Refuting the Atheist-Hitler Myth

“…right down to his brutal slaughtering of the “Christ-killing” Jews.”

I think that sums this up pretty well but there is a lot of detail in there. Something to think about while the world is ablaze with thoughts of how violent Islam is.

Let’s be clear, monotheism is violent … period. Let’s not focus only on the violence of fundamentalist Muslims because all the holy books of monotheism advocate violence, bigotry, hatred, genocidal thinking and numerous other kinds of morally reprehensible behaviors.

For any moderate readers all I have to say is that unless and until you begin condemning the words of your own holy book this problem will never go away. It may take a hiatus now and then but it will always come back because it’s right there in the book.

So, the moderate believer challenge: tell us all the bad parts of your holy book, the parts that you disagree with, the parts that you think should not be there.

Michael A. Sherlock (Author)

I am very tired of theists attempting to poison the well of atheism by erroneously asserting that Hitler was an atheist.  Even if he was an atheist, such a fallacious claim would fail to demonstrate that atheism (a lack of belief in gods) was responsible for any of the atrocities committed by Hitler.  Yet, as will be clearly and unequivocally established, Christianity played a pivotal part in the heinous atrocities committed against the Jewish people in World War II.

Hitler was a Christian.  This undeniable fact couldn’t be made any clearer than by his own confessions.  Yet, I will not merely present you with these testimonies, as damning as they happen to be on their own, but I also intend on furnishing you with a brief history of the inherent anti-Semitism of the Christian religion.  I will do so to demonstrate beyond any reasonable doubt that Hitler and his Christian…

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  1. Interesting. Thank you for sharing.

    • Definitely will make you think

  2. How to get people to follow the better more enlightened natures of any system of belief is really hard. Even the slightest misunderstanding or a person who makes claims that seem on the face to be partially right can start a person down the wrong path to harm. Best in most cases to ask the God with in how to deal with the Gods with out, and how to be a better person and a more helpful human. Hugs

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