There’s No Low Too Low: They’re Trying to Terrorize Parents Now.

I read a lot of blog posts and some of them make me sit back and think “hell yes, that’s exactly right” … this is one of those posts.

“This Christian god must be terribly weak if a little mockery and sardonic poking from an atheist is enough to turn someone off of his truth forever. Oh hey, maybe they just need to pray more.”
That needs to be said more often and more loudly. Enjoy

Roll to Disbelieve

Sometimes I find myself simply astonished by the lows to which some Christians will stoop. Every time I think I’ve found the new lowest-low, one of them shows up with a shovel and a pick to prove me wrong yet again.

Thankfully, I am a skeptic at heart, which means that I am always willing to amend my position when presented with conflicting but clear evidence.

Today we look at a blog post called “The horror of atheist indoctrination”, which I’m donotlinking to here because frankly I do not like the idea of rewarding someone who wrote something so obviously manipulative and mean-spirited. In it, the writer in question declares that atheist parents “indoctrinate” their kids just like Christians do, making those kids far less likely to become Christians later–which of course means those kids are at risk of Hell.

If you are an atheist parent, like Wally was…

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  1. Yes, unfortunately I agree there are so many Christians who are not model representatives of their “faith” if they REALLY do have it at all. Think hard about this question…….. what does that make them? My answer? Human. I am a christian and I wish I would always be a model representative for God, but, truthfully, I’m not. No Christian is. I do, however, know somebody who is. His name is Jesus Christ. I kindly suggest that you look at the true representative for He alone will fulfill the role. I know we mess up, but please don’t judge God by His faulty followers. All humans, Christian and non-christian alike, screw up, but we have Good who forgives our wrongs. Experience Him for yourself in His Word, the Bible. Thank you for listening. God bless.

    • Well, that covers when people screw up but not when they don’t. Non-believers are good without a god and believing in a god is no guarantee of being good – meh, often enough it ‘seems’ to guarantee bad behavior. One would say ‘just look at the believers who are not good people’ to demonstrate that your Jesus doesn’t really do all that much. Then we could look at how prayer does not work, children are starving, and all the evil in the world created by your deity… including the satan. He supposedly had a plan for your life before you were born. That means he planned all the pain and suffering you’ve ever had. Oh, you can claim he didn’t plan that part but then that just makes his almighty plan a bunch of wishful thinking. That’s not really a good thing for an omniscient deity.That true representative doesn’t seem to have much going on, no credible evidence, and not much of a track record with getting humans to be good. And boy howdy, his do-overs really suck. I’ve read the stories of people who supposedly experienced him for themselves: Canaanites come to mind. Then there is the story of his great admirer Job. That guy Lot and poor old Jebtha. Then there is the small problem of the almighty creator of the universe knowing that the written word would be needed but neglecting to do any dictation while he was here… sad, sad, sad story.

      • I agree that someone’s claim of being a christian does not always produce a “good behaving person” but on the other hand I will tell you that this fallen earth is exactly God’s plan. I won’t tell you he didn’t plan it because that would be wrong.

        Look at it this way. In order to love-to TRULY love- a choice must be involved or else it is rape. God doesn’t want to rape our affection. He doesn’t want mindless robots to sing His praise. it would mean nothing. If, however, we had the choice then an opportunity for real worship is possible. God created this universe perfect, knowing it would go wrong, but He didn’t make it go bad. Man’s sin of rebellion against God destroyed perfection. Since the fall of man by Adam & Eve people AND nature has gone astray, but God already had a plan in place to redeem what has fallen. He loved the world He created so much that He sent His only Son (John 3:16) to live a perfect life and die in place of the wrong that should be accounted to you and me. Now that is Love. That is grace. Please consider this and I suggest if you would like to seek the truth for yourself, then read the book of John. See God in the flesh caring for His children.

        • Something is missing in the translation. Consensual sex does not require love and is not rape. What’s with all the rape talk? Tender spot for you?

          Those mindless robots singing his praise … those would be angels, right? Even that didn’t work out according to his plan… apparently. In fact, this perfect creator seems to have a bad habit of failure. That should be the first clue that something is wrong.

          You’re saying all this and there is still no credible reason to believe that this deity of yours is worthy of my attention, never mind my worship.

          You talk about morality then tell me that I have to pay the price for the sin of Adam and Eve. Calculate that out and far less than 1% of all people ever to live will go to be in the afterlife with your deity, if that turns out to even be possible. That’s not love. At best is it really terrible quality control.

          Yeah, god had a plan but got his panties in a bunch when his setup in the garden turned out exactly as he knew it would. After that temper tantrum it didn’t take too long before he was so angry that he wiped out all life on this planet in the supposed greatest do-over ever known to mankind. Sending himself on a suicide mission for blood sacrifice instead of simply forgiving is not love, it’s not grace, that’s just psychopathic. Yeah, all that effort and he neglected to send emissaries to China where they could read and write. It’s almost as if this Jesus character was just a crazy Jewish preacher that didn’t like the establishment.

          • I want talking about consensual sex. I was talking about mindless worship. And yes, that is why God created us and this universe so we could have the chance of willful worship of Him. I hope you will consider God and what He’s done for us in sacrificing His son. I don’t want to force anyone, I just care about people and I care about you and what happens to you.

            • If you truly cared about me, my sanity, health and welfare etc. you would listen to what I’m saying and try to understand why I’m saying it rather than try to save me from the hell I don’t believe in. Have you ever tried to save or witness to a Muslim? Jew? Buddhist? Catholic? Baptist? Are you worried about them as well?

              • Yes and I do whenever I get an opportunity. I just want you to understand that I’m not this holy saint that does no wrong and I think I have all the answers. I don’t. I’m wrong often. I’m just a man and I fail too. But I care about people so the most loving thing I can do is point people to our saviour whether they be atheist, buddhist, mormon or whatever. There is one God whether people believe it or not. I can’t defy gravity just because I don’t believe in it so people cannot escape the reality of God even if they don’t believe it. I’m just a beggar showing other beggars where to find bread metaphorically. I truly hope and pray you will consider these things.

                • Okay, you’re talking here to an antitheist, nihilist, atheist, monist etc. When you compare your god to gravity, even marginally so, my brain says that, well, I can test and measure gravity but your deity, not so much. Maybe if I were hungry I’d be looking for bread. Instead I’m looking for truth.

                  I have considered them and found them lacking. I’m open to credible evidence but there never seems to be any forthcoming.

                  • How do you know the painting “a starry night” or the “Mona Lisa” had a painter? The painting itself is evidence of a painter, so with the same principles with a creation comes a creator.

                    Speaking scientifically for a moment, scientists could once believe that the earth existed for eternity. But research in the last century has proven otherwise and you wouldn’t find a scientist in the world to believe that today. So… Since the world hasn’t existed for eternity, then it must have began at some time. If it has a beginning, it must have a cause. Simple science states that “with every action there is a cause.” Otherwise would go against nature and physics. Evolution is not a viable cause anymore (very rarely will you find Darwinian evolutionist scientists today) so intelligent design is the best and most logical cause.

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