and on… That someone in America killed someone over a parking space is not exactly earth shattering news. That sounds bad and I feel bad for the families but no one, not one person should actually be surprised. The MSM has been broadcasting hate crimes against non-Muslims for months now. How can anyone actually claim to be surprised at this? The US/West has been building up to gear up the war machine (see other news today) against ISIS for weeks. Why wouldn’t that propaganda bubble over in the minds of the mentally unstable?

  3. Exactly! No one should be surprised. I feel terrible that this is what this country, world and society has come to. People, mentally unstable people have become desensitized to killing. It’s horrifying, hurtful and very sad. But, you are correct, no longer shocking.

    • preacherontheweb
    • February 11th, 2015

    In Reply to this article of yours which I find very moving, I tell you this little story, to show that we, peoples all over the world are becoming too tolerant of so-called refugees and immigrants whom we welcome into our countries.
    Perhaps we should once again close the doors…..?

    “I bought a bird feeder. I hung it on my back porch and filled it with seed.
    What a beauty of a bird feeder it was, as I filled it lovingly with seed.
    Within a week we had hundreds of birds taking advantage of the continuous flow of free and easily accessible food.
    But then the birds started building nests in the boards of the patio, above
    the table, and next to the barbecue. Then came the poop. It was everywhere: on the patio tiles, the chairs, the table, everywhere!
    Then some of the birds turned mean. They would dive bomb me and try to peck me even though I had fed them out of my own pocket. And other birds were boisterous and loud. They sat on the feeder and squawked and screamed at all hours of the day and night and demanded that I fill it when it got low on food.
    After a while, I couldn’t even sit on my own back porch anymore. So I took
    down the bird feeder and in three days the birds were gone.
    I cleaned up their mess and took down the many nests they had built all over
    the patio.
    Soon, the back yard was like it used to be .. quiet, serene.. and no one
    demanding their rights to a free meal.
    Now let’s see…………
    ALL of our governments give out free food, subsidized housing, free medical care and free education, and allows anyone born here to be an automatic citizen.
    Then the illegals came by the tens of thousands.
    Suddenly our taxes went up to pay for free services; small apartments are
    housing 5 families; you have to wait 6 hours to be seen by an emergency room doctor; your child’s second grade class is behind other schools because over half the class doesn’t speak English. Corn Flakes now come in a multi-lingual box; I have to ‘press one’ to hear my bank talk to me in English, and people waving flags other than our flag are squawking and screaming in the streets, demanding more rights and free liberties.
    Just my opinion, but maybe it’s time for our respective governments to take down the bird feeder…………


    • As the world gets smaller this problem gets bigger. It’s not going to go away. In many ways people are simply trying to do the best for themselves … we all think we deserve a good life. Most of us spend time every week listening to a preacher telling us how to have a good life. Our hormones tell us to do better for our children. The problem is that there are only so many resources available and they are running out. Poverty is the driver of many problems, fear of one kind or another takes care of the rest. Sure, there are bullies in this big playground but if we all actually were not living in fear, debt, and competition we could be at peace. With humans, taking down the bird feeder just attracts more birds. With humans you have to go to the field down the street and put up a bird feeder.

      • Peace! Wouldn’t that be lovely :)!

        • Peace would be very nice. Peace and minestrone!

          • I love minestrone! :)…A world with peace and a bowl of minestrone would be ideal! 🙂

            • Or a bowl of minestrone and a peace …. of garlic bread

              • Lol…oh Mr. Mal is funny tonight. And I can see the beauty in a gal taken over by nerves :)!

                • La petite mort , le summum de la vie , rien à satisfaire , un brillant de beauté que le soleil

                  • The little death , the ultimate in life, nothing satisfying , a brilliant beauty of the Soliel….?

                    • The little death, the pinnacle of life, nothing left unsatisfied, a beauty more brilliant than the sun

                    • nothing left unsatisfied…love that….very beautiful line…..sorry about my horrible translation….lol 🙂

  4. I should have read your post before I wrote mine. Very well said

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