Some Questions For Everyone

I’ve seen posts of questions for atheists and posts of questions for theists. They are entertaining to a point and I think done with honesty but I don’t think that they actually look at the world in a way that makes progress. So I’ve thought about this for a while, and then some more. I thought it useless but then I thought of it a bit more… you get the idea.

The gist of it is this, I have some questions and I thought perhaps sharing them here would profit me some new ideas. Hopefully, dear readers, you’ll be able to shed some light on these in the comments.

  1. If evolution is not true, why do mammals all share a common body plan – five digits, tube design, etc. Did the god run out of ideas or simply not have enough imagination to make more animals like the kangaroo and platypus.
  2. I’ll ask about the flood myth but this goes for a lot of things. Why do believers have to invent their own ‘bible science’ which is in contention with very smart people that spend their entire lives dedicated to the science of understanding geology?  Why is it necessary for believers to understand the world in terms of their holy book? Can’t they simply join the rest of humanity in the search for answers and learn from what is discovered?
  3. I have yet to hear a response to the Steve Project that makes sense. Does anyone have one?
  4. Speaking of monotheism, if the god created everything where does evil come from? No, don’t bother with free will for the angels chose to disobey and they were not given free will. Which leads us to number 5.
  5.  The god of Abraham has failed at the things he set out to do in spectacular fashion. On top of that, outside of natural disasters, every time he exacts punishment on humans it is done at the hands of other humans. How is this supportive of an omnipotent and omniscient god? Clearly all that foreknowledge has not helped the god of Abraham create anything that would succeed as far as we know. The god of Abraham is a failure… which leads us to number 6.
  6. There are those that believe in gods. They have failed to provide credible evidence for their belief. What do you believe and how do you KNOW it to be true? If you can’t know it to be true why do you believe it. Those that believe the big bang created the universe are encouraged to explain their answer to this question.
  7. It appears that the human like for sweet tasting things is biological. Where do you derive your morality from? Why? What evidence do you have to show this was a correct decision?
  8. There are those that believe in an afterlife. Their world views hold that many will be tortured forever. How do you justify this belief? How do you justify the infinite torture of someone else? For those that do not believe in an afterlife, how do you justify not helping those in need? Well, even believers, how do you justify not helping those in need?
  9. Have you thought your world view out to it’s logical end point? If you have, what is the meaning of existence? What purpose does this life serve? How do you reconcile your answer to this question with your answer to question 8?
  10. What is you most favored music genre?
  11.  How do you know that the world is real? How do you know that these questions are real? How do you know that your lover/spouse/SO is real? Given the answer to this question, how can you know if the Christian Jesus was real?
  12. Given the general nastiness of the gods of monotheism, why would you worship them? Why would you worship anything or anyone? What is worthy of your worship and dedication?

I’ll stop there. That’s enough for now. I look forward to the answers, both theological and not.


  1. It’s a lot more logical to set out on a quest to actually destroy, gods.
    With gods, its always a case of damned if you do and damned if you don’t.
    I wouldn’t want my life to be in the hands of a capricious arsehole like Yahweh or his pathetic Lake Tiberius son, nosir!

    • I too think destroying the gods is useful. Any creator god with omniscience would know that is coming. 😉

      • Yes, forgot about the old omniscience. In that case ….we’re screwed!

        • Ah, but no being could live with omniscience. It’s impossible, even if the power itself is possible. A truly omniscient god would have to suspend this talent just to experience living. ERGO… You can sneak up and lop the bastards head off, if you like.

          • In the vein of watching the world burn, if there were a god, I’d kill it. Not because I don’t understand but exactly because I do. Such a creator god created me to suffer what I have suffered when it was not necessary. Let’s just say I’m not appreciative of this if it is the case. I’m not actually difficult to teach, I learn quickly which is exactly why I’d kill such a god. The less time such a being has to mess with the worlds the better.

          • Cool! Do I get to take home the Golden Fleece afterwards? Pleeeese!

        • Well he supposedly knew i would reject religion because its dangerous and stupid… Maybe thats how you pass the big test?

  2. Classical music.
    Good luck finding answers

  3. It seems like most of these questions are directed toward monotheistic believers. Do you mind if polytheists/ditheists answer too?

    • Given the prevelance of monotheism in the world we should all seek the answers. Please do reply.

  4. Also, is this the Steve Project you’re talking about?

    If so, what response are you looking for? I thought it was just a list of names of scientists named “Steve” or “Stephen” that know evolution is true.

    • Its in response to a theist list of scientists who dont believe in evolution … Of the two the steve list is longer

  5. #12… Same reason a prisoner behaves around the warden?

  6. Great post. Here’s are some wonderful, and fulfilling, theistic answers to lots of the BIG questions you posited: 1.) Because…..GOD! 2.) Because…..The BIBLE, and 3.) [This one is only for U.S. Citizens] Because…..AMERICA!!!! Man, I feel better just having written these easy to follow solutions to every major question on life, morality, and the existence of the universe one could ever think to ask. 😀

  7. Thinking is hard work man, it’s easier to just believe what you were told. Basically, believers are just mentally lazy people.

  8. I wonder if a theist will answer. I doubt it but good questions nevertheless.

    • I’ll answer! Probably going to make it into an actual post…answers will be rather long, otherwise.

      I doubt any Christians will answer, though.

      • Nice! Feel free to drop me a line when you’re done. I’d love to read it.

      • Well, I have hopes that these are questions we all ask and seek answers for. A post is great, can you comment here with a link please?

    • That’s a good set of answers. Thank you. I totally agree with your last paragraph. Hope you have a great holiday.

  9. I think as humans we complicate life by analyzing too much sometimes. I can’t answer all your questions but I can understand why you’re asking them. For years I too did this at one time because of my terrible experience growing up in the church.
    I thought if these people are supposed to be Christian’s then I won’t be a Christian when I grow up. I searched for truth in every religion. What I found was that every religion had a few things that were good in them. I realized that God is love and love never fails. I met some of the worst people in church and some of the best people in bars.
    My conclusion is this… “Religion is for people who are afraid of going to hell. Spirituality is for people who have been there.”

    I know when I focus on the good it gets better, but when I focus on the bad it gets worse. Law of attraction can’t lie. Positive energy draws more positive energy and the same goes for negative energy.
    I believe in peace, love and kindness. If I can’t find it in a church (never could) then I find it walking down the street in a stranger’s eyes when they smile. I stay focused on good and the gravitational pull, brings good people into my life. I don’t have to analyze every aspect of life and how it works. I just have to know that it does work when I’m being positive.
    As far as evolution. I have evolved a lot in the last 20 years. 🙂
    Great post though.
    Hope I didn’t jabber too much.

    • Welcome, and thanks for commenting. Positive thinking does indeed make life better. Far more effective than being religious in my opinion.

  10. Reblogged this on Opher's World and commented:
    Aaah. This is also greatly interesting. It’s good to be open-minded isn’t it. I love debate.

  11. Thanks for following me on Cold!

  12. I think we live in a big aquarium and other beings are raising us as pets, like a human ant farm. That makes as much sense to me as the whole god thing. We don’t have a clue as to what’s real and what’s not.

  13. The Bible is Mythology and like all mythology it is meant to instruct us through metaphors. I think the authors of any mythology would find it most disturbing that their lessons have been taken for “Gospel” in a literal sense.

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