We could use to hear more about everyday heroes, even tragic ones…

Here is one to make you think… I enjoyed it.

don of all trades

I’m sort of loathe to hit publish on this.

I’ve been feeling sort of blah this week, and I don’t really know why. I’m not down or anything, just indifferent I guess, especially towards blogging. Maybe it’s all the snow and cold, who knows?

This post is a total buzzkill, so if you’re looking for a laugh, please turn away as there are none to be had here today. There’s not really a point to it, other than writing makes me feel a little better, like I’m accomplishing something, so there’s that.

Almost all of the information below, along with both pictures, came from the St. Louis Post Dispatch articles written about the same thing.


On an otherwise typical May afternoon in 2010 , two St. Louis area men were driving in separate cars along a road that parallels a river that basically separates the City from the County…

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