#FuckThePope – Fight Fire With Fire

I am sincerely offended by the tyranny of theistic belief. Theists can only go so far before they should expect a response.





Pot, meet kettle.
Fight fire with fire, get the marshmallows out, let’s watch the world burn, Pornography for pyromaniacs of thought.


They burn all that encroaches on their monolith, striking jawbone with stone axe to resolve the merest insult.

Apes using fire and brimstone to create a heaven on Earth in the belief that forging fires make steel, not realizing that wild fires of unconscionable belief simply raze the forests of reasonable existence. They are certain of their belief and profoundly unaware of their unthinking push to have us again living in trees.


Stupid is as stupid does. Education is the answer until you have to implement it at the end of a gun. Just pull the trigger and let the world burn!



The question then, is how do you teach a bigot to love? Especially when he is the representative of god on Earth?


  1. That question at the end of the post is one I have been grappling with for long

    • Some things are best buried and forgotten. Religion seems to be on that list. Even the most pious is not helped by it.

      • I agree, religion should have been buried a long while back

  2. Until it’s buried, I’ll keep trying to bury it. $Amen$

  3. Except the current pope is actually bringing rational thought and humanistic thinking to the religious masses, which is at least a step in a positive direction.

    • Yeah … not so much. He’s blaming terrorism on anyone but the terrorists.

      • Insult religion, expect a blow to the face. That is what the Pope is saying. NOTHING about that is rational or remotely humanistic. It is barbaric, arrogant, and self-aggrandizing to say the least. Same old story out of the Vatican, and it is BS.

        • The history of the popes, if made into a 43 hour film series, would be X rated for the violence, sex, and criminal content. It would definitely be R rated because it’d be a worse influence than Grand Theft Auto on children.

          • At least the chance of of a child being raped by Grand Theft Auto is highly unlikely. With a Pope, it’s probable. Rated XXX at the least. Rated inhuman, disgusting, and evil is more like it.

      • If so, maybe he has a point. Those who are slighted in society and choose retribution aren’t the only ones who cause such situations. Those who do the slighting contribute to the cause.

        This anti-Pope argument could easily be turned around as a pro-bullying stance. Is it okay to constantly harass someone whose viewpoint differs from yours?

        In reality though, the fault isn’t solely with them or us, it is with everyone involved who chooses provocation rather than understanding and connection.

        • That has got to be one of the most contorted thoughts I’ve seen written down in a long time, so let’s throw in some other odd bits. Do we need mention ‘turn the other cheek?’ Where does the bible say to smite those who offend you? Then there is ‘thou shalt not kill’ even if Islam doesn’t really subscribe to the whole do not murder thing we’re talking about the Pope and he uses the good book of YHWH.

          You want to turn an anti-pope argument around and call it pro-bullying? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA The man and his religion refuse to recognize the rights of humans all over the world and you think some words against him is bullying? If there is a bully in this somewhere it _IS_ the pope. Lots of little kiddies diddled and he helped to protect those who should be punished as criminals.

          Your position of support for the pope (any of them) marks you as not quite right in the head.

          As for your final sentiment. That would be great, yeah. Love fixes everything except that Muslims are called to kill the infidels. Their version of sky daddy tells them to kill people that don’t agree with them and that includes pope apologists as well. All that ‘make peace not war’ stuff works if everyone wants to make peace. The meek shall inherit the Earth when the strong are damn well done with it and one of the groups that is full on not done with abusing the Earth is the RCC and their glorious leader, the pope. The RCC is nearly drowning in riches yet the poor still starve and have no place decent to live. If that’s not bad enough the RCC demands that it deprive governments around the world of tax revenues – give unto Ceasar what belongs to Ceasar unless you think you can get away with not doing it… right? Oh, and you women out there, listen up, the papa don’t want you to have control of your bodies, nope, you just call Vatican city if you’re ever confused about what you can do with your body. Hint: no condoms, no abortions, no happy endings without a ring. Yep, no condoms even if you might catch aids. Condoms, says the church, help spread AIDS. Remember that. That poor little old man I’m accused of bullying doesn’t want you using condoms to protect your life.

          Jasonjshaw, being angry with what the pope has done to the world is not even close to bullying. It’s an effing cry for justice.

          • Touched a nerve, did I? I’ll reply when I get home from work. At first glance, you seem to be focusing on your disdain for the system, not the direction and words of the current Pope.

          • Okay, first paragraph – you are completely missing the point. The Pope does not condone the killing. He merely suggests that when provoked enough about a personal matter, people have a tendency to retaliate.

            Second paragraph – I think you are focusing more on past Popes that did make an effort to cover up the child-related issues within the church. You seem off on an emotion-fueled tangent, as it is not related to the matter at hand.

            Third paragraph – Throwing insults. Lack of confidence in sharing your perspective thoughtfully, so you yourself turn to slander? If you did this in real life face-to-face with someone would you be shocked if they retaliated in some way?

            Fourth paragraph – yes, there are still many issues with Catholic belief, but if you look at the direction the current Pope has taken – standing up for gay rights, speaking up about global warming, demonstrating acceptance of evolution – you will realize that yes, he has a position of power in a religious institution, BUT he is bringing leadership from a standpoint of logic far above any of his predecessors.

            Attempting to demonize the current Pope by twisting his words to an anti-theist agenda seems quite the foolish endeavour when he may very well be leading many people toward breaking free from at least some of the silliness of Christian belief.

            • I didn’t miss the point, you did. By not condemning the Muslim culture for allowing such violence he did condone it and then sealed the deal by gently warning others to not poke at the Muslims because they will strike out. He sounds like a Muslim sympathizer. To kill in retaliation for imagined insult is not simply getting angry, it’s criminal. It’s a crime perpetrated in the name of the god of Abraham – papa’s favorite ghost.

              Any new pope is the same as the old popes if he isn’t cleaning house in big ways. The problem is not the pope’s own behavior but the behaviors of those who work for him. Clean house or feel the stroke of the same tar brush as your predecessors.

              The third paragraph is not an insult. It’s a matter of fact statement. If you find that insulting then you probably have some far misplaced ideas of what moral good is. Yes, I would and do talk that honestly in person.

              He did not support gay rights – he simply said they shouldn’t be hated as much as they have been. His minions are still wasting money fighting same-sex marriage. Demonstrating acceptance of evolution is about like forgiving Galileo 400 years too late. Sure, nice gesture but just a little behind the times. No, baby steps are not good enough. He has the power to educate much of the world in one speech but does not. You can see in his words the politics he plays with the real power brokers who will never relinquish control. The pope needs to clean house or he is just like any previous pope. If he truly supported truth, honesty, and justice he would be turning clerics over to law enforcement. He would admit there are gay clerics and child abuse in his organization and that the RCC has not been a paragon of Christian values, never has been. The RCC began “demonstrating acceptance of evolution” in the 1950s. It’s just that they haven’t done much with it except to say it is not incompatible with creationism. The counter argument to that has been made time and again. He is not leading the church to enlightenment (not even slowly). He is misleading people into believing the church is more enlightened. The raw facts are that the dogma and policy have not changed. Papa has just been giving lip service to misdirect attention away from the lack of criminal trials for all the crimes committed during his time in the church.

              Like a stage magician, it might look like he’s doing magic but in the end it’s just slight of hand to entertain you while he pockets your money.

              • Very well put. Kudos to you!

              • Well, with your arrogant attitude, if someone comes down on you harshly, I will likely take a point of view similar to the Pope’s. I won’t be condoning the actions taken against you, but I won’t put all of the blame on them either.

                If I recall correctly, this Pope actually did some cleaning house. I recall at the very least a significant demotion in regards to the covering up of such things. Not that it likely matters to you anyways, you seem to want heads rolling – even if your visions for what should happen are a bit unrealistic.

                This Pope seems to be a human sympathizer, and last I checked, Muslims are human too. It’s always nice to see a leader on the world stage that isn’t focused on a divide and conquer approach, especially one affiliated with a religion that has divide and conquer tendencies.

                And if you hadn’t noticed, this Pope isn’t concerned with the spoils and prestige of his position. He refuses to live in the Papal residence, opting instead for a hotel room. He won’t ride in a bullet-proof car. He humbles himself to the poor.

                But again, your mind seems to already be made up on anything Catholic-related regardless of the current state of things. I won’t continue to waste my breath.

                • When your child is violated by a priest or you find out your spouse acts oddly at times because a priest raped them… go on, tell me you won’t want to see heads roll. You are so eager to not criticize the actual criminals and the cultures that breed them that I can only imagine you as an enemy sympathiser – a traitor to humanity and what is good and true and beautiful.

                  • I think you are proving my point about provocation. If someone harms a raping priest because of his actions, do you come down solely on the person who harmed the priest? Is the priest an innocent victim of violence if his crimes against the child happened but can’t be proven in court?

    • preacherontheweb
    • January 20th, 2015

    Interesting thoughts, just a little strong on language for this old preacher. Valid points and where a point is valid it must be made known

    • Thanks preacher, there is a thought that atheists should not aim at the low hanging fruit in theistic discourse, opting instead for why an idea is wrong rather than simply that it is. That moves the conversation from what is thought stupid to what is thought dangerous. For myself, I don’t think that it should just be atheists but all people who think about ideas and ideologies and why they are right or wrong or dangerous.

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