One of these things is NOT in the Bible

I’ll take real monsters for 400, Alex.

Believers vs Non-Believers

HINT: It’s the only one that’s real.


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  1. As I remarked on the OP after you shared it: If only more people knew this. I learned about the sheer enormity of it after studying Hebrew and just can’t understand how we get what we get in our English translations. It’s absurd how much is covered up.

    • More absurd is the fact that it is easily uncovered by anyone wanting to know… they just don’t want to.

      • Or they explain it away with the age old “context” and “metaphor” argument. Which… just never works.

        • When your hands are too dirty to wipe away the tears, and you’re too tired to feed yourself but you can see from where you’re sitting a child playfully eating… then you can take your time to thank a god.

  2. I don’t remember a Satyr ever featuring in the bible. And I never heard of a Cackatrice… but I’m going to have to find a way of using one in a sentence or rhyme. 🙂


      No matter how you write it up, there is no excuse for talking about mythical creatures as if they are real, unless you are in the middle of a comedy skit.

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