What If There Is A God?

There are people that do not understand my position on belief. Perhaps it is time to explain it again.

Atheism simply defined is, “Someone who LACKS BELIEF in a god or gods.”  So as an atheist I would never claim to KNOW that there are no gods.  In this context atheism is nothing more than the rejection of the proposition, “a god or god’s exist.”  It is not the positive statement, “there is no god.”


As an atheist I agree completely. I further posit that the probability of a god is zero. Further, if a god exists and that god is like the description of the god of Abraham that god is not worthy of my desire, accolades, or worship. If there is a god that exists as described by deists it does not care what words I use nor who I sleep with and how. If a god exists and judges me by moral means then it will judge me based on the morality I know rather than that offered in the offensive books of human made religions. If a god exists and has the fortitude to judge me at all, it can judge me by my morality and treatment of my fellow animals. If it indeed has the power of judgement, it can judge me on how I’ve treated others. If indeed there is a god who has any need or want to judge me, it can judge me as I have lived or it can do as it wishes but I will not worship it. For a being to acquire my worship requires what no god of human design or understanding can do. The YHWH-ists claim their god is omniscient yet that god has failed to meet the criteria I set forth. For those that think I am not permitted to set forth the criteria I am open to them showing me their god so that their god can explain to me personally what the rules are. I’m not saying I will accept any old god and his rules, but if there is argument about my understanding it will require the actual god to explain to me the differences. Without that there is no such thing as free will and I claim my right to free will now and always. Let some god who wants to be king explain any differences to me personally. I need no middle man arguments. Any god who would deem me unworthy of such effort is unworthy of my praise and worship and will likely garner my desire to kill it. If that is not clear enough for the theist, then I can use more words.



  1. I totally agree with every word.

  2. well said

  3. I think it’s totally possible that existence as we know it *could* have been intelligently ordered. But that being said, there always leaves the question, where did the higher power come from?

    I’d classify myself as an Abrahamic Atheist, but without religious context, I am Agnostic. Beyond the big bang, we simply don’t have enough information to accurately assess the situation. And no, that is not a lack of belief, that is a partial belief that there could be some form of creator.

  4. Applause. Succinct, and damn near perfect!

  5. I maintain that if someone cannot say the words “The god of the Bible does not exist” yet claims that they do not believe in that god then they are an agnostic.

  6. Reblogged this on Tarnished Sophia and commented:
    The type of logical thinking that shows why atheists and Pagans tend to get along better than atheists/Pagans and Christians do. It doesn’t matter to me if someone believes in the Lady and Lord or not…only that they are moral people who try to do good in the world.

    • Shawn The Atheist
    • December 1st, 2014

    I agree! Well said! I look forward to more from you.

  7. Nicely put!

    • Thank you. Have been so busy for so long can’t remember when I last read a post from you. I hope you are well.

    • Argus
    • December 16th, 2014

    If ‘theism’ is the belief in god, Gods, godlets and/or goddesses — I not only want no part of it, i stand against it. The ‘a’ in atheism, if you like—where the ‘a’ is shorthand for against. I am an a-thiest.

    For obvious reasons …

  8. I can still respect the view that a God who imposes free will is not worth believing in, but I also believe that’s the false God that man helped bring about into the world with scriptural doctrine.

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