DANGEROUS THOUGHT #9 – “God vanishes when you make decisions about the bible – but He reappears to affirm your decision!”

This post is the kind of clarity that I think we all could use more of. It’s not just that there are contradictions in the holy books, rather it is that when you decide which is right you are writing your own version of your god’s very words. The last 5 sentences of this post are brilliant!

Atheist Max

Open Holy Bible Reading the Bible and deciding what it means is more of a Parlor Trick than Divine Inspiration

The contradictions of the Bible demand that the reader make choices between opposing positions. In doing so, one seizes authority over the Bible itself.

Suddenly you become the editor, the final authority of the Bible itself.
You can’t help it. You have to make a choice:

“Love your enemies” – Jesus (Matthew 5:44)
“Kill my enemies” – Jesus (Luke 19:27)

After making your decision about the verse, God reappears to take credit for your decision and your choice becomes ‘The Word of God.”

Any choices you make about the Biblical verses can be claimed as “God’s assertion” – though it is only the reader’s. Consider a simple example:

“We are all made in His Image and God made us the same!” (James 3:9)

 “But there are no roots in him, but he is temporal, and when there is distress or…

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  1. God is, after all, made in our image.

    • Lol

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