God Is A Nihilist

I’m talking here about the god of Abraham. It is not important what name we use as long as we know we’re talking about that god. He is various described but in all cases he gets this sort of description generally:

Omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, omni-benevolent. He is without peers, without family, without community, without predecessors. It is assumed that he existed prior to any existence we know of (a complete void) on his own, without guidance or interaction of any kind. He had nothing from which to form an opinion, he simply knows all things. That includes his purpose and meaning. Along with this he knew that creating existence to worship him would fail miserably but did it anyway. There can be no meaning and purpose in doing what you know will fail. To argue that it might have worked is not suitable – he would have  known how to make it work and done that instead of the things he has supposedly done to get us here.

Anyway, let’s look at what a nihilist might be:


1: the belief that traditional morals, ideas, beliefs, etc., have no worth or value
2: the belief that a society’s political and social institutions are so bad that they should be destroyed

3 a :  a viewpoint that traditional values and beliefs are unfounded and that existence is senseless and useless

   b :  a doctrine that denies any objective ground of truth and especially of moral truths
4 a :  a doctrine or belief that conditions in the social organization are so bad as to make destruction desirable for its own sake independent of any constructive program or possibility


1 – He did away with Jewish traditions, ideas, beliefs and so on, then changed again for t he Muslims – clearly he is down with this sentiment

2 – Oh man! How many of those has he destroyed? He’s got a penchant for it

3.a – See the opening paragraph. He has no traditional values and beliefs, just a priori knowledge and failed experiments in making little friends

3.b – Now we get to talk about murder and genocide. If there is objective morality, then if it is wrong for humans, it’s wrong for god. If morality is only what god wants, it is not objective… and that thought is pretty creepy.

4.a – For all we know, the god of Abraham has given up and killed himself already. He clearly is having trouble making the ideal existence, even his angels go off the ranch. He’s not a likable guy. He didn’t want to remain here on Earth and got himself killed as soon as he could blame it on his chosen people. According to most of his followers he is on a tear to find those worthy of  his presence before destroying everything else in existence.


The god’s purpose for humans is to worship him. Not much meaning in that when you think about it. This god guy is a very lonely narcissist who has no meaning or purpose beyond himself and his own existence. He is a nihilist if ever there was one.



  1. Ah! Well, I’m glad he doesn’t actually exist….

    • it worries me that so many are looking to a nihilist for direction and meaning… whether he exists or not. Genocide is okay if the god says so. That’s some scary stuff.

  2. I Like! Of course, you can’t possibly bridge the metaphysical divide separating man and the Great Oogity-Boogity, so you’re wrong… So says the apologist 😉

    • Ah, but the good book (?) says that the deity has human traits very clearly. What is it to have human traits if you do not also have human problems? If the god can feel jealousy and anger he can be a nihilist as well. So says the anti-theist 🙂

      • Christianity really blundered terribly keeping the OT. They had a marvellous opportunity to write a new creation myth and fashion a cool, Ahura Mazda type god God. But no, they kept the silly book, and are suffering because of it.

        • Yep, hindsight is 20/20 but you won’t get many of them to admit it was a mistake. They think that is where all the important prophecy is for their christ guy. It’s irrevocably intertwined in a totally fubar mess. You’d have to go back to the drawing board like the Muslim prophet. Of course he sealed the deal as the ‘last’ prophet so there are some design constraints that make this a non-starter.

          • Nooo, Mo buggered up as well. He names Moses and Abraham as real historical characters. He even says Abraham was gods best friend. Blunder!

            • I just was saying that you can’t have a new prophet now unless you want to call Mo a liar 😉 and that would ruin all the coexist marketing materials.

  3. Firstly, it is notable that, while we may look back and criticize the “God of the Jews”, it is important to realize that the God of the Torah, Yahweh, is a significant improvement from the surrounding Gods of the time. In a time where child sacrifices were practiced, God delivered Isaac from the altar and instead provided a lamb for the sacrifice. While we modern people would prefer that no sacrifice should take place at all, for the people hearing the story it was a shock that God didn’t kill Isaac.
    Secondly, the writings of the Bible record the progression of peoples ideas of God. Naturally, if God does exist, he is above us, more than us. It is inconceivable that we would be able to fully understand his nature right off the bat.
    Thirdly, the essence of meaning and purpose is love; aka, nihilism is essentially the absence of love. Theologically, God is love. As a culture we continue to grow (hopefully) in our understanding and practice of love, and as we do our understanding of God with grow with it. Either way, if God is actually love, he cannot be nihilistic, because that would be a contradiction in terms. Of course, it was probably your intention to suggest that God was not love based on scriptures, but I would encourage a view that allows for human misconception as to the nature of love, both now and then.

    PS: Had to pay your blog a visit haha

    • Mr Smith,
      Thanks for dropping by and commenting. Rather than have a go at all of that I’d rather settle on one question: What is your definition of love? The thing that the god of Abraham is supposedly made of. Why is it that you feel a nihilist cannot love?

      • Love is a bit hard to define, but I’ll give it a shot. The philosophy of love is that two or more things are separate, but are also one. Their unity enhances their individuality, and their individuality enhances their unity. Each person is most himself when they are with the group, and the group itself is more united and beautiful when each person is distinct and most himself. In that way, love is a paradox, or “mystery” (which explains why it is so difficult to define). We generally feel it around our family and “loved ones”. Love makes a person feel like life is worth living, it gives life meaning. Nihilism declares that life has no purpose or meaning, which implies one of two things: One, love does not really exist, because if it does, life has meaning, or 2. The feeling of love only gives the appearance of meaning; it is an illusion. This makes it rather difficult to love, for every time you begin to feel it you must remind yourself that what you feel is only an illusion, it is imaginary.
        Hope that makes sense.

        • Sorry this is late. I missed it first time around I guess. Nihilism does not say there is no meaning or purpose, rather it says there is no inherent or objective meaning or purpose.

          On the description of love. Consider that we all know what ‘beautiful weather’ is, so describe it? Have 15 people describe it. How many descriptions do you get? 15? More?

          Perhaps love and beautiful weather are just simplified subjective appraisals of a collection of things that each have a very specific description on its own. The higher level descriptive label (love/beautiful weather) is simply void outside of its subjective context. That is to say there is no objective thing we call love.

  4. I really like the fact that you define what you mean by God. Many others do not do that. It makes the post much more meaningful.

    • Some time ago I decided that I would at least be honest with myself. In my blog I try to practice that because honesty is not always the best policy in social life. I don’t know how well I do but I think the number of followers is some indication that I’m doing something right.

      I want to understand what I think is right, the evidence for it, and the logical ends of that belief. If I can’t live that life, that logical end then I need to know what to change. So far I’m very comfortable where I am. I appreciate your comments and for visiting. I hope there is enough here to interest you in more conversations.

    • I think I missed your comment first time around. Thanks for commenting. I have noticed that the definition of god is amorphous so it is useful to know what we mean when we say god. I would like to see believers using definitions too. Maybe some day.

  5. This was absolutely brilliant. Your comparison of the Abrahamic god to definition 3b is the most spot on of him and objective morality I have ever seen.

  6. Well because you were kind enough to respond to my post, I thought i’d show you the same courtesy. I believe there are a few things youre leaving out and if its ok with you, I’d like to make a response post directly based on this. Is that ok?

    • Shawn The Atheist
    • November 29th, 2014

    The argument of “God would have known it was going to fail, so why would he have done it if he knew?” Either he couldn’t stop it, or he wanted us to suffer as we failed. This alone was enough for me to question my faith as a child. I had never even heard of the Epicurian Paradox at that time.

    I refute the idea that God is a nihilist, as that would imply that he actually exists. 😛 Keep it up! I followed you, so I’m sure I’ll have more to say in the future, lol.

  7. Have you ever thought that maybe he is a Narcissist ?

  8. Oh, I see now, you did say he is a narcissist.

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