What Are You Thankful For?

People seem bound and determined to want everyone to be thankful or grateful. No, they are not the same things. They seem rather upset of you can’t be or won’t be thankful or grateful for something, anything, each and every day. This baffles me. It’s like threatening to pout if people won’t be happy around you. What an utterly selfish thing to do.


No, I don’t _have_ to be thankful or grateful. Life does not require this of me. I often am one or the other or both but it is not a requisite part of life.

Have you ever had someone enquire of you ‘what are you thankful for today?’ and insist that you give them something to prevent them from doing the equivalent of a child’s pout?

In case you’re wondering, I don’t care if you are thankful or not nor whether you are grateful or not… unless I’m the one that did you a favor. I am interested in other people’s reactions to being placed in such a situation as  this.



  1. I think my problem with being thankful or grateful is that it implies being thankful to somebody – you can’t thank nobody, it makes no sense. And most of the sorts of things we’re expected to be thankful for is fairly random. Be thankful the sun is shining. Be thankful your kids are healthy. It implies I should thank God specifically for those things. You know, the same God I don’t believe in.

    • You’ve got it. I consider myself fortunate…. not thankful or grateful. Much of my good fortune comes on the heels of my own hard work.

  2. Well, I am >em>thankful that someone remembered to buy coffee when they went shopping yesterday and said person can consider themself fortunate as they would have had a ding alongside the ear’ole if they forgotten. 😉

  3. Good, because I’m a cranky auld shite and like me this way! Thanks? For what – haven’t I done it all myself so far? I’d be grateful if I won the lottery. Not dammed likely, so I’ll continue on making good and bad decisions all on my own.

    • Awesome!

  4. I think it’s more about point of view – it’s typically better for your own stress level to view things more from an angle of being thankful, rather than an angle of entitlement.

    Can’t say I’ve ever had anyone ask me what I’m thankful for like you mention. If it was out of the blue, I think I would feel rather uncomfortable with such a strange random question, but if it was meant more as a reminder to focus on the positives in a time where I’m in a bad mood about something, that context makes more sense.

    • There are some folks that spend 2-3 weeks in November asking and talking about being thankful. They tend to pick it up again at the end of December, and some people wear it on their sleeves all year round.

      Perhaps I am sensitized to it but I seem to hear people being thankful to their god as if it is normal to be thankful for everything in life, even for being alive. That would be okay except the come across with the attitude that everyone should be the same way and will ask if I’m not thankful for something in life if I don’t enthusiastically agree with them. It feels like a backhanded way of asking me if I believe in their god.

      Thanks for commenting.

      • Ah, using thankfulness passive-aggressively. I can understand how that might be annoying!

        • Yeah, now that you say it that way it is the passive aggressive nature of it that really bugs me… nicely put.

  5. Being thankful or grateful is often easier thought of than done. Personal loss can take away the incentive, even the loss of people you’ve known online for years, but have never met IRL. Having dealt with the passing of an old blogging friend only for a little over a week now, I’m even less prone to thankfulness or gratitude, much less to a nebulous ‘something’ or ‘someone’ to direct those toward.

    • Yes, the whole thing gets a bit odd… that nebulous something or someone part.

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