Belief does not create two religions

Here is something that shouldn’t be argued with though I know that there will be those that do. sigh.

  1. I love examples like these! They do tend to upset Christians though…

    One thing that’s always bothered me about most religions is actually spoken of in paragraph 2; the idea that you can ask the Gods for material goods, and that They’d be so jealous as to necessarily demand you to love Them more than your family/friends. This concept has always seemed strange to me.

    When I want to get over an illness, I don’t just pray for the comfort it provides…I take medicine and get extra sleep. When I find myself short of funds, I don’t expect the Gods to miraculously shower me with money…I either pick up more hours or cut back on frivolous spending. Prayer is not an opportunity to ask for wealth, power, love, or fame. It’s a time to meditate and thank the Gods (who may very well not exist, though I believe they do) for the world They created (through scientifically sound means). If one wants to see change, one must put time and energy into it.

  2. So eloquently put… I reblogged it too.

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