I Have A Heavy Metal Drill…

I was in the drive for a smoke and the garage light kicked off… the lights on the drill battery charger made it look like the heavy metal orb was underneath my workbench… yikes

If that’s not enough, just 2 minutes ago the dogs went to the door to investigate. Something was trying to turn the knob. This is odd I thought. So, with caution, I opened the door slightly after turning on the light. There stood a very confused Hindu woman with a baby bag and one sandal. The other was half way down the walk and she appeared intoxicated.

To tell you the truth I think I would have preferred to find the orb in my garage!


  1. I need to know if you brought them in and gave them a place to stay until they figured out what next?

    I really need to know how you handled handled that. And yes, I am judging you.

    • Chances are high that when she turned and went off calling out a name to the house across the street (known Hindu abode) I figured she was just mistaking my two story house for the one story house across the street – hence the inebriation thoughts. There was a light on in a car out front of the house across the street with another Hindu. It looked like they had it under control.

  2. Thank you. I worry. I know, I sound like my mom, but I do.

    I had a night where I had all my sound off: music and otherwise because I was reading or whatever but I was fine. Time passed and I began hearing a screaming crying lady saying, please help me.

    Of course, I was curious, but I didn’t. The temp outside was about 2. If anyone is out there now, Not gonna live long.

    I was quite as I still am, but she kept wailing, blah, blah, so cold, so sorry, please, I am dyeing, blah blah.

    Eventually, I went outside, she was correct, it was really cold. But I brought her into my place and she stayed as long as she needed and he people picked her up and all was well.

    I appreciate I may have saved her life, but really, a handjob is not to much to ask for. Just saying.

    • Wow, that did not end the way I thought it would LOL

  3. Oh, picture me reading and taking notes and what not and basically studying, and I introduce a person who is thinking survival. she really was on the cusp. Cold will kill. Whatever, I was not in a mood to deal with drunk people or whatever, but she wouldn’t stop.

    I said, here, watch this clip. Its funny. and she would be reaching for things. I said, do you want a blanket, her answer, What, fuck you, I am sweating. I am so hot right now.

  4. My conclusion, materialism. Say what you want, but we should not judge others because nobody owns his or her immediate reaction.

    • interesting take on reactions. Wish I could get away with that at work.

  5. Love that movie! But yeah, a bit freaky. Why didn’t she SAY something before trying the door? Good way to get shot.

    • Yeah it was weird. Then about 15 minutes after posting I saw a shooting star. A strange night all around

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