10 Reasons Why I Care What You Believe

I was thinking of a post like this but this one says it so well that I don’t need to say it now… go give her props and likes


*Keep in mind, I am not accusing anybody of actually holding these beliefs. These are if-then situations of reasons why I might care what you believe.*

1) Your beliefs affect me
If you believe that I’m immoral because I don’t share your religious convictions, then your behaviour towards me changes. It suddenly becomes okay to treat me as though you believe in ‘guilty until proven innocent.’ If you believe that my being female doesn’t affect how people treat me, then it becomes easier for you to ignore the incidences where I am treated as a second-class citizen simply because I am female. If you believe that my femaleness actually makes me a second-class citizen, then that makes it impossible for me to interact with you safely, especially if you are male, because suddenly my femaleness makes it okay to disregard my personhood. If you believe that my gender identity or…

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  1. May the peace of Jesus Christ be upon you and His mercy be extended to you in the end. Thank you for the like 🙂

    • Actually that was a nervous twitch… I didn’t mean to. I was reading but I have a lot of questions and doubts about the passages you were posting about. I don’t see the conversation going anywhere useful so I did not comment. Still, I hope good fortune follows you.

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