Don’t Take Rides From Strangers … Hitcher Witnesses Mafia Hit … Pranked

Okay, this is fairly awesome, but if I was the guy being pranked somebody might have gotten hurt…


Mafia Murder Prank



Published on Feb 4, 2014

” ☞ **PLEASE SHARE** This was one of the hardest and craziest pranks that I’ve done… took us two weeks of planning and getting everything together. Most of the people wouldn’t get into the car in the first place…. it literally took us two weekends to finally get this crazy footage. 

  FYI: We put the passenger seat on child lock in case they want to escape, which he actually did… We took Josh to a nice restaurant afterwards. He said he will NEVER jump in to a stranger’s car EVER again lol

Thanks to Cody for being a partner in crime: “









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  1. I learned at a young age to never accept a lift from a stranger. Hitch hiking was always safe, tho – the creepy ones knew you’d been seen with your thumb out and the fear of being caught meant they kept driving.

    But that poor guy.

    • I’ve picked up hitch hikers many times. They were good conversations mostly. Sometime I went out of my way to help a stranger… I always wonder if that means that things happened somehow and 150 years from now the UN president will owe her success to me picking up a hitch hiker 😉

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