How To Make The Baby Jesus Cry

How do you make the baby Jesus cry?



You don’t. If you don’t worship him he is filled with utter contempt for you and has created a special place to torture you for eternity. He knew you wouldn’t worship him so he planned ahead and made hell.


It has been said that the true judge of character is not how a person treats their friends, rather it is how they treat their enemies. Just saying…

  1. The concept of hell is a strange one, and not something my faith buys into at all…or the “devil” for that matter. No moral deity would ever devise a system where you get infinite punishment for a necessarily finite crime. And such a weird crime/sin too! I’m pretty sure that if the Gods exist and they are moral beings they’d care less about whether their “children”/creations believe in them than if said creations were kind and caring towards one another.

    There is no way to know with 100% certainty that there are deities. I believe in the Gods, some people don’t (or only believe in 1)…but we all know that other people and animals besides ourselves exist. So why do we worry so much about beings who may not exist, while simultaneously turning a blind eye to our brothers and sisters who need help?

    • Very good points… I would rather be a kind non-believer than a proud believer.

    • leucisticraccoon
    • April 19th, 2014

    I agree, the entire belief system about a loving but vengeful god is just stupid.

  2. Hell… what a bright, er, hot future we have.

    • Fortunately, it’s just a myth😪

      • Indeed. 🙂

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