There Is No Explanation For God

… or my recent absence. Now some might be wont to say I’ve equated myself with god but let me assure you that I have a much higher opinion of myself. For a start I’ve never claimed to be omnipotent, omniscient, or omnipresent. Nor have I ever claimed to love everyone. Perhaps gods are like me and just don’t want to talk about it but in any case I can be coerced to explain my absence… primarily because I can prove I exist. Before your philosophy senses start twitching, just stop. I’m as real as anything that questions the reality of a god and more real than the hopes of a championship ring for some sports clubs.

If there is a god and it was not absent this would be a pretty stupid post but it is not a stupid post for one simple reason: not one theist can demonstrate that their god exists.



Even the most famous of theological apologists cannot demonstrate that their god exists. There is a natural conclusion that can be drawn from this simple fact: Theists are delusional and any influence that they have on society is detrimental. Perhaps their charity or other seemingly benign activities might be seen as neutral if not positive but the net effect of their influence remains negative because it teaches superstition and fear… at least in the case of monotheism. (my favorite targets)

Some of you might still want to ask why I’ve been gone lately or even demand it. Odd that we only expect such of entities we believe are real. Why don’t believers demand to know why their god has not been present? Shouldn’t their prayers end with questions like “why can’t you heal amputees?” or similar? Perhaps I expect too much but when I hear that I’m bound for hell I always loudly opine that the speaker isn’t going to heaven. Think about that for a second or two.

  1. I just love your writing 🙂

  2. Good to see you’re back.

  3. Good to see you back good mate. I can hazard a guess that you have been so busy with life and family issues to keep blogging.
    Have a pleasant weekend

    • I have been busy with just those things, and not in a good way. I survive but life tells me that those around me will not survive for long. It’s a rough road that one must become accustomed to. I’m trying.

      • I remember what you wrote about your old lady and I don’t know what to say to make it any better.
        Be well friend

        • It is what it is. That is how life is. I do what I can and get through. Some times it is not easy but that is what life is like. No complaints… sometimes it is hard.

  4. Hey there – sometimes the assertion “There is no God because there is no God!” has a question underneath it that boils down to “If God really exists – why has my life turned out this way!”. I’m sure I’ve blamed God for my own poor choices in the past…but the God I know has never rejected me for it. What I am trying to say is…in my experience there is still hope! Have a great day. Stu

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