#Fuck The Pope

#Fuck The Pope is what Mr Deity has to say, and I agree with him.

There is one thing that Mr Deity forgot. ‘The Pope’ at various and numerous times in history has been one of the most vile creatures to walk this Earth. To even speak as though his religion is a moral podium is to mock everyone of no faith and everyone who has died at the hands of religion.

#Fuck The Pope

  1. I love this guy! And i agree with him, F U C K the Pope!

  2. I knew the Roman Catholic Church was an international criminal organization based mostly on greed with a generous helping of lust, but I didn’t realize what strides criminal stupidity had made until this pope laid it out for all to see.

    Mr Deity, although blunt, is still just a little tame for my tastes.

    • Well, he’s a professional and they tend to be sedate mostly. Have to admit though, he lead out with a great line!

  3. FUCK the pope cuddles

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  5. DAMN!!!!! This is fucking awesome!

  6. Right up my alley:

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