Random Stuff: Music Playlist 7 Feb 2014

Okay, I’m working my Friday night away listening to last.fm tuned to “Tool/Stabbing Westward/Katatonia” and I found a pretty cool band – new to me. Maybe you’ll like it:


and the play list

  1. I never heard of them! I like them a lot – and I never say that the first time I hear someone new! Thank you!

    • Glad you liked it. You might also like ‘porcupine tree’ ‘opeth’ ‘a perfect circle’ and ‘pucifer’ … they all fall into the progressive metal genre 😉

      • Oooooo schaaaattppppp! I haven’t found any new music I’ve liked in ages, now I’m about to wet myself 🙂

        • LOL that’s awesome.

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