Science Can Answer Moral Questions

Wow, this is kind of awesome… can you see a reason to disagree with this post?

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The following logic scheme is based on the TED lecture “Science can answer moral questions” by Dr. Sam Harris, dated March 2010.

1.1.A. Assumption:
Questions of morality cannot be answered by science.
1.1.B. Assumption:
Science can help us get what we value, but it can never tell us what we ought to value.
Facts and values seem to belong to different spheres.
1.2. Fact:
Science deals with facts – reality which is objectively verifiable.
1.3. Presumptive Conclusion:
Science therefore cannot discuss values.
1.4. Hypothesis:
This is quite clearly untrue.

2.1. Assumption:
Values are a certain kind of fact about the well-being of conscious creatures.
2.2.A. Fact:
We do not feel ethical obligations toward rocks because we do not think they can suffer.
2.2.B. Fact:
We are more concerned with about our fellow primates than we are about insects because we think they are exposed to a…

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  1. April 5th, 2014

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