Why would God “create” us to begin with?

This is an interesting take on it… and making the point about what we can choose to believe or not believe.

  1. If a god created the universe we see, which appears to be run by natural scientific laws, and if he created humans with free will, then he would clearly expect some of the humans to be atheists. He would expect the best educated humans to be more likely to be atheists, and he would expect the number of believers to diminish over time, as science and education advance. Therefore he would expect belief to disappear after a period of time.

    If he then condemned the humans he created to burn in Hell because of their atheism, he would be utterly evil.

    • And the real joy of that scenario is that he _knew_ it would be that way. In several places in the holy texts we are told that YHWH loves the smell of burning flesh. hmmmm

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