A Poem Or Knot

I invented a poem, or knot

It was here on the table

now it’s not

fell off behind the bottle of Scotch


That poem was top notch

Seventy lines of prose

You’d think I could find it

You’d think I was able


Trust me, I have looked

I called the publisher

That poem was booked

But that’s how it goes


I have been published

I am also a liar

When it comes to writing

What was I saying?


So, I call this Monday

Nothing exciting

Just forced into this shit

Because Sunday ran away


Happy Monday

  1. Ha…I like this…almost over a week late..but hope your Monday was a good one! 🙂

  2. And personally…Sunday didn’t run away…Monday pushed it out of the way because it was eager to meet with you again :)!

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