“Grief vs Gratitude” by Cindy

This is exactly what I was going on about in this post: http://wp.me/p1JG3O-FQ This post is spot on.

Veggies and Dirt

I read on a blog somewhere (I think puttylike) that it is good to take a walk of gratitude every day.  Since I walk the dog every morning before work, I thought I could stack some functions and try and focus on gratitude.  I walked along, thinking of all the things I am grateful for, and there are many, and somehow, I felt more and more upset with every step.  It wasn’t working, and I felt completely powerless to make it work.

So, I thought, in my inner angry voice, in the rock-paper-scissors game of life, gratitude does not beat grief.

I felt very profound. I think I even smirked a little.

But I was angry.  Angry at everyone who says to focus on gratitude to get through each day. Angry at myself for being so selfish as to not be able to make myself feel better.

Yesterday, I fully…

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