Okay so…

http://youtu.be/aFZxm09G87E – I don’t want to know what love is, I just want to know what you are … I’d much rather just talk! I couldn’t have said this better.

Rethinking Life

I think love means something different to each of us.  A person may think they are loving someone when, in fact, the person they are loving feels nothing but annoyance at their attention.  Some kinds of love may make people feel exploited or used.  People often mix up the word love with the word control.   A person may not think that what someone else is doing or saying has anything to do with love, according to his or her own definition of the word. We need to define our terms.

How can a person recognize what anyone else thinks of as love, if his/her definition is different than that of the other person?  Don’t people just recognize love according to what they think love is?  I know I know I do. It’s that way for everything.  And what’s with those people who think that because THEY love someone, those someones’…

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